If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

It’s time for another Friday night football game at USC.

I’m not usually a fan of the weeknight games at the Coliseum. But since the Trojans are playing Colorado, I’m not against it.

You get the game over with tonight and can spend tomorrow watching all the other games without getting distracted by the Buffaloes.

  • Colorado interim coach Mike Sanford Jr. (right) grew up around the USC football program as his father was an assistant from 1989-96. Here he is with his father, Mike Sanford and wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson.
  • The Chargers released 2019 first-round pick Jerry Tillery on Thursday. USC fans will always remember Tillery for the incidents below.


Margarita Jones, 3760 S Figueroa St., Los Angeles

It was across the street from the better known Julie’s but Margarita Jones could be lively especially on Thursday nights. It’s now the site of student apartments, Chipotle and Chick-fil-A.

  • And now for some history:
  • USC quarterback Craig Fertig celebrates after the Trojans returned to Los Angeles following a 40-14 rout of No. 2-ranked Oklahoma in Norman, Okla., in 1964. Fertig was 16 of 28 for 212 yards vs. the Sooners. USC entered the game unranked but shot up to No. 2 following the victory.
  • Al Davis was ahead of his time as a recruiter too. Look how he got his picture in the paper for a USC recruiting story in 1959.

Davis brought several players to USC from Pennsylvania like tailback Angelo Coia and All-American defensive lineman Dan Ficca during an era when it was unusual for the Trojans to recruit players from the East.

When Davis was a USC assistant, he hired the diminuitive Al LoCasale to be a personal assistant to USC head coach Don Clark. But co-workers said LoCosale just followed Davis around all day. He followed Davis to the American Football League too and spent more than 30 years working with Davis.

One person Davis did not get along with was John McKay. They were both assistants to Clark in 1959 and when McKay got the USC job over Davis in 1959, Davis quickly departed to become an assistant for the Los Angeles Chargers.

  • The other person in the newspaper photo above is former USC player, coach and booster Nick Pappas. In 1960, Pappas started Cardinal and Gold. By 1974, Pappas had 850 members of Cardinal and Gold paying $500 a year and 2,500 in the Trojan Club.

“I know when a guy donates five bucks, he will give again,” Pappas said. “So I treat him with as much respect as anyone else. We think keeping things on a first name basis is the primary thing.”

  • Here’s the 1989 Rose Bowl, as linebacker Michael “Tex” Williams and cornerback Ernest Spears pursue fullback Leroy Hoard. Also pictured is nose guard Don Gibson.
  • Mike Salmon (24) and Donn Cunigan (37) chase QB Paul Failla in the 1993 USC-Notre Dame game.

Long Photography

It doesn’t get much better than this crystal clear photo of USC tailback Ricky Bell in 1976. Bell rushed for 176 yards despite plaing with a sprained ankle.

  • Below is Bell on the cover of the 1976 Street and Smith’s Official Yearbook.
  • In 1993, Art Brewster illustrated the cover of the USC football media guide.
  • The Coliseum used to have the classic H-shaped goal posts. USC students decorated them before every home games.
  • Nothing to see here. Just USC president Norman Topping sitting on the bench next to Rod Sherman (12) and the rest of the football team in 1964. Imagine if Carol Folt did that?
  • Did you know in 1959 that USC moved the football field at the Coliseum 20 yards west, or closer to the closed end of the stadium.

The move was intended to give a better view of the game to “30,000 seats” according to USC president Norman Topping.

  • It’s not every day the Sports Arena had a large crowd for a baskeball game like in 1964.
  • USC has a long history of Sports Illustrated covers but one that doesn’t get a lot of mention is this 1959 cover of Trojan tennis player Alex Olmedo, who won Wimbledon and the Australian Open.

Here is Olmedo holding the Davis Cup Trophy in 1959. Although he was from Peru and not a citizen of the United States, Olmedo competed for the United States because he lived here for three years and Peru did not compete in the Davis Cup. Olmedo eventually became a U.S. citizen.

  • Bruce Rollinson announced Thursday night he is retiring after 34 years at Mater Dei High School.

Here is his graduation photo from USC.

  • This picture below explains itself perfectly.

98 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. Great memories from my Era. AL Davis was a “fasr talker”. He promised more than he could deliver. Coach Goux did not trust him. It might have been an east coast vs. West coast thing.

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      1. Over the decades we have had a nice flow of Mater Dei talent at @USC, with many moving on to NFL careers. What he has done with that HS football program is remarkable……Solid and consistent year after year.

        First-ballot inductee into the HS football Hall of Fame (even if it doesn’t exist)

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    1. Greatest high school head coach of all time…Don Markham

      Now that guy was a helluva coach.

      Markham took the crap Luezinger high school football program and overnight turned it into a powerhouse in the South Bay.

      And he just didn’t win with his Wing T offense, he transformed the defense as well, but hey that’s because he knew how to coach, he didn’t settle for having a shit defensive coaching staff the way ‘Ol Mule Shoe does.


    1. Scott needs to get on that police officer in front of the Hollywood Bowl sign, Gabby — he’s WAY out out of uniform…

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    2. Hey Gabby lets see if you can name, off the top of your head, 10 polynesian pipeline players from Mater Dei and or St. John Boaxo that have gone on to be worth a shit at USC over the last say 4 dexades…I’ll wait


      1. Kennedy Pola was an absolute stud for USC. Started as a Freshman at Fullback despite having a reconstructed knee his Senior year at Mater Dei.

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    1. Tonight is the night to bring Moss in for the 2nd half …. let Dye come out too. Beating Colorado by a ton is not the Big Goal…..

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      1. If Gentry and Addison play tonight, it’s about getting some reps in, getting hit a few times, and scraping off some rust.

        I, for one, can not wait for the next month of football.

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      2. According to Dumbass no one cares if Moss gets any snaps. LMAO

        That was classic stupidity from the Village Idiot!!


      3. you fucking senile troll…quit leaving out fucking context to fit your lame-ass agenda,

        The issue in question was “one” particular game and if the situation dictated it…..you fucking have selective memory and once again, comprehension issues….

        Since you follow me 24/7…go pull up my recent post where I replied in a positive way to another poster’s reference to playing time for Moss…..dude, you try waaaay toooo hard….relax!


      1. They are blind in one eye and can’t see out the other and yet still managed to out rebound the Ladies of Troy


  2. Great story about Alex Olmedo. I did not know that USC had a Wimbledon champ in its history.

    I do recall as a student that every year the Trojans Tennis team would win the Natty (more or less). Never attended a single match. It was just expected that USC would win the Natty in Tennis, Swimming, etc.

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  3. …I wasn’t much for the Thursday Night partying.
    The Science School always booked early Friday AM lecture and/or lab.
    (insert frown face emoji).

    But Margarita’s was definitely #2 or 3 top hot spot for a Thursday night.
    Sad that a “classic” has been replaced by chain restaurants (albeit, two of my favorites) and some builder grade over-priced apartments.

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    1. Maui just got it’s first Chick-fil-A — 1 hour lines everyday.


      1. Hate to put my Doctor’s cap on…
        But Chick Fila is about the only place I go for a healthy chicken sammich. Same with Chipotle and the Cali-Mex.

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  4. Glad to be off the subject of Wiley somehow being called out as just another SC coach toeing the company line, for the real Caesar has arrived for those who haven’t noticed. No college coach since the 1960s has ever won a National Championship in his first year of coaching. So I’ll give a pass to Wiles this year, but you better win it all next year, Coach!

    A serious nod to this Veterans Day I think is in order as we seldom think about the literally millions of Americans killed and horribly maimed fighting wars most of them being conscripted had no say in the matter

    The quaint town of Normandy on the Atlantic coast of France has a striking memorial in honor of especially the USA and its help in the invasion of Europe to “win” World War 2 as if there were any winners.
    It has been years but I witnessed about 20 US flags planted all about at the Visitors Center, took my breath away, and when wading in the ocean in front I imagined being a soldier trying to make it to shore with the enemy up high on the beach bunkers machine-gunning down our boys as if at a carnival shooting-booth

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      1. Mr. Wolf is slippin’ or drunk again in the parking lot of the Rocket on Hawthorne Blvd.

        Predict the score…

        The Ladies of Troy last win of the season…enjoy it fanboys!



        Let me educate you…..Veteran’s day is about showing respect for “AMERICAN” soldiers!

        (No disrespect to the soldiers killed in the video)

        Slo troll is truly senile


      2. Dumbass, it’s a great song about the futility of war.

        Be honest with yourself. You just enjoy bitching about anything I post because I hurt your little feelings. Your crying comes through loud & clear with each & every post.


      3. Just admit you’re clueless….It’s about OUR TROOPS…. once again, you failed to comprehend the youtube video……great song, I will agree. put it isn’t about songs today…it’s about AMERICANS who fought for our country…..


      4. Says the dipshit who’s still too clueless to see how opting for weakness led to thousands dead in Ukraine.

        I know you’re like a woman who has to get the last word, so knock yourself out f***tard!


      5. slo cal….can you get educated little troll…..Go study the rules of engagement related to NATO ….

        The guy I voted for, his generosity has saved the Country of Ukraine from a total invasion from your hero Putin….you sound really really really fucking stupid….you’re in panic mode

        Sol cal, go look in the mirror and ask yourself where all the self-dignity went…I’m serious!


  5. On a bit lighter note, can you relate to this song’s lyrics?–

    …And I’m proud to be an American
    Where are least I know I’m free
    And I won’t forget the men who died
    Who gave that right to me
    And I’d gladly stand up next to you
    And defend Her still today

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      1. Elmer Fudd is flexing!!!! tooooo funnnny!…. Joe said the only red wave he saw was the red plug between your vertical smile……smart man


      2. Joe just gave you the middle finger!…..Where is the red tsunami you kept preaching about….and you claimed The House went red….another lie….many seats still in question

        you sound desperate to be relevant…sad!


  6. USC FB in 1964 going to Boomer Sooner country and SHELLACKING OU. The Sooners swept through the 1950’s with nary a loss. Bud Wilkinson (who was a pretty good CFB announcer after retiring from coaching) still holds the record for most consecutive victories–at about 55 or so–during his tenure at OU. Had an 83% winning percentage while at OU.

    The kicker to the story?
    Bud retired in 1963, so the Trojans whipped on his replacement.
    But still, it was Bud’s players and Bud’s recruits.

    Single-handedly, USC swept across the US in the 1960’s and 1970’s and showed the Country that the CENTER of the football world talent was in California–not the Big 10, SWC, SEC, etc.*

    *John Wooden did the same thing with MBB.

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    1. Re USC “sweeping the country in the ’60’s & 70’s”: …and the SEC-centric NCAA never forgave us……when Pete won 34 games in a row they knew it was time to step in & fuck things up…


  7. Mayorkas throwing Magnus under the bus! LMAO

    The commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection is being forced out of his job. Chris Magnus is resisting leaving the position, after being told by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to resign or get fired.

    Crying from the little bitch who voted for all of this in 3, 2, 1…


    1. TOOOO FUCKING FUNNNNY……Slo cal brings up this issue, which he’s crying about….but he claims I’m the one crying…..what the fuck is wrong with slo cal….the guy is suffering from mental retardation….what can it possibly be…..STUPIDITY!!!…..FUCKING WEIRD!

      A top Biden border official(Magnus, slo trolls boi) has reportedly “fallen asleep during meetings” to discuss the immigration crisis while skipping others with the White House and holds an overall “disengaged” attitude to the job.

      U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Chris Magnus demonstrates that he is “unengaged in his job” and “often doesn’t attend White House meetings on the situation on the border, badmouths other agencies to colleagues and superiors, and has not built relationships within CBP and across other agencies to address the influx of migrants at the border,” Politico reported on Tuesday, relaying the experiences of five unnamed current Biden administration officials who work with Magnus.




    2. slo cal, no one gives a fuck about Magnus, in this blog….just more fucking lame political rhetoric from your pathetic ass.

      Try posting something relevant and compelling….and then perhaps you might get your first written reply in over 8 days…..I’m still not losing hope in you

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  8. Delusional Clay Helton: “I can’t wait for people see where we’re at in November.”
    Nov. 5 South Alabama 38 Georgia Southern 31
    Nov. 10 Louisiana Lafayette 36 Georgia Southern 17

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  9. Sad to see Rollingson go. He is a USC grad and that gave us inroads into Mater Dei football. Hope we will still have those inroads with the next coach


      1. Goober acknowledges that this blog identifies him as the “village idiot” based solely on the content of his posts. Most bloggers would find this embarrassing and find something else to do. Not Goober. The village idiot posts multiple times virtually every day and somehow believes others find his posts insightful.



      2. Poor old horse plow can’t attack the message so he fails at attacking the messenger….Dude, I’m laughing at you. Your stimulating slo cal….I bet his little pimple swelled up…..

        Election deniers took an ass whipping at the election box….feel proud, you fools earned it.

        If you don’t like my message then move on …..OR……STFU


      3. Hey Village Idiot: Your message was:

        “Does anyone know where slo cal lives? I don’t take pleasure in hurting an old man, but he’s an exception.”

        Not even MG will defend you on that one. Care to re-track your statement or do you want to attack me for calling you out on it. It frankly amazes me that Scott allows your threats and lewd comments. Notice how the women, Carra and Joan, tend not to comment when you post. You and your homosexual lewdness and threats diminish this blog.


      4. road apple, your buddy slo troll has told me on numerous occasions “I’m going to hand you your ass”….. and is it appropriate for slo to describe a 74 woman (my mom) lactating in my mouth……get up to speed you sound lost…..you’re drowning in a sea of hypocrisy….

        This blog is third-rate, anyone showing up for wolf’s material is lost, like yourself….I have been posting on wolf’s site(s) for many many many years, and take great pleasure in bashing trolls like yourself and conversing with a few old friends. I pick and choose my battles accordingly…..plus, respect is earned not given…I have no desire to respect you…HAHA!!!


      5. Don’t even bother, Plow Horse. Get in a good shot, as you did, and walk away. As the saying goes, argue with crazy and you end up looking crazy.

        In the child’s mind, if she posts lasts, she’s “won”. LMFAO! She’s got nothing else going on in her life, so she’s trying desperately and pathetically to feel good about something.

        We’ll be walking over to the Coliseum shortly. Enjoy the game!


      6. Stop the lying, you’re not at the game…….It’s really interesting that you’re trying to give road apple the same advice on something you do the opposite of…..earth to slo cal….please seek help!


      7. More lies.

        ONE time I posted how amused I was that you were so anxious for me to hand you your ass. But I have started more than once that I would take absolutely no pleasure in it.

        You cry about your mom, but conveniently leave out how many times you’ve referred to my wife as a Shar pei, you stupid mofo. As others have stated, you can dish it out but you can’t take it.

        You’re a whiny bitch who lies all the time.


      8. Slo I love talking about your wife, no shame!…..but I really take pleasure in slapping you around like a pinata….you call my comments “childish, yet you engage in the same rhetoric, with gross pedo-type comments about my daughter and creepy comments about A lactating 74-year-old woman.

        Does your wife know you talk this way on the internet….I’ll defend my family by all means, including giving you a good ass whipping….Anyone less is a coward, like yourself

        PS…..take your own advice and ignore me


      9. So Cal: I appreciate your comments. Just be aware that some comments are actionable. You can not legally threaten people and in my opinion asking for information about where someone lives so that you can attack them is actionable. He has done this on multiple occasions and it should not be tolerated.


      10. hey, road apple, you have to demonstrate the ability to follow through….without his location I’m out of luck….

        I see why you had to make a career change


  10. Al Davis was a great recruiter for us. Didn’t know that he was responsible for getting recruits from back east. Al Davis was a hell of coach and recognized elite talent. We need coaches who are very detailed minded. Our players on defense lack fundamentals to compete on every play, which is really sad. Your fundamentals should be learned in pop Warner and Fr.& JV levels.


  11. Cal75 I notice the Pete Newell Court at Cal … won a NCAA Championship there and an Olympic Gold Medal. Bobby Knight is an acolyte. Newell very influential in basketball.


  12. Karen Bass: Marc Elias I need more suitcases full of fake ballots to win, por favor COMMANDANTE!


  13. I have said so many times on this board that they need to stop putting Brandon Rice on the field. I dont care who his dad is. He sucks.

    There is ZERO chance Rice becomes an NFL receiver. He simply doesnt know how to catch a ball. 2 series already that have been stopped by Brendon Rice. I think there have been 10 series that have stopped from Brendan Rice not being able to run routes or catch a ball.

    OK, if Riley doesnt pull Rice off the field for the rest of the game, then there is a problem with this team’s culture. Players need to be held accountable and not earn playing time because anyone is kissing up to his dad.


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