USC Lands 5-Star Point Guard

Isaiah Collier, who is ranked the No. 1 player in the nation by 247Sports, committed to USC today.

The Marietta, Ga., prospect selected the Trojans over Michigan and Cincinnati. He is ranked No. 6 in the ESPN 100 rankings.

“I definitely have a lot of family out there and family is a big thing for me right now after losing my brother here in Atlanta so I wanted to be with my brother out in California,” Collier said. “Family is everything to me.”

USC’s recruiting class of Collier, center Arrinten Page and guard Silas Demary is ranked No. 6 nationally by Rivals and No. 10 nationally by 247Sports.


20 thoughts on “USC Lands 5-Star Point Guard

  1. Michigan and Fab-5, Cincinnati and Oscar Robertson figured to
    out-duel 3000-fans a game USC, so it was not surprising to hear that the kid only picked SC because of strong family ties in California

    But the Trojans will take them any way they come and they appear to be getting a top-notch incoming class


  2. I keep turning it over in my mind why the sucla footballers keep saying that sucla will “replicate” last year’s SC game when perhaps they meant to say that they would “suffocate’ in the SC game

    But why say that when you just know neither team is going to beat the other by 4-touchdowns and it probably will be a 10-points or less game?– The suclas come off as childish-braggards stuck with an inferior product while I bet Wiley has instructed his boys to lie low until 5:00 Saturday and then do their ‘talking’ on the field

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  3. I have seen three SC basketball games this year. The presence of a big man is showing. they ight have one on the floor, but the ball is not going through him. It is the Boogie Ellis/Peterson show. They better get an inside presence going or it will be a long season.

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    1. C Smith I disagree with you. She will do a fine job. She is smart n she knows what we need to do to make Los Angeles better for all not just the blacks. Look at her accomplishments as a leader. Her contributions from her non profit are examples of what she brings to the table. Judge her after one year as mayor not before she is sworn in. Everyone needs to take a chill pill just because she is a woman, that doesn’t make her not qualified. Just because she is not the person you voted for doesn’t mean she will do a poor job.


      1. ET appreciate your respectful reply. My comment about Bass not based on that she’s a woman or black. Hardcore liberal. She’s very sympathetic to Fidel Castro and that she’s supportive of Biden.


  4. Sad, sad couple of days, almost everything I voted for lost.

    I mean who cares if Vegas casinos run online gaming. They are the experts. Look at Kroger, they operate Ralphs in So Cal and are HQ’d in Cincinnati. Do I care that the profit goes to Ohio?Stupid argument against proposition 27. Can’t believe GOP was against 27.

    Might be going libertarian in future.
    Now Trump running. He will destroy my Ronald Reagan Republican party.


  5. Enfield did a great job with this recruiting class so far. We know the center is going to be there next year because he will need to show scouts he can play a full season., with no problem it would do better for our chances of reaching the final four. With the squad we have coming back plus this year freshman. We should be a top preseason team. We just need Enfield not to mess it up with his coaching decisions for running offensive sets so players are using there strengths and not being exposed by their weaknesses.

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