USC Notes: A Possible Weakness Saturday?

If you’re looking for a weakness with UCLA, a Pac-12 coach who played the Bruins tells me it’s in their receiving corps.

“They’re just an average group,” the coach said. “DTR doesn’t like to wait in the pocket, so if you can cover them a little bit, he’ll start running.”

  • One change with the USC defense is safety Bryson Shaw made his first start of the season last Friday, replacing Jaylin Smith, who had started every game this season. Smith played so presumably he is healthy.
  • The USC-UCLA game is officially a sell out (capacity 70,865). Guess they didn’t want to remove any more tarps.
  • L.A. Times columnist Bill Plaschke predicted today UCLA will defeat USC, 42-35. That probably will please those of you rooting for the Trojans because of his famous 2001 column that proclaimed, “Los Angeles clearly belongs to the Bruins.”
  • As I said this morning, there was a lot of buzz Juju Watkins would commit to USC and she just did.

28 thoughts on “USC Notes: A Possible Weakness Saturday?

  1. Okay! Plaschke’s announcement is magical ….. but to complete the blessing Scott needs to run a photo of Helton with his eyes and mouth wide open…

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  2. Speaking of weakness…

    Russia bombed Poland. Let’s see if Biden backs up all his tough talk about what would happen if a NATO member was attacked.


      1. Couldn’t agree more. Peace Through Weakness was never going to work.

        Dumbasses ask, “What could Biden have done differently?”

        NOTHING! He had 50 years of corruption & weakness working against him. Once he was installed as the leader of the free world, our adversaries knew they would be able to do as they pleased.

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    1. So Cal

      Where is Peter Sellers, George C. Scott, Slim Pinkins, and James Earl Jones? I gots to know. If you don’t know what i am taling about, there was a movie with all of the people that i had mentioned. It was called, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb or Dr. Strangelove. Great movie.

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      1. So Cal,

        have you not heard of Dr. Strangleove? Made in the early 60’s. Essentially we could or are living the movie now in our country and within Russia. Hilaroius movie. Peter Sellers plays three parts in it. It is a top 20 movie


  3. Fort Apache L.A.


    1. Not in LA, so don’t care too much about Bass. But it is a little disappointing. When we do visit LA, I do think he would have addressed the homeless problem much more quickly.

      As for Villanueva…don’t know anything about Luna, but can’t imagine the sheriffs dept being any worse under him than it has under Alex. A bunch of thugs with badges.

      They need to start taking out those Excessive Force and Wrongful Death lawsuits from their pension fund!


      1. LOL! No, Charles, that was me. The real deal.

        I am truly in the middle on this one. Not with the defund the police idiots and not with the fools who refuse to admit there’s a problem in law enforcement.

        They need to re-think the hiring process and do the opposite of whatever they’re doing now. Too many psychos ae being hired who enjoy abusing their authority any chance they get.

        They also need to make it easier to fire bad cops. But as long as the police unions exist, that’ll never happen.

        BLM did have a point, but they went about expressing their frustations all wrong. No excuse for destroying & looting the businesses of hard working Americans, many of them minorities!!! They also rallied around thugs such as Floyd far too often.

        Neither side will ever admit their share of responsibility in all of it. So it’ll go on the rest of our lives.


      2. Alex was and is a solid law enforcement officer. He wouldn’t kowtow to the LA Times esp their leftist opinion asses and the ‘BLM’ idiocy. As to the corrupt sheriffs – La eMe has been burrowing stone cold gang members into the Sheriff academy for over 15 years and they’re just like ‘sleepers’ the CCCP used to ‘activate’ when they reached promotions and/or levers of power. Luna is not a strong leader ie don’t expect any change under his command.


      3. Alex’s refusal to admit he had gangs within the department was a big factor in his downfall.

        We’ll see if Luna does anything about it. I doubt it, but only time will tell.


  4. The missiles that struck Poland were deliberate and came from the precision howitzers that struck Kyiv with a 85 missile barrage. The deaths of two Polish citizens are confirmed. U. S. intelligence notified the Polish High Command of the incoming strikes. Poland has the right to ask for a NATO consultation for military operations under Article 4 of the NATO treaty. If Article 5 is invoked then it has to be unanimous by all NATO members. Turkey has asked for Article 4 consultations the most. The process is deliberate and invoked on a defensive posture only. If Article 5 is used then it will be the first time ever and it has never been used in an active hot zone. Similar situations have occurred in Syria against Turkey and Article 5 was not invoked.

    A more reasonable reply would be the redeployment of Patriot 3 anti-missile battery to the affected area near the Ukraine border as well as drones (Phoenix Ghost Drones tailored for night engagement) for specific howitzer units kill missions in a like for like response by the Polish government. Unless Russia comes to it’s senses and doesn’t want to see the destruction of it’s Black Sea navy by NATO forces.

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  5. I have no clue as to why the folks in L. A. would vote for an American who supported Fidel Castro and shows up for Church of Scientology events . . . except Ric Caruso has no evidence of doing the things he claims to wanted to do for L. A. which he could have done as Head of the Board of Regents at USC.

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    1. Gee well why not read a bit about Mr. Caruso before you just throw a crack like that….. He’s a class act.
      He singlehandedly rid USC of that corrupt glad hander ass Nikias. He may have actually saved USC from a complete collapse thanks to Nikias’ indifference to: Tyndall gynecologist, Rick Singer, Puliafito, Haden’s plundering if the non-profit,…rammed through no more lifetime board appointments, reduced the number on the Board of Trustees, installed ombudsman which Nikias never wanted. Oversight of president’s decisions unlike the rubber stamping by Nikias.

      The following is his early life and that of his father’s it is a long article but it is also very detailed on what Rick Caruso came from and what he has done.


      1. I do think TW was right about how he could have started some of that work even before running for mayor, not unlike Pete’s creation of “A Better LA”.

        Bass is not going to do anything close to what Rick would have. Good luck, Los Angeles!!


  6. Gentlemen, I appreciate an honest debate. I don’t cast dispersions lightly. Ric got a sweetheart deal with the city of Glendale to build the Americana without any oversight or compensation to the store owners who were unceremoniously thrown out for his project. Don’t even bring up the complaints that the residents have had over the years for the overdevelopment that the Grove is called, let alone the extra traffic or building that still hasn’t finished. But Ric is a businessman, so his naivete to flip from Republican to Democrat in such a short time seemed a tad bit opportunistic or John Kerry-like. Ric wins if he bows down to the union machine that is L A City lifeblood. You have to wonder about Karen’s gumption when she tries to go the high road over colleagues who would rather compare her to a little monkey than consider her a friend. But that won her the mayor’s chair. So it goes.


  7. Retired Army General Ben Hodges, who commanded the U.S. Army in Europe, told Newsweek on Tuesday that he “doubts” the missile was an intentional attack from Russia.

    “I don’t think this was deliberate,” Hodges said, noting that the Polish government “seem pretty measured” and “calm about it.”


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