USC Notes: Crosstown Rivalry Boasts Begin Early

We have our first overconfident quote of the Crosstown Rivalry week.

It’s OK to say your team will win but by 29 points?

  • USC is ranked No. 6 in the coaches’ poll and No. 7 in the AP Top 25.
  • Is there any value in filming Mike Bohn and Carol Folt after a game? Other than watching the humorless bodyguard in the black jacket in the second video? I’m surprised the retired-but-not-really-retired Tim Tessalone isn’t hovering around and discouraging it.

30 thoughts on “USC Notes: Crosstown Rivalry Boasts Begin Early

  1. Let the little suclas sound off with menacing words that don’t match their play, and I bet Wiley is so confident in his position that he feels no need to give the upcoming sucla victory ball to the Folt-Bohn entity

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    1. Riley: “It’s hard to pretend like I respect or like Mike or Carol…. but it’s part of the job….like player injuries…”

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    1. I am with you all the way on this one, Charles, ‘Hot Lips’ was too phony for believability and Frank too, but the incomparable couple of SC’s
      Folt-Bohn Inc. have as their guaranteed legacy the “hiring” of SC’s ‘Wiley’

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      1. …I keep Bruins around me to remind me what it takes to be successful
        (and vice versa). I chose a private school education (undergrad and med) as I didn’t want the hard-worker taxpayers of CA to have to pay for my success. I worked harder knowing it was all on me.

        My UCLA friends–with only one exception–continue to work at meaningless mid-level jobs and live hum-drum lives in hum drum suburbia. They get a little excited during MBB season, though I know more about their team than they do.

        Always great to be a Trojan. Wind at our backs, sails full. Clear skies always.


  2. Miserable bastards at UCLA already screaming about destroying USC hopes instead of holding Chip Kelly accountable. What a sad lot in life to make others feel like you. Is that what being a Bruin is really all about? To hell with winning? It’s more important to hate? I’d rather be San Diego and second class and not the best like Houston? Can someone who supports UCLA tell me why you rather loathe the Trojans than be a champion?

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    1. We need to help UCLA end their season on a terrible note….


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