UC Regents Delay Decision On UCLA To Big Ten Move

Did you get caught up in the anticipation of whether the UC Regents would do anything today regarding UCLA’s move to the Big Ten?

Well, Board Chair Richard Leib just announced a special meeting would be held Dec. 14 at 2 p.m. to finalize a decision on whether to approve or rescind the Bruins’ move to the Big Ten.


36 thoughts on “UC Regents Delay Decision On UCLA To Big Ten Move

  1. Looks like the UC Regents and suclas need more time to work out a compromise of some sort although I can’t imagine stopping the sucla move but negotiating some kind of money settlement to compensate for the UC loss of football revenue sucla was producing in recent years
    (probably not much)

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    1. LJ,

      There is a problem with what you wrote. You said revenue from sucla. Rreminder, those suns of bit#hes run in the red. They don’t make a profit. The Regents are trying to figure out how they can get rid of ugly faster.

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      1. I don’t know PT, while sucla was amassing those huge deficits it was still producing money that would have been allocated to Cal as part of the UC chain, similar to the U.S. being trillions in debt but still financing various programs

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      2. John —By “various programs” were you referring to unmonitored aid to foreign countries?


  2. I’m sure once the Gutties introduced them to their legal team they went scrambling for more time. “Remember that time a few years ago when we asked for help getting out of the red & you told us to eat shit?”

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  3. UCLA legal team to Richard Leib: “Could we delay any evaluation of what UCLA is worth until after our upcoming losses to USC & Cal?”


    1. UCLA Legal Team: Our value & brand is so low, some idiots actually refer to us as the “UCLA Bears”, not knowing any better!!


      1. Posted before I offered to back off on the name calling.

        Thanks again for playing the part of Switzerland, Pasadena.


  4. I’m starting to feel more confident about this game as the week progresses. Maybe it’s a false confidence. We’ll see. USC is rated #7 and UCLA #16. But there are two #1’s in this game. The #1 QB in the country and the #1 trash talker. I notice that the #1 trash talker is doing a lot of trash talking while the #1 QB is remaining quiet. Is Caleb keeping his mouth shut because he knows he can’t match DTR’s coming performance? I don’t think so! I think that he knows that he is the best. I think that he is preparing to show everyone who is #1. I think that he is quietly licking his chops.Sometimes when people are shouting the loudest, it’s because they lack confidence and sometimes when people are quiet as a church mouse it’s because they are quietly confident. Like I said, maybe I’m wrong but I’m starting to feel confident about this game.

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    1. With DTR having been at SUCLA for so long, you’d have thought he’d learn that. But then again, this is only the second year of the past five that they’ve had a winning record. So all he’s really had is trash talking. When you’re used to being a loser, shooting off your mouth (or fingers) is the best you’ve got.

      Gee, who does that remind of? LOL

      Beat the BRUINS!!


      1. Previous to Colorado, Caleb had 3 really good games. Colorado wasn’t bad but it wasn’t his best game. I think he’s due and I think he wants to show the world who is the best QB in the country. As Caleb goes, so goes USC and I think Caleb will have a great game. As I said, I’m starting to feel good about this game.

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    2. DTR a little better than #13 as a runner, a fair bit worse at tossing the ball than Caleb.

      DTR HAD issues with the INT, but this year has been masterful with protecting the ball. DTR has about 50 CFB starts over his 5 years.

      Here’s to hoping DTR gets greedy and our ball-hawking safeties pick his pocket.


      1. I don’t think that he is better as a runner. He’s just doesn’t choose to stay in the pocket like Caleb does but once he gets out of the pocket and starts to run and has to throw, I don’t think he throws that well on the run.

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  5. UC Irvine has a business arraignment with BAE Technologies. The agreement calls for any developments and revenue made using Irvine students or university equipment and/or property to be shared in a pre-determine revenue share. Striking down the UCLA deal means rescinding the Irvine agreements and thousands like that. Not gonna happen. The compensation issue is kinda weak leverage without blowing everything up.

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  6. Scooter,

    You should run a blog on: How much do you hate ucla. I will will start

    I hate ucla so much that I would have cheered for the Nazis over ugly
    I hate ucla so much, I wish I had a 20′ wide easement running down the middle of ugly and the rent would be $100 mil a year to use the easement.
    I hate ucla so much that when the water pipe broke on Sunset, I was hoping the ugly would have been washed away.
    I hate ucla so much, that I hope that the Rose Bowl kicks them out and they have to play at University High.
    I hate ucla so much, that their sports budget is $700 mil in the red.
    I hate ucla so much I hope they lose every game
    I hate ucla so much that i wish the ncaa would go back 60 years and strip ugly of the bball championships that they had bought.
    I hate ucla so much, they should put all the homeless right there. They are in the City of LA.


  7. Maybe if the board of reagents can retroactively remove the authority of the university president, they might have some say in the matter. The president of the school signed the documents and had the authority to do so at the time, so I doubt much will change. If the board of reagents were to interfere with the autonomy of Ucla, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the program disbanded. I know the woke politicians don’t want their teams playing teams from states which do not meet the state’s woke standard, but really this edict isn’t feasible. I expect much ado about nothing.


    1. Regents (x2) above I cannot believe my stubborn tablet changed it reagent after I fixed it. Those Kindle Fire tablets are a real pain. Thank goodness for my Iprobe er um IPhone


  8. SUCLA is going to have to pay at least 30 million or more for Regents to let them go to the Big. If I was SUCLA administration I would break up the payments over 3 years to reduce the debt. I believe they will let them go if the price is right. If I was Commish of PAC 12 I would add TCU Baylor San Diego St UNLV or Frenso St n Boise St if I couldn’t get TCU n Baylor. You would have Washington Oregon TCU Baylor Utah as the top PAC12 teams .


  9. It’s a weak ass scare tactic by the Board of Regents to shame UCLA to compensate Berkeley. Especially after that stupid FTX deal is now worthless. The problem is there is no legal reason to force UCLA to pay Cal-Stupid without a pre-existing contract in place. Since the contract to join the conference was started in 1929, it was the Pac 12’s fault for not realizing the danger of teams leaving without having some mechanism like grant of rights or mutual agreement to participate in all Pac 12 programming along with revenue share for infinity. The problem is Klivakoff thinks that stopping UCLA will also stop USC from leaving. That’s the word the board of Rejects are being told. Now they want the California cry syndicate know as the Legislature to stop the move. Beyond disgusting.

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    1. I sense the sole reason bel-air tech was included was to prevent the SEC from poaching them i.e. the LA market is a huge cash cow.

      Too bad Klivakoff couldn’t re-negotiate what Scott left the conference with, in time, to offset the enticement to depart.

      I do sense Bill Walton is right losing all the history we have. We’re going to regret this move as it would have been a seemingly automatic award every year being in the Pac12 once the slots are enlarged.

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      1. College football sold it’s soul to the devil along time ago. It’s too late to do the University of Chicago thing. Embrace the evil of it all. The love of money has become the root of all the evil in the sport.

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