Some Tarps Coming Off At Rose Bowl

It’s hard to keep track of how many tarps there are at a UCLA game if you don’t go often, which rules most people out.

The four sponsored banners (two UCLA Health and two Jordan logos) at the Rose Bowl will be removed Saturday for the USC game, which leaves eight tarps in the end zones that spell UCLA. Capacity will be 70,865.

And people used to joke about the black curtain at the Sports Arena.


17 thoughts on “Some Tarps Coming Off At Rose Bowl

  1. I hward slo cal asked if he could have one so that he could make a new house

    They told him no that he stunk and he could use a good shower the next time it rains


  2. Ok, I get it it is Los Angeles where you better have a championship team at the ready or we are not interested, but the sucla-SC match is so even that I would think even marginally interested sports fans might want to stick their nose into the affairs

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  3. This is so much fun basking in the 2022 SC-Football team re-starting Trojan glory,
    Confidently sliding into the Rose Bowl knowing you are the best team,
    But still having to prove it on the field as suclas day-dream of knocking off the SCers

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  4. In fairness the UCLA Banners should be replaced with

    ‘Thank you California Tax Payers for Paying our rent here at the Rose Bowl. In all honesty UCLA football would be homeless without you.

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  5. What the hell. It’s rivalry week and you guys need to bring it. 66-33 was a crime. UCLA crapped in their pants last Saturday. Now it looks like they are bringing out the expensive chinaware for this game. It’s their whole season. Imagine them being vandalized in their sanctuary? Will they wilt or behave like Saxons protecting their maidens and progeny? This feels like more than a game. A fair fight between equal foes. Even the refs will have to stay out of it. Funny thing is. . .

    Who is the Tuli equal on the Bruins D?

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  6. Teboner obama Loves EVIL HATRED Social ism Created by the EVIL Democratic party in california… Go back in your Toilet rose bowel Shut your Lid and Flush your self to HELL….


    1. Plaschke: The Bruins will own it and at least temporarily suspend the belief that the Trojans’ Lincoln Riley is some sort of deity and his team of high-priced free agents can just steamroll through the neighborhood.


    2. Plaschke: UCLA will own Saturday because the Bruins have the best quarterback, …Caleb Williams of USC is terrific, but UCLA’s Dorian Thompson-Robinson is better.


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