A Coliseum Improvement?

Someone at USC thought the Coliseum needed these floor mats on the sideline during games.

The problem is any time a player in cleats comes to the sideline, he slips and risks injury.

But it looks nice so no one has done anything about it.

43 thoughts on “A Coliseum Improvement?

  1. Can someone send wolf some potential topics he can write about….the guy is really struggling for material…it’s embarrassing to the point where he is talking about linoleum on the coil floor

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    1. You might want to ask Reggie Bush about that topic. He tore his ACL resulting in surgery in 2015 laying him up for 6 months due that. Yes, that slippery floor mat just begs for injures.

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      1. Just talked to Reggie….He said the ACL injury while playing for SF was worth a 12.5 million jury settlement. Nice payday considering his salary for 2015 was 1.6 million


      2. You sure you talked to Reggie? The fact is 2 years after the injury he was out of the NFL because he couldn’t even find a free agent contract. That avoidable injury shortened his career, robbed him of potential earnings and eventually led to his premature retirement and ,more importantly, pushed out a sport he loved playing.


      3. You typed: “That avoidable injury shortened his career, robbed him of potential earnings and eventually led to his premature retirement”

        Dude…your football IQ is limited… His injury happened in the 10th year of his career when the average career of an RB is 2.57 years, He was playing on borrowed time. Bush would have had to play another 8 years at his current salary at the time of the injury to make 12.5 million……

        He far exceeded his potential earnings due to the injury….need more?


      4. Thanks for the history lesson and commentary. Your initial comment was, “ Can someone send wolf some potential topics he can write about….the guy is really struggling for material…” I’m glad Scott Wolf’s article was lost with you…


      5. Wolf had nothing to do with it….I was only calling out your false assumptions regarding Bush….now you’re all butt-hurt….you sound like a narcissist….just saying!!!!


      6. …Reggie is doing fine with FS1 and Wendy’s.
        Super happy for him.
        So glad he ditched the Kardashian $#!t$#0w too.

        Time for Bohn and Riley to bring him back into the Trojan fold. Thime that his Heisman is restored, also.

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    2. You got me with that one Gabby, laugh out loud or LOL as they now say,
      I bet if Scott had a woman in his life, which I presume he doesn’t have,
      he would be coming home each night complaining about how his Posters show no respect towards him, how he hates everything about SC and his blog-job, and could you please not over-cook my steak again

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      1. I’m sure you like the slip-n-slide mats on the sideline. It will create more clientele for lawyer scum like us to ambulance-chase for!


    3. STFU, you idiot. What are you going to say when a key starter (or any player, for that matter) slips and tears an ACL and is out, you jackass? Wolf’s got a great point on this. Watching the games, I’ve seen a handful of players slide and/or wipe out on this crap on the sidelines. So, STFU.


      1. Danny, you got your panties all tied in a knot. Sorry, my comment triggered you(not really)….If the “bean counters” that represent USC thought the surface/material was a potential hazard that could create a situation for injury/lawsuits. I’m 100% sure the surface in question would be replaced accordingly…nice try!

        Regarding the STFU comment, I’m going to bite my tongue!


    4. So now the Ladies of Troy are going to blame all their sprained toe nails on the mats.

      Wokeness is alive and well at USC, painted fingernails and the wearing of tights/leg warmers

      The Trojan fanboys opinion of that wokeness…crickets!



  2. Hey guys….does anyone know if their local Walmart is hiring a “greeter”….. our slo cal has lost his rudder and needs some direction in his life…..thanks in advance


    1. LMAO! Proving my point about you being the one who’s obsessed. Have to post about me even when I haven’t posted. Such an idiot and hypocrite.



    1. Slo cal has a special rubber mat he uses in his outhouse when he transfers from the wheelchair to the shitter seat.

      Might be an option!


  3. Speaking of lawsuits and off topic as usual, I just heard that Dominos Pizza stopped their promotion some time ago about getting your ordered pizza delivered to your residence within 30-minutes or it’s free because their employees were driving so fast that many had fatal accidents to the tune of 68-million dollars in lawsuits, and so Dominos discontinued their 30-minute guarantee

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  4. What can I say? They got a deal on whamo slip & slides. Cleats can’t penetrate the material, that’s why the players slip. But hey it helps with post game clean up they just roll up all the jock straps that the defensive coordinator gets faked out of every other play. Just wondering how many of those things he sheds per game.

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  5. No butt hurt. Only pointing out your initial criticism of Scott Wolf’s article regarding a potentially dangerous situation for the players by way of the Reggie Bush example with the coliseum having a surface like that on the sidelines. I’m sure if a player was to “blow out” his knee from slipping on that surface potentially affecting his future would not be a good thing. Anyway, if you don’t like Scott Wolf’s articles don’t subscribe to his blog and then take the time to comment 10 times.


      1. Butt hurt???

        “Can someone send wolf some potential topics he can write about….the guy is really struggling for material…it’s embarrassing to the point where he is talking about linoleum on the coil floor”


      2. Since this shit is flying over your head, let me help you……Wolf’s comment about linoleum gate is a moot point with USC……wake up

        If you have a hard-on about it….send the University a nice little letter voicing your grievances related to linoleum -gate…..simple!



  6. Towel wavers and linoleum….
    No tailgating on a Holiday Friday…
    USC UCLA nightgame next week…

    Must be a USC CU week.

    Most of us are bereft (one of my favorite words–I used it so Guarino and Cal75 might think I’m articulate) of our duties in scouting the CU Buffs talent and raising awareness of the impending challenge on the Gridiron tomorrow.


  7. So…

    The CU Buffs are not a good offensive team.
    The 3 QB’s are 8ints/8TDs.
    Their run game is pretty anemic.
    Their best WR Tyson–a true Freshman–got dinged up last week.
    He averages 20+ yards per catch. If his knee is OK, he will get some yards. Their other WR–Arias–is a 5th year senior–OK possession receiver. Their TE–Brady Russell–is a local boy/fan favorite/fifth Yr senior. He’ll get some catches vs our D, but would not beat us (like the Utah TE).

    The defense gives up about 490 yards per game.

    So what could go wrong tomorrow night?


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