The Friday USC-UCLA Column Supplement

Here are some game programs from the Crosstown Rivalry:

USC vs. UCLA, 1976

USC vs. UCLA, 1974

USC vs. UCLA, 1971

1967, USC vs. UCLA

1966, USC vs. UCLA

1963, USC vs. UCLA

USC vs. UCLA, 1960

USC vs. UCLA, 1951


18 thoughts on “The Friday USC-UCLA Column Supplement

    1. Clearly noticed her So Cal. Don’t think you could print that cheerleader today. And look at the woman in the blue dress with the UCLA pendent. Every man nightmare.

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      1. I noticed that program too. The Folt lookalike is his wife yelling at him for noticing the cheerleading. His hotdog is ready to pop. It’s the most phallic cover I’ve seen it looks like Mad magazine. I’m trying to figure out what other hidden meaning there might be

        Or maybe I’ll just laugh at it.


  1. I’ll never forget at the USC-Ucla1966 game when the ‘Helen of Troy’ female ‘crowned’ as Helen ( of course from W. 28th working on her Mrs. degree), was driven atop convertibles and began the drive around the Coliseum oval. All good in front of the USC side (north) but after clearing the closed end the Ucla fans began throwing all kinds of trash. The ‘knight’ chauffeur, swathed in his white tidy sweater and shorts, hit the gas pedal….said ‘queen’ flew on her back barely avoiding bouncing out on her ‘derrière’ … it was ‘gold’ and well deserved. What a visual commentary of the ‘grip’ the fratties and ‘sororos’ had then, and still do, and on that day it was priceless!

    Beat the brewies!


  2. FYI…..Tonight on the Bally Sports Network @ 7:30- Los Alamitos at Mater Dei, CIF Semifinal game. A few future Trojans will be participating….Should be a good watch. Enjoy!

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  3. Finally we are down to the last 24-hours countdown to the SC-sucla game
    With both teams having pretty much an equal chance of winning,
    such equality brings out the savagery in both camps to belittle the other,
    but will stop with the end-of-the-game’s reality quieting the loser for a year,
    Except if sucla loses it will be looking for another Sam Dickerson and Erick Aftholter moment to say they should have won

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  4. Erik Affholter is the correct spelling

    Anyway, another publication said that SC “has” to win this game (to keep their National Title hopes alive) whereas sucla “wants” to win the game (to keep their
    Pac-12 hopes alive). There is a difference

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    1. Yeah Lawyer John, like the difference betwixt reality and Clown U, rah-rah, delusion/fantasy.

      #UCLA mugs SUCC by a TD or more.


    2. THIS is their annual bowl game since they haven’t played in a ‘REAL’ Rose Bowl in….wait for it….25 years (1998) and haven’t won a ‘REA” Rose Bowl in 38 years (1985).

      Time to pump up the ‘peckerwood’


  5. The term ‘gallows humor’ originated I believe in the Middle Ages when hanging was common and the men waiting to be hung were caught laughing together. Why?– ‘Well, if you know you are about to die why not laugh it up’

    Tomorrow’s game is not quite of that magnitude but the outcome still unsettles me
    So my gallows humor is looking at that caricature above which possibly shows–
    Ton-o-Hel with his mouth wide open as usual trying to manage a game
    3-Sailors with goofy hats and a kid with binoculars staring down a buxom yell leader
    ‘Peanuts-Man’ based on a real life coliseum vendor for 20 years
    And finally poor Traveler looking as if he can’t wait for the next Traveler


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