USC Notes: It’s Rally Time

USC will hold its “Conquest” rally tonight at McCarthy Quad from 6:30-8 p.m.

This used to be the Bonfire rally but I don’t think there is a bonfire anymore. Times change.

A concert will be held from 8:30-11 p.m. after the rally but USC hasn’t revealed the band yet.

Whatever happens, it will be hard to surpass the 1980 rally which featured USC football players Hoby Brenner, James HunterRonnie LottKeith Van HorneDennis Smith and Speedy Hart.

  • Here are the finalists for Lombardi Award, signifying nation’s top offensive or defensive lineman:
  • Alabama LB Will Anderson Jr.
  • Georgia TE Brock Bowers
  • Georgia DT Jalen Carter
  • USC DT Tuli Tuipulotu
  • Here’s another example of Cal being Cal.

32 thoughts on “USC Notes: It’s Rally Time

  1. The Village Idiot asked if someone can run for President while behind bars. I suppose if they can tie the suspicious wires from China, Russia & Ukraine to the Big Guy, we’ll find out!


    1. Above was posted before I replied to Pasadena’s attempt at a peace treaty.

      I suppose I’ll still wonder about the second sentence. But retract the first sentence, in my effort to stop the name calling.

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  2. There was an article today where 2 NFL scouting experts said that ‘Celeb’ is not only better than the sucla slug but may be he best in the nation and how he might be the No. 1 pick after next year and that the sucla Mouth might catch on to some NFL team as a 3rd string QB

    Case closed

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      1. That’s terrible. So many Americans being poisoned-to-death by fentanyl coming over the border so Biden and democrats can get more voters. Biden and democrats have blood on their hands over this and defunding the police.

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  3. Scooter,

    It is time to get SC a pair of balls. When they don’t have a bon fire, they are a transgender, panty waist skirt wearing school. Don’t they have anyone on campus anymore more that are men or has the school and society castrated every single male? I can see it now. Sombody builds a big bon fire and flames are about 15 high. Here comes jimmy and Suzy. Jimmy screams with a loud shreik, “STOOOOOOPPPPPPP, your hurting the enviornment. Then Suzie with her deep and husky voice and with an Adams apple in her throat says in a dep voice,’ Stop you white exterismts, racist mother fu$kers. This world has gone to sh$t. Tell the enviornmental whackos and social justice warriors two words, SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTT”.

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  4. Way to go Tuli!

    Chip/Drevno (I know, not a great combo) will have a plan to slow Tuli down. A few sacks/TFL per game this Sat and next, and give Tuli the hardware!

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    1. Regarding the D-line, to edit Camus, “Fortunately there is Tuli, the sole glimmer in this darkness.” (Tuli substituted for gin.) And if Tuli has an off night against the Bruins, it will be Bombay Sapphire for me.

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    1. It was funny as hell watching that guy defend himself.

      “The driver of that truck had dreadlocks. I don’t (now) have dreadlocks.”


      41 year old North Dakota guy who ran over and killed that 18 year old kid is also going to defend himself.

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      1. Evil Genius! Actually, Evil Disinformer! This World is now legally liable as a publisher for the act of republishing!


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