Et Tu Lincoln Riley?

The official USC athletic dept. line on the season has now rubbed off on Lincoln Riley, who said this today: “Like, don’t forget where this thing was last year. I think a lot of people have. We’re 8-1 with everything in front of us. Let’s make sure we have some perspective around here. We’re in a phenomenal position.”

As I said before, USC had coaches last season who could not control the team.

And it has been favored in eight of nine games this season.

Let’s not forget those facts either.

59 thoughts on “Et Tu Lincoln Riley?

    1. Only one more cupcake on the schedule for the Ladies of Troy before the walls come crashing down on ‘Ol Mule Shoe when the Bruins and Irish hand out their annual ass whoopin’s on the woke Trojans.


      1. I happily critique woke USC for free.

        I tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

        You fanboys can’t handle the truth


      1. “SOME say it’s POSSIBLE Trump MAY blame others for the republican mid-term results —[which, btw, MAY have ended the leadership careers of Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff and Schumer]”….


  1. I’ve said before that I am quite happy with the direction that this program is headed under LR. All I’m saying is that there is one portion of the team that has let the rest of the team down(the defensive secondary). That part of the team is loaded with talent. Yet they have been very underwhelming in games. The guys coaching that part of the team are probably making around $2 million a year. There must be some accountability.

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    1. I’m not sure what the Wolfman meant by that. Is he affirming the LR program? If so I agree with him. I’m perfectly happy with the direction this program is going and I have said that before. But “Houston…..we have a problem”. The “problem” is a very talented defensive secondary that isn’t performing acceptably. That’s got to be fixed or changes may have to be made.

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      1. A true moron you prove to be day in and day out. The majority of the specific dates of games has not been determined.

        I can absolutely guarantee you that USC will not be playing the Irish in their third game.

        Go back to your crib T bone and leave us alone.


    2. ….it’s part of the continuing “Caesar” narrative, Gabby….


  2. We don’t have a special teams coach. Wolf keeps crying about that, but we had one a few losses back who couldn’t count yo eleven without dropping his pants. During his tenure our special teams weren’t that special. Riley has 11 men on the field during each special teams play. In that respect alone, without a coach, he’s doing better than his predecessor.
    We won ugly in the past and we got from the coaches was “hey we won.” At least Riley and company acknowledge the need to get better. Isn’t that what we really wanted? -A coach who knows he can make things better

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      Slo troll has made a direct or indirect comment about Biden for 589 straight days, crazy

      He has won my vote for “Endurance Troll” of the year.


    2. How about now taking back the PPP loans many businesses didn’t pay back, including some big names in the GOP!… Fair is fair.

      O’ wait. I’m sure you didn’t comprehend any of that….my bad!


  3. Don’t forget the ass whipping UCLA put on the Ladies of Troy last year because another one is coming in a couple of weeks and boy it’s gonna be ugly


    We’ll see what ‘Ol Pass Happy Mule Shoe has to say then


    1. If you think it’s going to be the same under Lincoln as it was under Donte, you are high as a mofo.

      It’s going to be a good game and could go either way. But there will be no blowout this year.

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      1. tebow —please go on Fubo for a free trial and watch “Close Encounters of the 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th Kind”….. [going from abductions to seductions] —- it features these psychos weeping at their memories of being penetrated….it’s just up your alley [so to speak]…


  4. These next 3 games determine the assessment of the entire year. If we were 2 – 8 all that would matter is winning these next two as it is with the two opponents to defeat USC.

    packagebond is right -‘the princess’ has no QB they took down an overrated Clemson because of their great defense but offense no which astounds the mind inasmuch as Legoland beat them @ So. Bend.

    ‘bel-air tech’ looks legitimate this time around far more than they have in well over 24 years (1998). But hey Kelly’s had 5 years unlike Riley.

    Helton never produced any quality linemen nor did he coach any to a level of respect by scouts.

    The offense is solid because of Dye as a serious threat – no need to rely 100% on the QB’s arm as has been the case since Bush/White years.

    If Troy can win these next three games plus the CCG – they’re in same holds for ucla and OR but OR is facing a true gauntlet as well – WA, UT and @ OR St.

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  5. Riley failed to please Mr. Wolf so we have a new complaint about what’s appropriate to compare in regards to last season.

    Meanwhile, the Rose Bowl is hanging on for dear life to stay relevant. USC leaving the Pac 12 has diminished the clout of the Granddaddy of Them All. The BCS wants the Rose Bowl to get over itself and toe the party line and be grateful for whatever time slot they can get after 2024.

    I thought I’d report that since that has more relevance than what anyone says about last year.


    1. Yeah how many times have we read of the Rose Bowl’s imminent demise due to the Commissioner of the SEC’s diktats? No one cares or even knows what the stadium in Dallas is called or the one in ATL – everyone knows the two words ‘Rose Bowl’ and everyone wants in their heart of hearts to have said they played in it and mind you not just a game against bel-air tech but THE Rose Bowl.

      If you believe it’s in decline than watch the hysteria once this alignment is made and the passion by the remaining conferences to get a bid to play in it.

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  6. Nobody has forgotten USC was 4-8 last year. Offense now mostly going great guns, defense though improved is still a liability. Grinch says he wants to vomit so I guess he would agree.

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  7. Massachusetts elects the first openly-lesbian governor. “I’m going to tackle all the issues whatever they might be. Plus I give mean head.”


    1. Oh, Charles…I hope Tebow demands one apology after another……and I hope he calls all your apologies insincere….and chastising you takes up 100% of his time from now till the end of the season….

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  8. Wolfe great analysis. We have exceeded expectations based on the 9 games. Defense lacks depth and poor technique to make players maximize the mental part of the game. Let’s get a blowout win tomorrow. We need a style game because beating a SUCLA n ND gives us momentum towards beating 3 ranked teams. That is a monster task but attainable unless our defense fails. Make us proud to be Trojans. Be remembered for the team that made Us become USC again. Fight On.

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  9. Mike Bohn puff piece. Bohner you jerked off for two years.

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    1. Speaking of Alien abductions —the guy in the photo above looks NOTHING like the Bohn who gave his acceptance speech 3years ago….


  10. USC baseball has been an embarrassment. Don’t get me started on the lack of attendance at USC basketball games. Fought Student Body Right for selfish reasons and now this phony puff piece? This smuck has alot of nerve when no one acknowledged him until he did the right thing.


  11. Wolfie laments how SC was favored in 8 of their 9 games played so far, the inference being ‘what’s the big deal?’– Well Wolf, without Wiley’s influence i.e. bringing in talent, SC would not have been favored in all those games. But alas, facts don’t fracture hard-headed minds


  12. Is Mr. Wolf going to leave us with a bad taste in our mouths over his “et tu” insult of Wiley, or can he find a soft landing somewhere in his heart today to pay tribute to all the veterans both dead and alive who sacrificed so much for this country, many with their own lives?

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  13. Other than the players Riley brought with him from Oklahoma for the 2023 recruiting class and one linebacker, the recruits are completely underwhelming.

    The jury is out on whether Riley is really a program builder at the level required to win national championships. He definitely has the offensive schematic skills necessary, but being a head coach is also about personnel management. I’ve become less convinced as the season wears on.

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    1. Gametv: Other than the players Riley brought with him from Oklahoma for the 2023 recruiting class and one linebacker, the recruits are completely underwhelming

      So…. you have been able to follow all of these kids HS kids closely….are they sending you game-film?

      gametv: The jury is out on whether Riley is really a program builder at the level required to win national championships.

      He’s Been a D-1 level coach for 6 years…..How many more years does the “jury” need?…’re the expert!

      gametv: He definitely has the offensive schematic skills necessary, but being a head coach is also about personnel management..

      You can be perceived as having the world’s greatest “personnel management”….but if the talent that was left in the cupboard or brought in is not making the play(s) in the given situation, that’s not a coaching issue.

      Dude, some of the shit you post is comical….it’s consistent with wolf, the third-rate blogger….Sorry about the harness, it needed to be said


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