It’s Rivalry Week, Baby

Lincoln Riley gave an update on Eric Gentry and Mario Williams today, which sounded conservative. I suspect Gentry will play quite a bit.

“They’re practicing. They’re progressing. It’s an inexact science,” he said. “We’re at Tuesday morning right now but we’re hopeful we’ll be able to rep some of them both in the game.”

  • Sightings: Caleb Williams at the Mediterranean restaurant CAVA for lunch at the USC Village.
  • George Tirebiter is safe and secure today for rivalry week.

Here is George with Victory Bell in 1947.


18 thoughts on “It’s Rivalry Week, Baby

  1. I hope some Trojans get into that puzzle box again! LOL

    But with nothing too difficult to remove from that ugly bear.



  2. Where is Bluto Blarksky and the rest of the Animal House gang? We could use them about now. They could do just a little renovation over at Clown U, like razing the entire campus with napalm. hate the minions of satan, the ugly ruins

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  3. That’s slo cal in the background with his foot on the tire. A 5′-2″ toothpick…..I see why he uses an extra long stick when he pokes the bear…..pathetic!


  4. USC is going to win because they are the better team simple as that. UCLA should be7-3 because they should have lost to South Alabama. The only reason they won that game was because the idiot coach from South Alabama attempted a fake field-goal that failed at the end of the game. USC should be10-0 Because they got ripped off at Utah. The playoff Selection voting committee know that too.

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    1. It doesn’t matter who is the better team in this game. Time and time again it has been shown that either team can win, regardless of the others’ talent or rank. That’s what makes this game so great.

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      1. Your right Jeffrey S., this does make this a great game, only because a lot is at stake for both teams. USC has better talent than SUCLA, based on that we definitely have the advantage. We must play smarter and harder than them to get a W. First prediction 42-21 USC.

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  5. Truth be told Jeffrey I am sure many “rivalries” across the nation have seen unusual
    ‘bounces of the ball’ dictate the winner which often is the underdog

    Still, the more established teams with a good-enough offense and defense usually beat out the underdogs which I am afraid SC is despite ‘Vegas saying they are
    a 1-point favorite which is a consolation to the many SC betters over the suclas’

    My opinion if anyone cares is that sucla has the physical advantage with that
    Ram-like halfback of theirs, but SC has the mental advantage due to how the
    Trojans usually win these contests that determine National Championships

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  6. Furthermore, and I just can’t get this game off my mind,
    SC’s Wiley has beaten suclas Doughboy coach 2-times when as the Oklahoma coach,
    so Doughboy is worried about a 3rd straight beat-down which coaches hate losing to rival coaches.

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  7. A house divided will never stand up united in the face of adversity. UCLA has a messed up coaching room in the defensive side. Kelly made a fatal mistake putting Pendergrast in charge in the middle of the season. Guys are filling out their resume and will leave en masse after the Cal game. By the way, if UCLA is forced to stay in the Minor 10 by the NorCal idiots, that will also factor in the game.

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    1. Leftwich, landing Isaiah Collier is one thing, utilizing him correctly is another. Andyain’twinning has probably had more good players take a hike from his program than any other Div. 1 BB HC.

      Andyain’twinning had a once in generation player, I. Mobley and how did it culminate for Clown U… ugly, 19 pt. blow out loss in a tournament Elite Eight game. SUCC handed out rings for that two-bit disaster; can you believe it?

      SUCC is 00000000ferever for a reason. SUCC’s next cupcake opponent: Goober U.

      Vegas rates it a toss up.


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