USC Morning Buzz: Do Transfers Appreciate Crosstown Rivalry?

One question going into the season was whether a team with 26 transfers would appreciate something like the Crosstown Rivalry?

“It’s another game to me,” USC QB Caleb Williams said. “I’ve been in other big rivalry games so far in my career, so I’m just treating it like another game.”

I suppose Williams is referring to last year’s Oklahoma-Texas and Oklahoma-Oklahoma State games.

The stakes are so high on Saturday that it should be easy for even the transfers to appreciate the Crosstown Rivalry.

From a coaching standpoint, Lincoln Riley might see it as an advantage. He wants the players to play as if it is another game so maybe the transfers will be less emotional at the Rose Bowl. Pete Carroll used to say USC won big games because it played to its normal level while opponents often played worse because they were too pumped up for the game.

From a purely historical perspective, however, it’s probaby safe to say some of the transfers aren’t too concerned about the rivalry, unless it will increase NIL opportunities.

  • Yesterday, I said UCLA was providing the few colorful quotes this week. Apparently, it’s a deliberate plan.

“One of the first things that we talked about as a group and as a team is focusing on us,” Williams said. “Not focusing on social media . . . with other teams, what they have to say, or what they’re doing or anything like that.”

That said, I’m sure USC is letting its players know about any incendiary quotes and I’ve heard players were made aware of the L.A. Times column predicting a UCLA victory.

  • Alex Grinch will be under the spotlight, as usual, Saturday, as he tries to get a four-quarter performance out of the USC defense

“It’s all hands on deck,” Grinch said. “You’ve got to make sure that if you’re not on a body in coverage, then you’ve got to go attack the quarterback. From a run-fit standpoint, we’ve got to win and not just be in your gap, but destroy blocks.

“Find ways to eliminate some plays (before you) even allow them to get started. If they get every play started, it’s very tough to play defense.” 


77 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Do Transfers Appreciate Crosstown Rivalry?

  1. Caleb W has been at USC less than a year and wasn’t around the rivalry growing up so it’s easy to see how he’s not caught up in it. Agree with the Carroll statement. It was easy to see in the opening plays that Oklahoma was overly jacked up vs USC in 2005.

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    1. Every USC player interviewed this week has talked about one thing —and it’s not the super-duper rivalry —- it’s “taking care of business.”

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  2. hi john,it doant matur if a poeple idenntufys as a boy ore a gurl,thay can uhpreesheate the saim things as evry wun els so thare aint no reezin to be haitin transfurs thay iz poeple like u end me,smdh

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    1. Perhaps the transfer lads are just confused these days about relationships with others. After all, they’re living in an era when it’s no longer certain that their brother’s not their mother.

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      1. Carol: “And what would be so wonderful about being sure?!!”


    2. I basically agree Ed. The only thing I would object to is guaranteed annual income for transfurs —like they’re doing in San Francisco.

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  3. How could you expect transfers to get it, when according to LJ’s story even Rodney Peete doesn’t get it.

    One for George:
    My vacuum broke yesterday, so I slapped a UCLA sticker on it…now it sucks again.

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    1. If USC makes it to Las Vegas, I hope you’re coming to the game. If so, let’s meet up! I can take you over to Little Darlings and show you some of the sweetest tits and beavers you will ever see.

      From there, we can go over to the UFC campus and get in the octagon and take care of business.


      1. Amazing that you don’t get it, Michael. You’re dealing with someone who quite obviously never grew up.

        Virtually everyone on this thread can see that. They stay away, so they don’t have to deal with the childish insults & threats. You’ve got to have serious psychological issues to suggest meeting up because someone posted something that made you cry. How sad & insecure someone must be to even think that’s what a “real man” does.

        His parents failed miserably.


      2. Dude, you’re a joke and I treat you accordingly…..I have zero problems engaging with others in this blog, you sound jealous. I have political and football opinions others may not agree with….that’s good!…it gives something to debate, along with some sprinkled-in spirited bantering…..a concept you fail to comprehend

        You’re one only one I treat like a child, your stupidity earned it. You should be thankful, I’m one of the very few who even responded to your drivel.

        You seem to be very threatened by the idea of us meeting up….what are you hiding?…. I never said there would be any violence…..OK! if Little DARLINGS doesn’t work, we can try some of the numerous breweries around town.

        PS…. why are you always butt-hurt over the dialogue between MG and me.


    2. Correction So Cal, when I said to Rodney Peete that “I hate ucla,” he replied, “Why?” is as So Cal puts it, “…doesn’t get it,” meaning doesn’t get the importance of the SC-sucla rivalry,
      You’re barking up the wrong tree picking on Peete with what he did to sucla in ’87 and ’88 especially

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      1. LJ…… as I have mentioned in numerous postings, slo cal often fails to comprehend the context of a given statement. Thanks for reaffirming my observation



      2. Not picking on him. Just saying that if he wasn’t into at as much as some of us are, no one should be surprised when a transfer isn’t.

        Hey, one I see the loved one of a murder victim extend forgiveness to the person who did it, I admit fully that person is a better person than I am. I couldn’t forgive someone who did that to a loved one of mine.

        Same here with manner in which many of us hate SUCLA. Rodney may just be a better person than some of us are. 😉

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      3. Now you’re trying to cover your ass…… made a fool out of yourself, once again!

        narcissistic tendencies!


      4. A bruin is a BEAR…dipshit…

        Let me educate you- “Bruin, (from Dutch for “brown”), is an English folk term for brown bear.”

        Another laughable comment from the blog dunce!


      5. Thank you, Captain Obvious.

        But no real Trojan nor fan thereof ever says “UCLA Bears”. It’s simple…Cal Bears, SUCLA BRUINS.

        Damn, you’re stupid. Thanks for proving it AGAIN!


      6. look at the senile troll, making shit up to deflect from his fragile ego and the crotch kick I just gave him.

        He’s butt-hurt that I called a “BRUIN” a bear, when that’s exactly what it is……pathetic!


      7. PS…. the mental midget seems to lack the intellectual capacity to see the irony….

        “bear” in place of bruin is showing disrespect…….Poor slo truly has comprehension issues….he proves it day after day


  4. Early in the season, many were “worried” how the new group of Trojans would respond to “adversity.” They did very well in Corvallis, earning a tough win versus a top 20 defense in a noisy (27,000 fan) environment.
    They did very well at Rice-Eccles–also a hostile environment–versus a top 15 O and D. The b-RUINS will be trash-talking. A team coached by the “unmentionable” was prone to taking the trash-talking to the next level and getting penalized. I don’t see Coach Riley’s teams (other than Baker Mayfield with the 50 yard line fiasco and the crotch grap fiasco) taking that BAIT.

    Riles. A professional’s professional. I like the guy.

    There will be gut-wrenching mistakes by the Trojans on Saturday–an ill-timed penalty, maybe illegal procedure also, maybe an ill-timed turnover (as if any T/O is well-timed), ill-timed Special Teams gaffe, etc. The difference for the Trojans is we now have a really smart, experienced Coach.

    Earlier in the week I predicted USC 45, UCLA 42, and a lot of anti-acids for all of us. “I’ll give my final answer after we know all the injury reports,” but I like my prediction. The computer gives USC a solid 60% chance for winning based on both teams performance in the first 10. Obviously, a Trojan win and I’m off to Vegas. Come on , LADS!!!!

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    1. A lot to digest, Bourbon. I’ve been listening to ALL the pundits this week [something I’ve never done before] …and I’ve heard the following observation 4 times: “If USC turns one takeaway into a TD, they win the shootout.” May I add the following proviso: “If we turn a takeaway into a TD….AND… don’t return the favor on the next series….. we win.”

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    2. When USC makes the PAC 12 championship game we all need to meet up in Vegas for some tailgating; before the game on Friday Dec 2nd. We all can talk shyt in person instead of on this blog. Scooter is invited too if he has the balls to show up.
      Fight on Caleb Williams for The Heisman; just like Carson Palmer did it lighting up UCLA and Notre Dame on national TV to win it. Trojans got a 5 game playoff to win it all. Starting with the ruins on Saturday at 5:00 pm. Notre Dame then the PAC 12 championship game. Let’s hope USC doesn’t get the hose Job and gets the invite to the final 4. Then
      2 more for it all. I like the USC Trojans chances. Fight on!✌️

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      1. That’s what’s nice about season tickets. I got ours for face. Contrary to what one fool said about having season tickets. Thanks to secondary markets, I can always sell the ones we can’t use due to social conflicts or illness.

        I almost always know who I’m sitting next to and reduce the risk of sitting next to some classless jerk, such as her. (Assuming my nearest seatmates don’t sell theirs online.)

        But ssssshhhhhh. She’s jealous of us for being able to attend every game.


      2. Lol so Cal I bought seats to get into the game doesn’t mean I’m staying there. I plan on, seat upgrading closer to the field when I get there. With some empty seats that some fan or website wasn’t able to sell or use. As long as I get in, I will figure where I will sit later. Who knows I might end up in the student section, done it a few times years ago. In the rain even!

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      3. Yes, that’s easy to do for 1 or 2. But when you have 4-6 tickets, a little tougher. We’ve gone back & forth over the years (on the number).

        Personally, I’d love to let them go. But I keep getting overruled. 😉


  5. If they started the season as transfers, then by this time of the year they are Trojans. The team has done a good job of getting players to develop who aren’t starters and they are relatively healthy, except for the injury to Dye. They can win that’s all we can ask of them. The players sound focused.

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  6. Just bought another Double Oak, Bourbon. I’ll pick it up in a bit, along with a Moet & Chandon Nectar Imperial for Saturday!!

    If, for some reason, Saturday turns out the wrong way, we’ll just keep it for NYE. 😉

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    1. Awwww, poor little Gabriela jealous again.

      There, there little one. Things will be OK. Don’t worry about China Joe being investigated. I’m sure he’ll pay off the right people and evidence will magically be lost or people set to testify suddenly decide to commit “suicide”.

      Or…you can keep crying like a little bitch.



        PS…..who in their right mind would be jealous of a senile diaper-wearing 90-year-old relic…..dude, your stupidity never ceases to amaze me….keep it up, it’s comical.


      2. Obviously you are, or else you wouldn’t have cried about it the way you did.

        Go ahead and lie AGAIN claiming you were laughing. Everyone else saw crying.


    2. By the way, if anyone is desperate for attention, it’s you…inserting yourself into a post that wasn’t addressed to you. You don’t speak for everyone, Dumbshit.

      Bourbon, Pasadena and one or two others, we do share what we’ll be using to toast to our victory. If you were even close to being a real Trojan, you’d get it.

      But you’re a whiny wannabe.


      1. Gaffe…good thing I wasn’t stupid enough think someone makes them on a daily basis due to dementia should be the leader of the free world. LMAO


      2. dude, deflecting from your stupidity doesn’t change or lessen your stupidity

        #BEAT-THE-BEARS……..(slo troll had no idea a bruin is a bear)


      1. So apparently you don’t have a problem with extended vote counts when Republicans end up winning?


      1. So tempted to try the Orphan Barrel. I’ve spent that much on Don Julio 1942 and Clase Azul, but never bourbon.

        BevMo is out of stock, but Total Wine appears to have some.

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  7. MG noted that SC is a 3-point favorite but would be 6-points on a neutral field, and I might add a possible 9-point favorite if played at the coliseum, all of which still leaves me worried about sucla

    And ‘boogs got it right with ‘Let the Pre-Playoffs Begin’ with the quarterfinals versus sucla, the semis with ND, and the Finals against Oregon or Utah

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    1. We absolutely respect the Bruins offense, LJ!

      I’m not prone to worry, but I am prone to hopefulness.
      I’ll be happy if the Trojans play their hearts out and leave it all on the field–as they did in Utah earlier.


  8. Further correction, Gabby, I was not picking on So Cal because it is a matter of opinion when judging people’s behavior


      1. Gabby,

        You are liked in this group. However, i will give you a piece of advice. U don’t have to take it and you can tell me to stick it, but it is for your own good. Your name calling to So Cal puts you in a losing position. So Cal comes with facts. Yes, I am a conservative, but I also read what each other are saying and So Cal states history and facts and you don’t. If you were to approach it the same way, then you would gain respect. Name calling sinks you. Stop that and just come in with cold and calculating facts. I think you would gain much respect if you did. Just my opinion and trying to help you.

        If you want, you can slam me but it won’t change the preception of you. Only you can change it.

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      2. PT….I have the up-most respect for your posting of all things related to USC, especially the football stuff. It refreshing to hear comments from someone who actually played the game.

        With that said, it’s obvious you’re a MAGat and suffer from confirmation-bias when it comes to “facts” vs “opinions”. Slo troll’s 24/7 voicing of his grievances is “his” opinions not facts. He lacks the skill set to carry on any civil debate, yet you’re quick to side with his drivel

        You took an ass whipping in 2018, 2020, and 2022 at the ballot box. Because your party has been stuck on blaming the right and the guy living in the WH. Plus, thinking women don’t need reproductive rights, and gun law reform is just a joke. You fools paid the price dearly in the 2022 midterms.

        If you want me to take you seriously regarding slo cal, then you can’t deflect all the blame on me. The guy has continued to engage in childish naming calling and a creepy weird vision of my 74-year-old mom lactating in my mouth….Would you be ok with him talking about one of your family members like that?

        Slo troll rants every day about his dislike for Biden and how he’s destroying the country….Actually, republican voters should be calling out their own elected politicians for not presenting any common sense ideas or policies to help remedy the shit you fools bitch about…take some responsibility for the GOP debacle

        Furthermore, I don’t appreciate someone calling me out for perceived lies because they don’t support political beliefs that differ from theirs. slo troll is a big boy and can hold his own and will be treated accordingly. Thank you for your general concerns


      3. Well stated, Pasadena and I would welcome that.

        Others have disagreed with me and I’ve never gotten into the gutter with them because they did so with facts and in a respectful manner. As we all know, you get what you give.

        Feeling the need to act like a child because I’ve shared what bottle I’m going to use to celebrate our victory over SUCLA?! Give me a break. Several of us have discussed this before.

        I’m willing to let it be water under the bridge. Only time will tell if he can be a grown up.


      4. Well, you tried PT, but as I suspected, he’s not a grown up.

        Continues to ignore the FACT that he’s the one who started dragging family into it and just as important ignores the FACT that many of our problems are the direct result of Joe reversing border and energy policies that were working and the best thing for our country! Not to mention believing that a guy who failed so miserably wih H1N1 claimed that he would do so much better with COVID, which he hasn’t. This, too, is a FACT not an opinion. But he’ll lie and claim otherwise, as usual.


      5. Also, PT, to your last point…

        He’ll continue to lie to himself about how he’s perceived on this blog. But the part of me that actually feels sorry for him appreciates your effort.


      6. Awesome post, PT!
        Guys like us are all about facts, like when you said the democraps stole the elections. Great “fact” by you!


      7. PT,
        I’d also like to thank you for chastising Gabby for name calling and praising me for coming with facts.
        Furthermore, I love how you were able to overlook me using the words
        His parents failed miserably, Dumbass, Damn, you’re stupid, she, Gabriela, little bitch, Dumbshit, her stupidity, and more in my back & forth with Gabby on this thread alone!
        Thank you for seeing things through your filter and then attempting to be the objective one.



        This must be the 10th time you have reached out thanking him for sending me some lame-ass rant…..I think your parents dropped you on your head one too many times….what else can it be?


      9. What else can it be? That you’re too dumb to realize that wasn’t me.

        I’m sure it was obvious to everyone else.


      10. Who is “everyone else”?….. you’re always claiming phantom people are supporting your behalf, senile……you made a gaffe, accept it….Joe is laughing at you again….he said his jaw is starting to hurt….I see why!


  9. Before their respective games last week, I’d have figured UCLA to be a 3-4 pt favorite this week. I know UCLA’s loss affected the spread but I’m still surprised we are favored.
    With that being said, I was in Vegas on Sunday & Monday and took SC -2.5 (along with Oregon -3 & Iowa + 2.5).
    Hope Chip has Bruins prepared as much as he did last week.

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  10. Scooter,

    Caleb has no idea what ugly is all about. The cussing, calling his mom a whore and a homo, kicking him when he is on the ground, they are pieces of feces. However, wait until he locks up with ND. That is not a game, that is war. It makes the texas-oklahoma game like a kiddy’s fight in the play pen. ND hates SC. SC hates ND, and they will play to kill, but there is respect between the two. There is no respect for ugly. They have never earned it.

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