If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

The USC-UCLA game is almost here and there’s a lot of great memories in this rivalry, so let’s get to some of them.

But first: The UCLA equipment students defeated USC equipment, 55-22, Thursday night in Westwood. The Daily Trojan hosts the Daily Bruin in the Blood Bowl tonight at the USC Village.

Jarett Sabol, a Class of 2025 catcher/outfielder from Aliso Niguel High School, committed to USC on Thursday night.

  • And now for some of that Crosstown Rivalry history:
  • The 1975 USC-UCLA game program featured Ricky Bell.
  • USC coach Jess Hill is carried aloft by his players after No. 3-ranked USC defeated No. 4-ranked UCLA, 14-12, before 96,869 at the Coliseum in 1952. The Trojans (10-1) scored first on a Jim Sears’ 65 yard run, taking a lateral from Al Carmichael as he was about to be tackled on a reverse.
  • The second USC TD was set up when the Bruins (8-1) had a pass from tailback Paul Cameron intercepted by Elmer Wilhoite and returned 72 yards to the UCLA 8-yard line, tackled by Cameron. Sears passed to Carmichael for the winning TD on a fourth-down play. UCLA led 12-7 at halftime. USC would lose at Notre Dame the following week and then go on to defeat Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl for the Pacific Coast Conference’s first win over the Big Ten.
  • In 1966, after USC reserve tailback Jim Lawrence gained 89 yards and scored a TD vs. Cal in his first start, someone left a cane on the doorstep of his fraternity.

A note was left with the cane that had the name of UCLA defensive back Mark Gustafson but Gustafson did not send it.

“I thought it was a pretty good joke,” Lawrence said. “I don’t think Gustafson really sent it. Football players don’t do things like that. Besides, he’s got Stanford to worry about (this week), not us.”

Said Gustafson: “It would be awful stupid for a football player to send something like that. It’s ridiculous. If it was reverse, I wouldn’t believe a USC player did it. I’m convinced it was sent by a prankster.”

  • Here’s a photo of Erik Affholter making “The Catch” over Marcus Turner in 1987.

Did he actually catch the controversial touchdown?

“I felt like I caught the ball but it bounced off (UCLA cornerback) Marcus Turner’s hands, off my shoulder pads and my face mask,” Affholter said.
“I secured it but I didn’t know where I was on the field. I didn’t know where the back of the end zone was.”

Affholter’s watched replays of the catch and says he goes back-and-forth trying to decide if he caught the ball.

“Watching it is like an optical illusion,” he said.

  • In 1941, six USC students stole the Victory Bell, which was given to UCLA by its alumni assn. in 1939 and part of an actual Southern Pacific Railroad locomotive.

The bell was hidden for the next year at various locations and UCLA students would sometimes raid the USC campus and fraternities to search for the bell. Pranks began to get out of hand and USC president Rufus B. von KleinSmid threatened to cancel the USC-UCLA game if this vandalism did not stop.

When UCLA students made threats to kidnap USC student body president Bob McKay, a cease fire was declared and USC returned the bell on the condition it be awarded to the winner for a year.

  • In 1958, UCLA students rented a helicopter and tried to drop 500 pounds of manure on Tommy Trojan. Some say it missed the target. Others say some of the manure blew back towards the people in the helicopter.
  • Also in 1958, two USC students planted a potential time bomb under a UCLA cheerleader platform as a “prank” at the Coliseum. The students said the bomb was harmless and would only produce smoke but police said it posed a danger.

The bomb was discovered by two small children who climbed under the platform and yanked the wires loose from an alarm clock. More than 50 USC students who belonged to the Trojan Knights were involved in the prank, according to a university investigation.

Police eventually declined to file charges against the two USC students. With all the security at today’s games, imagine the uproar if something similar happened today? The game might be canceled. Of course, sneaking into the Coliseum and planting a bomb was a lot easier in the 1950’s.

  • In 1989, USC students released thousands of crickets in UCLA’s Powell Library. As recently as 2016, dead crickets were reportedly still found in older books in the library.
  • Look at this glorious photo from 1977. USC: Everyone in white socks and black cleats. A uniform.

The Trojans trailed 10-0 but scored 26 straight points to take a 26-10 lead in the third quarter. UCLA QB Rick Bashore, playing with a broken rib and collapsed lung, then led three scoring drives to give UCLA a 27-26 lead with 2:51 to play.

Trojans quarterback Rob Hertel drove the Trojans to the UCLA 21-yard line and Frank Jordan kicked a 38-yard field goal with two seconds left, which prevented the Bruins, who had won five straight, from going to the Rose Bowl. USC won, 29-27.

Less remembered than the field goal is a controversial pass interference penalty that kept the winning drive alive. On third-and-10 at midfield with a minute left, Hertel threw a pass to WR Kevin Williams.

UCLA safety Johnny Lynn touched the ball but head linesman F.E. Conley ruled Lynn interfered with Williams.

“I was coming across the field and a guy was holding the back of the pads,” Williams said. “I didn’t think the referee saw it but fortunately he did. It was definitely pass interference.”

Lynn disagreed: “I didn’t think I touched him. I dove out in front of the ball and my right hand hit it. Then I hit the ground.”

UCLA QB Rick Bashore throws pass as USC’s Playboy All-American, Walt Underwood (95) attempt to deflect it in 1977 game at Coliseum.
  • Here is George Tirebiter, circa 1947, with the Trojan Knights at Tommy Trojan, which features a “Choke Bruin” sign.

USC coach Jeff Cravath enjoys a cigarette at the 1944 Crosstown Rivalry. The teams played twice that season because of World War II, opening and closing the season against each other.

Here is Cravath at the same game when the sideline featured wooden chairs and a desk for a telephone.

  • There are plenty of great photos of the USC-UCLA rivalry and this 1965 picture is a prime example.

Today is the 55th anniversary of the 1967 game, as No. 4-ranked USC defeated No. 1-ranked UCLA, 21-20. Here is Jimmy Gunn rushing UCLA QB Gary Beban.

Here is the end of O.J. Simpson’s 64-yard TD run. No. 22 is wide receiver Earl McCullough.


The opening scene of the 1956 film Nightfall is a must-watch for multiple reasons. There’s Hollywood Blvd. A newsstand with an amazing array of newspapers from across the country. A shot of Miceli’s Pizza House (one of our restaurants of the week and still the oldest Italian restauant in Hollywood).

But most of all for USC fans, the star of the film, Aldo Ray. He was the brother of USC left tackle Mario DaRe (1952-54). Aldo Ray was already famous when his brother played at USC but used to show up at Bovard Field for football practices and watch without fanfare. “He was a nice guy, who didn’t try to act like he was a Hollywood star,” said a USC official who saw Ray at the practices.

  • Here is Mario DaRe from his 1955 appearance on You Bet Your Life where host Groucho Marx cracks a joke about him playing for USC.


Did you know Dodger Stadium hosted a ski jumping competition in October, 1963 when an international ski show featured a 165-foot ski jump near the right-field pole.


88 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

    1. GT……instead of a “choke bruin” sign….. you need a big fat chain necklace all blinged-out with “choke bruin ” hanging from it….just like the rappers wear….sweet!

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  1. A great job today Scott on the SC -UCLA game. As a kid I remember the card stunts in each student section were wonderful to watch.

    GO TROJANS——-!! You must play your best game of the season tomorrow, and I think you will.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Hate to admit it, but that was one thing SUCLA was better at…card stunts.

      But of course they’ve usually had less of a reason to pay attention to what was going on on the field. 😉

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      1. hey slo troll, your hero from Yellowstone just gave you a crotch kick along with the middle finger up…

        Actor Kevin Costner said he was “OK” with losing fans over his political views, saying he “didn’t really care how the cookie crumbles” when he backed Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) earlier this year

        He wants to remind you, he doesn’t share your same political beliefs…..don’t be disappointed, you have Kari Lake


      2. Yes, I read that and it’s fine. Unlike the Left, some of us don’t feel the need to cancel people because they don’t believe in everything we do.

        And FYI, my Yellowstone favorite is Mo. Kayce is second.

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      3. slo cal: “some of us don’t feel the need to cancel people because they don’t believe in everything we do”

        I didn’t vote for the orange Cheeto, which is something you did twice. You have mentioned on over 100 occasions that I was “stupid”…”dumb”…..”laughed at” ….
        ….”crazy”….”unintelligent”…..”ignorant”….”foolish”…just to name a few of the words you used to describe my voting for Biden. If that’s not “cancel” then what the fuck is it?….help me out!

        You truly are a hypocrite and lack basic common sense….I guess being senile contributes also


      4. Deflecting again because you got caught in another lie and gaffe. PT is your buddy now because he gave you some support by letting you wear his jockstrap….feel proud!

        Dude, the jock goes between your legs, not around your head….I know you feel the aroma to be refreshing


      5. PT is not the only one who’s called you out for your childish behavior. A couple of others have. I don’t need to mention their names. They don’t need to have you hurling childish insults at them. Even Michael has, but does so in such an incredibly nice manner it flies right over your head. (not shocked)

        You get upset because I call you a “she”. Well, heck, I’ve met a half dozen Gabbys in my life and they were all women. Not to mention the fact that you personify that old joke about why there are so many female archaeologists. Because women love digging up the past! LMAO

        PT is no more “my buddy” now than he was before. But he has opened a door and I’m going to do my best to walk through it and let bygones be bygones. If you want to keep up with the name calling and personal attacks, knock yourself out.

        I’m not going to stop laughing when Joe makes the kind of mistakes people with dementia do. But I’m going to do my best to not insult people who voted for all of this. That was their prerogative.

        Have a great weekend and enjoy the game!


      6. Dude, you truly are senile and massively fail to comprehend context, which often flies”over your head”. So, deflecting from your shortcomings and blaming me for your stupidity is very “childish”….Please look in the mirror before you mock someone over perceived dementia(extremely rude and childish)

        It’s not my problem you lack the intellectual ability to carry on any form of a civil debate regarding politics….try taking ownership of your gaffes and quit pointing the finger….you’re displaying narcissistic tendencies….

        Also, this feud is between you and me, stop ducking undercover and trying to convince others for their support…….man-up!


      7. Let me ask you a really simple question- you claim that I’m a stalker, yet you go out of your way to respond to my so-called childish comments like clockwork, why?

        You’re just as guilty of the shit you bitch about!

        The fool who starts a fire and then runs around the corner only to reappear with a fire extinguisher….pathetic…….Joe is laughing at you!


      8. So Cal,

        So wrong. I remember one year the SC card stunt flipped off the ugly seciton. That is proof enough.


  2. I recall many a depressing New Year’s Day during the 1950s as my dad and I watched another West Coast team get massacred by a Big Ten team in the Rose Bowl,
    but the tide was turned in 1960 and 1961 when a one-eyed All-American Washington Husky quarterback Bob Schloredt beat Wisconsin 44-8 and then No.1 Minnesota 17-7
    paving the way for SC success throughout the 1960s and 1970s

    By the way, college linemen in 1960 compared to 2010 college players were astoundingly 110 pounds lighter and 5-inches shorter

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  3. Maestro Scottie, this one column makes up for the past year of nitpicking and bitterness. Well done, Laddie. It’s obvious how much work you devoted to it.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Gabby,

        I like to consider everyone on this board a friendly person that I would like to get along with except Just Rent. I will tolerate . But don’t take my kindness as a sign of weakness. I won’t tolerate it.


      2. Dude, respect is earned not given…it’s not my problem that you struggle with fact vs truth vs opinion….go educated yourself on the differences…..slo troll is a dunce, and why you coddle him is laughable…. If slo troll was a Biden supporter you would be calling his ass out……Your life is what you make of it, quit letting politics define it

        Take slo trolls advice, IF YOU DON’T LIKE MY COMMENTS DON’T READ THEM…..SIMPLE!…..I don’t want to be a dick about it!


  4. Tomorrow either SC or sucla’s championship hopes die
    And let’s face it, this is no gimme for either side
    If they played 10-games each side would win some
    And so it is at games-end one team will love the Rose Bowl
    while the other looks for a rosary bowl

    Hence, I’m getting my last lickings in while the going is good’–
    It is late November 2022 and SC football is Still-in-the-Running for the National Championship (“Georgia, Georgia, here I come”)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Is this a fact or opinion?…..since you can’t get your head around the difference between the two….

        Like you claiming trump lost the 2020 election based on election fraud as a “fact”
        and the fool says I need to seek help….toooo funnnny!


      2. The Wokesters would cry racism. We only did it cuz he’s black.

        Of course we’d know that we only did it cuz he’s a freaking stud and we’re glad he’s used up his eligibility!


      3. Please define “wokester”….. so we are on the same page when you refer to someone or something was being woke…thanks


    1. wow! another laughable comment from slo troll…

      The bonfires were discontinued out of respect for all the people killed in recent California wildfires…

      Once again, you failed to comprehend the “why”……o’wait the guy living in the WH signed a bill restricting bonfires…..go with that season, slo cal….


  5. Does anyone besides me hate to see the victory bell painted baby blue? If you are even remotely a railroad fan, you know that Southern Pacific’s paint scheme for the Pacific daylight train featured red paint. Although the bell most likely wasn’t on anything that glamorous, (they gave it to Ucla, don’t ya know) in baby blue, the closest thing to match was the Santa Fe Blue Goose.
    For this reason alone, besides all the city bragging rights and hatred, USC must win back the bell

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  6. I think we need to be honest with ourselves about USC this year. I know you can only beat the teams you have on your schedule. Our biggest win on our schedule is Oregon State. We have benefitted from playing an overall weak schedule until now. Next 2 or 3 weeks will be the real indicator of this team

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  7. I believe that 1952 game is the only game in the rivalry where both teams met while undefeated and untied. Spotless records.


    Liked by 3 people

    1. That was two years prior to the little gutties claiming their one and only football natty…..When they talk about it, they often fail to mention the fact it was only a 1/2 title shared with Ohio St.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Let me add some context…..The Bruins were not eligible to play in the Rose Bowl vs. Ohio State (ranked No. 1 in the AP Poll) because of the PCC’s “no repeat” rule, in effect for most of the decade, after Cal Bears lost a third straight Rose Bowl in January 1951.

        Since UCLA had played in the 1954 Rose Bowl, they were excluded from the 1955 event. The game likely would have made for a de facto national championship game.

        Because UCLA didn’t play the #1 ranked team, is their natty really legitimate….you can draw your own conclusion based on that fact

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    2. MY FAVORITE SC TEAM, FAVORITE GAME, and that ’53 ROSE BOWL to finish it off…I was 9 yrs old and was able to be there for all of it…a time I will never forget.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. IMO….Wolf’s sweet spot is his vast knowledge of the past restaurants and fast-food establishments throughout the greater LA area….The guy could write a best-seller (figuratively)

        Liked by 3 people

      2. Scott’s 2 Chapter Best Seller:
        -Chapter One—The Complete USC Social Scene 1960 -1999
        -Chapter Two —The Lives [& the Afterlives] of Haden & Swan

        Liked by 2 people

      3. MG…I think he just found a publisher who would turn this into a reality. I hear a picture is worth a thousand words….that’s a significant amount of imaginary dialogue….

        I always enjoy comments from you old farts related to the nostalgia from years gone past.

        Liked by 1 person

  8. UCLA national championship is legit because West Coast bias screwed them out of a full championship. Just like USC was screwed (twice!) by AP when they beat Alabama-in Birmingham!!! But the evil lords decided that Bama deserves the title in 1978. I won’t even mention the madness of 2003 with that fraudulent USAToday/ESPN coaches @##@%!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Their 1954 title will always be disputed because they never played the #1 ranked team…..Both teams can claim a title from various governing bodies….It’s highly questionable when you didn’t beat the #1 ranked team….IMO!

      Liked by 2 people

  9. Some transfers said that the hate and disdain in the SC-sucla rivalry exists because “..that’s what you’re supposed to do, you know,” and although it was suclas doing the talking I’m sure SC feels the same way

    Both sides’ Transfers are new to the L.A. Football ‘War,’ but their California teammates no doubt have instilled in them the century-old bitterness between the two that has been passed on through the generations since our grandfathers’ time

    However Wiley is the ‘general’ in charge here and he instinctively knows what McKay once said, “My wife is very emotional but she can’t play football” worth a darn, and so Wiles’ approach is that although “This game in some ways is going to feel different…it is a rivalry game, there’s a lot of history behind it. But past that, we’re zeroed in on what we believe is going to help us play well”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No worries. I can appreciate that a non-Trojan doesn’t understand that the two are not interchangeable, no matter what excuses they might make.

      Cal Bears
      SUCLA Bruins

      Have a GREAT evening!


      1. ONCE AGAIN, CALLING SOMEONE A NON-TROJAN BECAUSE THEY HAVE A DIFFERENT OPINION……if that’s not “cancel” speak then what is?….help me out


      2. All it means is no one who graduated from USC is saying “Beat the Bears!” this week. No one tailgating on the golf course tomorrow will be yelling “Beat the Bears!”

        But make up whatever you need to, in order to feel good about it. You know, the way you always do about everything else.


      3. slo cal….because this keeps flying over the head….let me clarify!….by using the word “bear” it’s a sign of disrespect….I know bruin is the correct name!

        Let me give another example, you often refer to me as a “she” when you know I’m a male……by using “she” it automatically signals a sign of disrespect!

        We all know you have a disdain for UCLA…..what better way to communicate your opinion than by showing disrespect

        I hope you comprehend


  10. I just had to mention this…it’s truly pathetic!

    The orange cheeto said at a recent MAGat rally- “I’m the victim”……LOL

    This twice-impeached con man continues to throw red meat at his shrinking base….I guess in hopes of donations spiking!


  11. Another virtuoso performance wolfman!! I’m not sure the Dummies realize they have the best Beat Writer in the Nation. Many in journalism agree if only you had gone to work as UCLA Beat Writer, you’d be in the Sportswriters HOF by now. Unfortunately you’ve been tainted by all the scandals at Southern Cal!!



      1. HOLD ON!…. I’m I conversing with Beavis or Butt-head?

        The voice might have changed, but the breath still smells the same!


      1. great to see LJ and MG still on here supporting the wolfman’s blog!! Most of the Classy Cadre have been re-deployed to missions for Honeland Security, but hopefully we can stir up a presence for tomorrow’s game.


        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh, LJ & I will be here, Edwardito! [But it’s true — a lot of Cadre alums have accepted high paying jobs shielding your unworthy namesake, Prince Edward of England, from subpoenas]……


      3. Obviously I’m not in game-shape, the website is messing with me, posting my email handle…..tomorrow should be a good game it will most likely go down to final possession. The Cadre will have undercover agents forming a perimeter around the wolfman to shield him against any radical SC fans who will resent his upcoming Bruin victory prediction.



  12. Bourbon/’67/Pasadena/Michael,

    I’ll be sipping the Double Oak during the game, celebrating with Moet if we win.

    But just in case things are looking really bad going into the 4th, I’m going to keep the absinthe handy in hopes that I’ll see the Green Fairy instead of an ugly loss. (Moulin Rouge)

    It still cracks me up that it was banned for about 100 years. Even 100 years ago people were looking for something to blame instead of admitting that true evil lives among us. Sometimes we can stop it. Sometimes we can’t.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve never had more than a couple at one time. They were enjoying it quite generously in Moulin Rouge. So tough to say.


      1. Howdy, Charles.
        I took the “Great” to be in response So Cal’s absinthe reference.
        May I rephrase, your honor? I may? Thank you.


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