The Daily Bruin defeated the Daily Trojan, 10-8, tonight in the annual Blood Bowl. The game was played at the USC Village.

Now is this a bad sign for USC?

Actually, the conventional wisdom over the decades is that whoever wins the Blood Bowl usually loses the actual game. We shall see.

One thing this game had in common with the real game? The points were awarded for TDs. So the Daily Bruin scored 10 TDs and Daily Trojan had eight. That might happen tomorrow.

  • Illinois defeated UCLA tonight in basketball, 79-70. But do tell me how much Mick Cronin and Andy Enfield really want that move to the Big Ten.
  • USC commit QB Malachi Nelson got hurt tonight vs. Mater Dei.

9 thoughts on “A USC-UCLA Omen?

  1. One question: Did USC score in the photo of player with outstretched arm?
    P. S.
    Hope USC gets the benefit of lots of questionable calls tomorrow. (1) Makes the game more fun to watch for Trojans and (2) more unbearable for bruins….


  2. I have no Idea of the actual injury to Nelson. But it has quite the familiar look to an Achilles tear or rupture. Hope not for his sake no matter who he was committed to. Those are nasty injuries and take a lot of surgery and rehab. Can be done back to 100% but takes a lot of work, heart and fortitude. I hope I’m wrong but I do wish him well no matter what the diagnosis is.

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  3. 52-0. Lose your senior qb. This game is ruthless. I hope the Trojans understand what it takes and plays a complete game as a unit.


      1. Me? I love them being ahead, celebrating as if a Ruin win is a foregone conclusion and then coming back and ripping their hearts out in the end!!

        The dejection in their faces is so much more pleasurable!!

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