Morning Buzz: How USC Replaces Travis Dye

The big question this morning is how will USC replace Travis Dye?

If I try to think like Lincoln Riley, the answer might be what Riley wants anyways: Pass the ball even more.

Let’s look at Dye’s replacements:

1.) Austin Jones

Does everything fine and nothing special.

2.) Raleek Brown

Capable of making a big play but inconsistent and pass-blocking needs work.

3.) Darwin Barlow

Has had no meaningful role all season with just seven carries entering the Colorado game.

4.) Caleb Williams

Tough to tackle and elusive and USC’s most dynamic runner.

UCLA will run the ball against USC. The Trojans need a semblance of a running game. Williams can run but then you risk an injury. Jones can pass block so he gets on the field a lot. Maybe the hope is Brown can make a few plays but between the Rice and Colorado games, there weren’t many highlights. Barlow looked good vs. Colorado but it was Colorado.

Riley just might throw 50 passes vs. UCLA.

83 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: How USC Replaces Travis Dye

  1. Mixing it up in the backfield may produce very good results. We have the talent to burn UCLA lots of different ways.
    The big problem is we may have the two most vocal leaders out for the two biggest games — Dye and Gentry.

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    1. So ‘Ol Mule Shoe overhauled laat years 9 win Ladies of Troy team (a competent coach could have guided last years team to 9 wins) to build a 9 win team



      1. So let’s take a look at 5 losses from last seasons USC team

        Lost to…

        Stanford 42-28 at home

        Oregon St. 45- 27 at home

        Arizona St. 31-16 at home

        BYU 35-31 at home

        Cal 24-14 away

        I’m just saying that had USC had a competent head coach laat season they most likely win all those games listed above, especially seeing how 4 of them were home games

        So don’t go touting’Ol Mule Shoe aa some savior when all he’s done is managed to out perform Clay Helton and Donte Williams because that’s not hard to do


      2. Last years USC team wasn’t a 4-8 team, idiots Clay Helton and Donte Williams made it a 4-8 team



    2. Dye is definitely out and I believe the Trojans kept quiet about the extent of Gentry’s injured leg hoping it was not season-ending and not giving fodder to sucla knowing where to re-injure Gentry. Yeah, that’s just the way it is only worse in these rivalry games

      Dye cannot be effectively replaced further weakening a unit that has been steady but not spectacular anyway, so what’s SC to do pull a sucla and just not show up?– Troy will show but with less punch so Celeb had better start watching those old Stanford Indians’ pass-only
      Rose Bowl victories for a clue as what to do

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      1. That time the Ladies of Troy called a timeout in the middle of a play…enjoy fanboys!

        And you clowns say the refs are against USC?


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    3. Travis Dye’s unfortunate injury gives ‘Ol Mule Shoe an excuse to stick with his pass happy offense.

      The kid Darwin Barlow is a tough runner with breakaway ability, ‘but ‘Ol Mule Shoe doesn’t like the way he practices.

      Granted Barlow migjt not be all that great at blocking, but he’s really good at running…


      Barlow is better than Austin Jones

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    4. MG it’s hard to win vs a good team throwing 50 times; one dimensional teams have zero plan b, c, or d to fall back on.

      So next week is the game you’ve been caterwauling for; careful what you wish for MG.

      #Ding, ding
      #Cue: Judy Collins’ “Send in the Clowns”


  2. Hey Coach Riley!!!!….. Can you please craft some plays designed to get Raleek the ball in space? Boy, can that kid flash!……Very excited about his future. The second-coming of De’ Anthony Thomas

    PS….just don’t ask him to pass-block


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    1. In a way, you should be happy. Losing Dye means we have to take some chances getting Brown into space, Gabby.

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    2. Raleek is gonna be fun to watch over his 3 years at USC.
      He is prone to losing 5-7 yards at a whack.

      I like our O-line, so maybe Raleek won’t need to pass block much VERSUS UCLA. Chad Kau ha a a (sp) is the D line coach for UCLA.
      Has his D-line play improved since being fired by USC?

      Versus the Princess, we will need great O-line and RB play, including RB pass blocking.

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  3. Losing Dye is hard to replace Leadership cannot be replaced, but that gives a sneak peek into the future. Barlow runs hard m has deceptive speed. Releek has that it factor or WOW plays. He ran really hard after losing yards trying to bounce outside. He is not a bust like someone on this blog suggested. Their was a Korey Foreman sighting hopefully the light came on and will stay on. Bullock is a ball hawk for real. I want to see him gain 15 pounds so he can be a better tackler. Defense made big plays other than those 2 gash plays by Fontenot USC was better against the run . Tuli will be a 1st team All American 2nd Team All American for Callen Bullock Gentry All American honorable mention?

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    1. Caleb doesn’t always set his feet before he throws. I wish he would make quick short passes to get in a rhythm. Starting out the game trying to go deep is a waste of time. He is what 2/25 ?, in connecting on deep balls must get better. This show’s he still is not a finished product. Caleb make sure with Dye out, u don’t try to make every drop back pass your personal highlights video on how to extend plays with no cigar. Just throw the dam ball out of bounds, we can’t afford to lose you. Fight On

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      1. Agreed, Eric. Caleb’s mechanics were further off in last night’s game than they’ve been all season. On EVERY long throw he was letting his right foot leave the ground —the way he did in high school. Some of those throws were right on target so we can’t complain….but some were way off. And his touch on the short stuff was awful. Maybe he should watch the film on Moss when it comes to leading a receiver who’s 4 yards from where he’s standing in the pocket.

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      2. speaking of Moss…… I’m glad he was able to get in there and lead the offense to a TD. That’s a great feel-good moment for him….plus, a confidence builder…. I know!… it was only Colorado

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      3. MG, I agree with you, Caleb needs to show some touch and accuracy on short passes. Is Miller Moss ever going to start for USC? Will he be like the QB that never played but got drafted anyway. Can’t think of his name but he was drafted by the Pat’s n the 7th round. Somebody help me having a brain freeze right too many blunts last night celebrating too much. Moss is going to transfer probably after Caleb graduates to the NFL Will LR take him over Nelson? Will LR redshirt Nelson? I would do that because Nelson is 180 pds. That would give Moss a chance to prove that he is a good QB.

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      4. Eric, I think the Nelson situation comes down to his learning curve. Can he process and retain the mass amount of information that will be thrown at him?

        Riley isn’t afraid to play a true freshman if you’re ready….case in point, last season he yank a two-year starter and replaced him with Caleb….

        I feel bad for Moss, odd man out, IMO.

        The guy you were talking about is Matt Cassel, never stated a game in his USC career, but had a much more productive NFL career than Leinart

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      5. Eric –Moss would be fine as our QB –he has everything Riley wants in the passing game [but he obviously lacks Caleb’s athleticism].


  4. They should be fine. Jones isn’t that big a drop-off from Dye. Brown is almost 100% healthy and a home run threat. I think and have said Barlow is there best short yardage back. And I agree with MG that we will miss the leadership more

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      1. Agree. Heart and Soul. You could see his dejection on the cart and on the sideline, knowing his Senior season was over. Dye knew he could WILL victories over UCLA, ND, in Vegas… (at least he knew he would try).

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      2. I posted last night, as the players surrounded him and the cart started rolling, I dropped a few tears… was truly a powerful moment

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      1. yes!!!! Good game…Also …. #9 Bama vs Kiffin’s #12 ole miss… and another nugget…#25Washington vs #6 Oregon

        I’m pulling hard for Kif and Sark….Go Husky’s

        and the night capper, Arizona over the ruins

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  5. Raleek Brown will be the key.

    If Brown can break off some very big plays or explosive runs vs. UCLA early, that forces the Bruins to spy on him for the rest of the game. That could help open up the running game for USC and the other RB’s if Brown becomes USC’s decoy for the rest of the game.

    He is still inconsistent but a couple of 30+ yard plays early and it might be enough to keep UCLA’s D on their toes for the rest of the game.




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  6. An absolute pleasure to watch Travis Dye for his 10 games in a USC uniform. A great Trojan who “fights on!”
    (Watched him play tough FB at Oregon for several years).

    Hope he earns a good salary in the NFL.
    Hope he earns a degree FROM USC at some stage in the future.

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  7. This team is really showing who Riley is as a head coach. He is able to attract some amazing offensive skill players and put them into the right schematics to make it tough to stop them…when they execute.

    Riley does not seem to have the ability to coach a team that executes consistently. Both Spencer Rattler and Caleb have had problems executing and these are the guys Riley went after as a coach. But it is really more about the second tier of talent at USC that is not performing. For some reason, the coaches put a player like Brendon Rice on the field instead of bringing players like Hudson Ware along to fortify the roster. Rice has dropped enough passes in games that he needs to be sitting on the bench permanently.

    There was no good reason why Dye should have even been playing in this game. If you have to have him in the game because the other players cant win the game, that is a huge problem.

    The more I understand Riley as a coach, both here at USC and at Oklahoma, the less I feel he is able to win a national championship. I think his teams will be explosive on offense, but always inconsistent and physically unable to withstand a full year. And for some reason, USC will fail to get all the 5 and top 4 star talent that it needs across all positions to be great.

    But despite USC’s weaknesses, the key players, like Caleb, have a chance to win nearly every game they play. The UCLA game will not be a blow-out either way. The end result will revolve around a few key plays – turnovers or big plays that turn the tide one way or the other.

    I would rather win the UCLA game than the Notre Dame game.


    1. STFU……you fucking act like no one knows more about USC football than your self-righteous ass……You fucking sound like the CLONE of Scott Wolf…..

      If you don’t like the product on the field then stop watching it, simple….Stop torturing yourself. We have had to deal with enough of your type for many years, move on!

      Rice made you his little bitch last night and you then went AWOL(toooo funny!)….POETIC JUSTICE….. Rice said, don’t forget to bring his jockstrap to practice….sniff sniff!


  8. A footballer can lead by word or deed so I expect Travis Dye will be a dynamic cheerleader for his boys the next 2-weeks, he was already the one who delivered the team’s pregame pep-talks so now the team will be even more riveted when he speaks just before the show-downs with sucla and Neuter Dame as in,
    “Well men you know I can’t help you on the field but I am now free to roam our sideline and scream encouragement at every one of you and you know I will. Trojan football has a legacy of usually beating these guys when a possible championship is on the line so we have
    history on our side, now go out and make some history for yourselves”

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  9. Losing Dye might be a bigger hurt to him than us. ( I don’t mean physical pain) He has led the Trojans with big powerful runs and he’s the best pass blocker we had in the backfield. For him, though the next two games were looking to be the “big stage” games. (Utah might count, but the next two are big). Someone in the NFL who was paying attention will get a steal when they draft him.
    Sitting in the stands was excruciating. There was no replay and no way to see who was down. No announcement, and just a throng (I’ve always wanted to use that word) of players and staff around a player. They brought out a cart before we in the not so cheap seats could see who was going on it.
    As for moving forward it was apparent that the next ones up were more than ready. It was fun seeing Moss and watching Caleb psych him up.
    Beat the Bruins!

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    1. Just put in a USC player that can Block or Pass Block in front of your Running Back s some one Bigger to pass block for Caleb williams…. allof USC Running Back s can Run with FFF in. Football … just give them Open Space ….in front of them… Run the dam ff in football. More Than your Passing of the Football will be Easy Confusing the other Team Ff in. Defense USC Linebacker s should Not be Blitzing against FUCLA they must wait to see if dtr hands the Football to his Running back or is going to throw the football if FUCLA is Running the Football then Make the Ff in Tackle…on the ff in Running back KEEP Dtr in Front of the Defense so your Defense can tackle the FFF error Do NOT Run Blitz FUCLA Running back or Dtr quarter back will Run Right through your Defense Your Needs to See Who Has the ff inn Football


  10. I get another week to pretend SC has a realistic chance at a ‘Final-4’ appearance as follows:
    1 Georgia is in
    2 Ohio St is probably in even with a loss to Michigan
    3 Michigan also might remain in even with a loss to Ohio St

    So that leaves only the No 4-Spot open for these competing teams–
    4 TCU– will surely lose one of their next 3 difficult games and drop out
    5 Tennessee– out of SEC championship game will have them drop out
    6 Oregon– must beat Utah and sc/sucla
    7 LSU– must beat unbeatable Georgia as they drop out
    8 USC– must have Oregon beat Utah, then Troy beats sucla & Ducks
    12 sucla– probably will be No. 9 at worse, needs to beat SC & Ducks

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    1. How is the loser of the MI @ OH St. 26th November still probable for one of the 4 post-season playoff slots? You cite TN out of the SEC ‘slot’ because they won’t be in the CCG on 3rd December 2022 in ATL but somehow the same scenario doesn’t apply to loser of the MI @ OH St.?

      Whoever wins the Pac12 CCG on 2nd December at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas will be in the playoffs.

      The networks want eyes on this game and a rehash of two Big 10 and two SEC is not going to garner any attention.

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      1. Rusoviet nice point but the teams we R monitoring are LSU TCU MICH, Michigan can be the last team in, just based off them winning one game against Ohio St and losing in Championship game. TCU has to run the table as well as LSU. We just need to show our defense to show up and look like they have improved enough so we won’t get embarrassed. TV Networks wants USC for ratings and Caleb Williams magic. Just let the next 2 weeks play out and see if we accomplish that daunting task.


      2. Don’t see your argument, rusoviet, and so I’ll see your bet and raise you one because Tennessee did not qualify for its conference championship game and hence will play one less game than Ohio St, Michigan and the winner of the Pac-12 championship, so they’re out

        If TCU remains undefeated then the 4th slot comes down to a one loss Ohio St or Michigan or (hopefully) USC


      1. You forgot TCU, Raul, and Tennessee will have played one less game than the front-runners, and the loser of the Ohio St-Michigan game will have one loss along with USC (or sucla), so it will be up to the Committee and who knows?


      2. I figured TCU would lose At Texas or at Baylor, That didn’t happen at Texas and after Baylor lost 31-3 it probably won’t happen at Baylor. If that happens then TCU goes to number three and USC to number four. They can’t put a one loss Tennessee team that didn’t play for the conference title in front of a conference champion. USC Just have to beat UCLA and Notre Dame.


  11. I can’t deal with your dumbness today Mr. Wolf. 33 passes to 41 rushes against Colorado even after Dye gets injured. Well, it’s Colorado yes but Jones led the team in rushing against Fresno St. But that was the Bulldogs yes but Riley always runs more than he throws. Always. Even with two Heisman winning quarterbacks and – I can’t with you today, good morrow sir.


    1. You must remember, Wolf gets his talking points from a phantom PAC12 coach (aka JV football coach at Loyola)

      Wolf feels controversy generates clicks!


  12. Spoke with a couple of player parents sitting near us. Very happy with Riley and the staff he poached.

    A bunch of silent commitments that will help as well as portal transfers will keep the momentum.

    Only fear is NFL. If Jeff Saturday can get a gig, then anything is possible


  13. . scooter,

    I had the same quuestion about how the running game would look like after Dye left. However, I was pleasantly suprised to see Jones run with authority and determnation. He did well. Not afraid of starting him. He did play at stanford and they run a pyhsical run game. He will be fine. Just need a back up for him to so he can have a break.


  14. Yall Ruins haven’t won a rose bowl since ’84 let alone a N.C, pretty much ever. Its sad that none of yall will ever witness a N.C. No matter how we look every yr. You are still our .unt!!


      1. No cali born Trojan for life santa Barbara county first time comments. Them ruins need to gorilla glue their mouth shut!! Yall suck and only win in gymnastics, volleyball, and tidily winks. Oh ya lincoln logs too. No offence if your a women but ladies play hoops so if u say basketball, toma!! 😛🤣


  15. If UCLA comes with an 8 man front then I would throw 50 passes. You must take what the defense gives you. Sometimes LR doesn’t do that. Against Colorado he was throwing the ball(and throwing it long)against a 3 man rush the whole game until the 4th quarter. They gained 185 yards rushing. They could have gained 385 yards rushing had they done it until Colorado started to put up a 4 or 5 man rush.
    I disagree about Austin Jones. He’s a good running back. He didn’t do so well at Stanford because Stanford no longer has a running game. Had he been the running back instead of Christian McCaffrey when they were still a pound it out team, he would have gained 1400 yards.
    Brown definitely has potential. He could have a breakout game any time and Barlow is a really good running back. Why they haven’t used him this year….I don’t know. It’s the next man up and I think that SC might surprise you, even without Dye.


  16. USC controls its’ entire destiny – beat bel-air tech next Saturday and they’re heading to Las Vegas Pac-12 looking like it might be a re-match against UT

    OR is down OR is down!


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