Lincoln Riley Offers Injury Update

USC wide receiver Jordan Addison and linebacker Ralen Goforth are expected to play against Colorado according to Lincoln Riley.

Wideout Mario Williams and linebacker Eric Gentry will be game-time decisions.

44 thoughts on “Lincoln Riley Offers Injury Update

      1. ‘Ol Mule Shoe better enjoy Saturday’s win over Colorado because it will be his last win this season

        No more cupcakes aftet Colorado

        The beat downs are coming to the Ladies of Troy, UCLA and Notre Dame are going to curbstomp the shit out of USC

        Book It!


      2. ‘Ol Mule Shoe needs to stick with his game plan, don’t run the ball like he has been doing, save the Trojans MVP Travis Dye, can’t afford ti get the young man hurt before the NFL Combine

        Do the young man that favor, he’s earned it


      3. Fox News blames Trump for no red wave, they threw him under the bus, ran him over and backed up to run him over again…LOL!

        Oh, this is brutal, but beautiful!

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      4. “Fox” is aptly named. It’s the fox in the henhouse —currently being run by the idiot Murdock boys’ woke wives.
        [btw, when rhinos and dems are telling repubs to drop Trump you know they have purely altruistic reasons, right]?

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    1. ‘Ol Mule Shoe needs to offer an upgrade for the entire defensive coaching staff



  1. Coach Riley told Fox Sports, “At this very moment Mario is only well enough to jump 4 feet in the air on the sidelines …we’ll have to see how far he’s come at game time.”

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      1. Why doesn’t free ride into UC Davis law school Michael Guarino have a problem with the Ladies of Troy wearing fingernail polish and tights?


    1. tinee timmee obama, glad u bruought up nail polish, me ‘n ed hate to brung this up in such a publik forum but yur check for yur last mani-pedi at “Ed ‘n missus Ed’s nail spa” bounced. next tyme, cash onlee ‘n pleese wash yur feet befor comin in.

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      1. …thanks for the memories, MissusEd …. tebow, long hair flowing and a miniature banjo, playing Tiptoe through the Tulips on the Johnny Carson Show… reciting the vows to his beloved miss Vicky with Ed McMahon conducting the wedding…. fuck it was beautiful…

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  2. Gabby —Try to be fair for a change. Tebow’s resume has numerous highlights you deliberately failed to mention –(1) Expert witness on NASA Fraud, (2) Expert witness on Polynesian fraud, (3) Expert witness on Donte Williams fraud [well, I have to agree with him on that one]…..

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      1. Good old Clay!…. He was at the right place at the right time and won the Lottery. He rode the USC gig right into the gutter….But hey, what person is going to step back, who’s making millions a year, and say-“Fire me, I’m a fraud “…. The University should have acted quickly and decisively when it became obvious.

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  3. I hope I live long enough where some day in the future I might say,
    “Yeah, I remember that SC coach that Sam Darnold saved but I can’t recall his name”

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      1. You are not wasting them against UCLA and ND. Those are outstanding teams. Against those teams we need them. But we don’t need them against Colorado. We could beat Colorado with Miller Moss and our 2nd string. This is football, not chess. These guys, who are coming off of an injury, could very easily re-injure themselves and then we don’t have them when we really need them.

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  4. Teams don’t get a shot at a championship very often, so since SC is still in the running in 2022 go for it Trojans, you just never know


  5. Rushmore’s “advice” that SC should hold back their injured players such as Addison and Gentry until the Pac-12 Championship game was tongue-in-cheek commentary,
    but I liked ‘Celeb’s’ assessment that Addison and Williams looked as if they had not lost a step in this week’s practices

    Could we have a “Final-4” with nothing but Big-10 and SEC teams, could happen if Michigan upsets Ohio St (can’t push the Buckeyes out of the Final-4 with 1 loss), or LSU upsetting Georgia (becoming the first 2-loss team to make the Final-4) and thus leap-frogging Tennessee who will be sitting idly by watching the SEC championship game. TCU (not SMU!) has a tough road ahead as underdogs at Texas and Baylor and then if they win they’re in the Big-12 Championship game, so they likely will not make it unscathed.

    Even if Oregon runs the table the stench from that first game humongous loss at Georgia will probably prevent them from making that 4th spot and a probable rematch with the Bulldogs. If either sucla or SC runs the table then it seems they would have the best chance of a Pac-12 team making the 4th spot

    Likely scenario– Georgia, Ohio St, Michigan, and ? (probably not Tennessee for missing the SEC Championship game or TCU with too tough a schedule)

    Good Lord, how long has it been since we Trojans had a fighting chance this late in the season? If it seems as if I am milking the ‘pie in the sky’ possibilities for all they’re worth it’s because it has been a dry spell for SC football for oh so too long now
    so I am mentally ‘painting the town red’ until I run out of red paint

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