USC Wins The L.A. Mayor’s Race

And the winner is the L.A. mayor’s race is . . . USC!

Karen Bass was declared the winner of Rick Caruso today. With about 70 percent of the vote counted, Bass had 53.1 percent, with Caruso notching 46.9 percent.

USC was in an enviable position no matter who won. Caruso was the head of the USC Board of Trustees, is heavily tied to the university and basically was in charge after Max Nikias resigned. Bass delivered the commencement address in 2019 and controversially received a $100,000 full-tuition scholarship from USC’s social work program. Caruso drew criticism for not releasing the report on former gynecologist George Tyndall.

Caruso spent more than $100 milllion of his own money on the campaign.

REACTION: What it all shows is that no matter who got elected, USC would retain influence and get assistance from the Mayor’s office. It’s too big not to as the city’s largest private employer. But it also shows that too much power leads to problems and we will see how USC flexes it muscle inside City Hall now.


29 thoughts on “USC Wins The L.A. Mayor’s Race

  1. $100 million spent by one man on a mayors race???? This world is controlled totally by the rich. If you are not rich, you have no power and are not in a position to get any. A far different scenary than in the revolutionary days when farmers ran for office and were in office for 4-8 years and then went back to their farming.

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    1. He spent $100 million and still lost. That has a better ring to it.

      Reminds me of the story of the mother who spent a ton of money to make her daughter look beautiful. But you know the old saying,



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    1. Every penny Biden sends to Ukraine is going toward something good & honest & decent. None of the tens of billions are being laundered. It’s SO obvious.
      [Note — And Gabby’s right: the repubs aren’t blameless. In fact, they’re just as bad. The world wouldn’t be in this big of a mess otherwise]…


  2. USC is a BLM, CRT, transgender, anti-Semitic, Defund Police, black hole. Love Riley and football success, but don’t them a dime. #CarolFolt


  3. I don’t live in LA and don’t really care about the Mayor. I also can’t figure out where all the money went unless Caruso is laundering money. Anyway I probably wouldn’t have voted for Bass because I’m a drummer (it’s a musician joke).
    I never lived in a high rise city and cannot stand the crowded, congested environment (actually I was born in Inglewood and spent my first few years on 104th street, before my parents moved to Covina-believe me I have no good memories of the place)
    Anyway I worked on 4th and Spring street at a JTPA funded scam trade school catering to undocumented students. When the mayor visited I was sequestered in the basement with the other non Hispanic persons (both of us) while the mayor was wined and dined above in rooms my students built.
    I love LA but is being the mayor really worth the money spent?
    I know the state has a school in the North-Central area of the city, but my heart is in South-Central Fight on ! Beat the Bruins!

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  4. ugh,no wun toled me abowt theese eleckshuns,its like thay keap theese seackrit frum the publick so we aint evr no abowt them and cant git elecktid ore evin voat if we wuntid to,doant matur fir wimin tho sense thay cant voat cuz thay iz so emoshunull and jussed ruwin evry thing,smdh

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  5. Well at least ol’ Scottie wielded an even hand in criticizing the retiring comedy-team
    of Bass&Caruso The Best of 2022

    Bass is also a name of a fish, equally crafty shifty and smart
    Caruso is like the fictional Robinson Crusoe, even though surrounded by many people
    He remains ‘an island unto himself’

    Apolitical folks see the problems as insurmountable whether Demos or Repubs are in power, any possible “fix” by either Party is of minimal difference although the Parties war on each other as if they are defending ‘The Alamo,’ preposterous behavior as the English might say

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    1. Can we agree not to talk about politics anymore? It divides us. Football unites us.
      USC is now a 3 point favorite over UCLA. If you give USC the 3 points UCLA is getting for playing at the Rose Bowl —Vegas considers USC a TD better than UCLA at a neutral site.

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  6. I’m Gabby and I love my Leftist bullshit so much that I refuse to stop talking about the success of the Democrat party! Here’s a few of our accomplishments since Dementia Joe took office:
    1) Tanking the economy – Who needs Keystone XL or energy independence in this Capitalist society? Also, why work when the government can give us everything for FREE?!
    2) Inflation through the roof – Let’s just keep printing money until the problem goes away. So easy even a Libtard can do it!
    3) Defund the Police/Rampant crime in all major cities – Oops… These are all Dem run utopias, but it’s all good! We want everyone to suffer equally. Equality of outcome, right? We need more activist DA’s to let criminals out since it would be ‘racist’ to incarcerate career criminals.
    4) Afghanistan withdrawal – So a few American soldiers died… I’m a Commie Leftist, so who cares?
    5) Open Borders – Let’s have millions of our ‘undocumented’ friends come in illegally so they can enjoy the opportunities in the “land of the free”. So what if they’re mostly the victims of drug cartels and Human traffickers. I’m kinda torn though since I despise the US and wonder why all these people risk their lives coming here. Hmm…
    6) War in Ukraine – Let’s send our buddies in Ukraine more money so they can funnel it back (via FTX) to my Leftist buddies here and win more elections, thus preventing a red wave! War is great when it stops Republicans from taking back the House and Senate!

    I love my fellow Leftist Democrats so much that I could care less how bad the country is doing. Anything is better than mean tweets from Trump! Oh, and Hunter Biden’s laptop is just another conspiracy theory. All those images of him smoking crack with hookers and asking for 10% for the big guy were taken out of context. Check out CNN for the real scoop you morons!

    SHEbowBummer is my number 1 supporter too! Where’s the red wave? YAY LIBTARDS!!! GO COMMIE OR GO HOME!!!


  7. Scooter,

    So Large mouth Bass and her occultist faith, following space aliens, won. Just another Garcetti. Three things I ask from her and they:

    The City of LA does not give a red, white, and blue to ugly.
    USC gets one half of uglies share of the money donated to colleges.
    Loyola High gets the other half of the money that is to go to ugly.


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