Here’s An Alabama-USC Comparison For You

Did you watch that Vikings-Bills game? Whew!

  • USC opened a 1.5-point favorite over UCLA at BetOnline. Caesars Sportsbook has USC a 2.5-point favorite.
  • Remember the blockhead who tweeted how USC is ranked ahead of Alabama in the CFP rankings? Alabama just played road games at Tennessee, LSU and Mississippi in a four-week span. Tell me where USC has a comparable schedule?

USC’s seven Pac-12 wins are against teams with a combined conference record of 14-36. If you really want a USC-Alabama comparison, those schedules are a good place to start.

That said, USC has to be feeling good this week going into the UCLA game with the Bruins smarting after their loss to Arizona.

  • Who would guess Johnny Nansen would be the first defensive coordinator to snap UCLA’s 12-game streak of scoring at least 30 points in a game?
  • The father of USC linebacker Raesjon Davis tweeted his son is not transferring. Davis finally appeared in a game (against Colorado) after several weeks without playing. He had one tackle.

42 thoughts on “Here’s An Alabama-USC Comparison For You

  1. Josh Allen is one of the best but the best sometimes go bust

    I don’t recall anybody comparing SC to Alabama but right now the two might be running about even


    1. A west coast welcome to Big 10 football

      As for the comparison, right now, the Ladies of Troy couldn’t carry the Alabama Gumps jockstraps


      1. It’s an idiom you idiot!

        What kind of lawyer are you Juan?

        No wonder you got fired by Larry H. Parker


    2. Bottom line, whoever thinks USC is on the level as Alabama is a delusional idiot, so that breaks it down to Trojans fanboys 😂😂😂😂


      1. I’ve been thinking about your mom,
        You can’t tell me if it’s really wrong
        It’s been going on for way too long,
        I can’t help it if I am happy when she is around


  2. All of the above was warranted under Kiffin, Sarkisian and Helton especially Helton but to assume the program is an inept as it was a mere year ago is nuts. USC is ascending the same can’t be said for AL.
    AL is the squad in slow decline with 3 in-conference programs (GA, LSU & TN) moving ahead of them.


    1. Are you really full of shit? Alabama lost by 3pt. on a last second
      FG and in OT by a 2 pt. conversion both on the road. One loss to
      a team doesn’t put their program ahead by no means. What is with
      your handle Rusoviet?


  3. We already know any SEC team will have a better SOS than any PAC12 team Wolfe come on. USC will only get a CFP nod if TCU losses. No matter what we do it’s a uphill battle based on our wins will be top 20, wins because SUCLA is now ranked probably 17-20 haven’t checked polls and ND will be ranked top15 when we play them. Those will not be ranking are not good enough against any SEC team. Tired of talking about scenarios it’s getting like predicting elections everyone has a polling survey to predict the outcome. Our numbers don’t compare to anyone outside the PAC12.

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  4. The Gumps would crush the Ladies of Troy just like the last time they met…wouldn’t be close. Anyone that says or believes otherwise is a complete idiot.

    That would be the majority of you fanboys


  5. The Alabama comparison is useless. Until USC beats a team of Bama’s stature then there’s no debate. Being mad all the time is a lonely way to enjoy life.

    UCLA choked against Arizona, at home. The team that lost to a depleted Trojan squad on the road. Who had the best win in the Pac 12 now?


  6. Okay two questions for the knowledgeable people on the blog.
    1. About the drone incident (strike?) Friday night. I was in the stadium and never heard or saw a drone there was an announcement. I watched the recording this afternoon, I saw the head ref give a strange signal, crossing his arms, fists clinched over his lap and thrusting up his hips. Does anyone know if there is really an official signal for a drone? (I made a joke about it because the TV timeout guys were scrambling around)
    2. What is your favorite TebowObama deriding knockoff moniker?
    A. TeboringObama
    B. TeblowObonner
    C. TechnoObsruction
    D. TeenageObuttsniff
    E. Your own
    Beat the Bruins

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    1. Me ‘n Ed alwayz felt a purson shuld be calld bye their riteful name, no mattur how little of a brayn they mite have, so we hav alwayz called him his proper nayme, Tincup O’beemer.

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  7. Hilarious that she’s a fan, when she’s everything John Dutton wouldn’t want on his ranch, or even in Montana for that matter.


    1. what a fucking senile troll!!!! The Duttons and Rip are the most corrupt people in the state of Montanna…..You have no fucking morals….

      Fuck dude….and you have major comprehension issues!…. I’m serious

      Looks like you’re still butt-hurt over being exposed as a liar last night….even T-bone knew the answer…..we are laughing at your pathetic ass.


    2. The biggest liar on this blog is all butt hurt because I felt zero need to pass her little “test”. Showing how jealous she is that I actually GO to the games and don’t just post shit about them. What a whiny little girl.


  8. Why does Mr. Wolf obsession for minor role players even get indulged? No word about Korey Freeman? Davis get attention because of what? It’s not even a fantasy football interest.


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