My USC-UCLA Game Pick

Did you see everyone at the L.A. Times picked UCLA to win today?

That’s got to mean one thing: A USC victory.

On a more serious note, the USC coaches seem very confident for this game.

I see it more as one of those games where whoever has the last possession wins.

If I have to pick a winner, I’m going with Caleb Williams. And I’ve predicted this score since January, so I’m picking USC, 63-62.


33 thoughts on “My USC-UCLA Game Pick

  1. wolfman, you KNOW I love you like a long lost blood brother, and I am LOATHE to ever disagree with you, but I have to take issue with your pick, while I agree with you insofar as the points and final possession winning, I have to go with the Bruins.

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      1. Hey mg I’m an honest man that pays my debts and bets if I lose the bet I will get you at least $100 even if I have to swim it over there 🤣

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      2. T Bruins—
        I’m proud of you, man! Class act!
        But legally I have the power to forgive the debt….and I do!
        I’m just happy for the Trojans [and a bit sad for the bruins].


      1. So Cal —
        We might as well make it $100,000,000 ….


  2. Just watched the highlights of last year’s Oklahoma-Oklahoma St game that showed ‘Celeb’ fumbling near the end and making several poor passes so he didn’t show up for that rivalry game, but he looks more mature this year

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    1. Sugary Sweeeet jinx on Caleb, LJ!!!!

      Sending you two passes to the next Preferred Plus Night at Cadre HQ!!



      1. Unfortunately for the bruins, 3 interceptions and a fumble was too much to overcome …
        P. S.
        The Chip remark WAS over the top. He’s a great coach and a gentleman.


      2. Ooof! Agree our QB played a mediocre game, he can’t hit the deep ball which will prevent him from playing a down in NFL. Caleb is a NFL level QB clearly.
        But still I give Our team credit for being in great position tk take the game at end, but throwing into coverage over middle of field is usually a drive killer ugh he should have pumped faked and took off running. As the Cadre say: c’est la vie!!



    1. Rob Carillo is not little.

      A big fat loser eating Cheetos, naked on the sofa all by himself on a Saturday night. (As described by Ron White.) 😛


  3. Dorian whatever his last name is. The UCLA Quarterback bleeds powder Blue because he has a big mouth. He just choked up biggest season of his career losing to Arizona at home but he still decides to talk.
    I can’t wait to see his post game comments.

    Fight On!

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    1. Sam,
      DTR’s post game remarks: “I am quitting football. I need to concentrate on being a nicer, more loving & better person.”


      1. Yo Michael!
        Yeah, I mean you would think a sixth year veteran QB would know by now to just act like you’ve been here before and you don’t need to run your mouth after they defeated USC last season. Yet he thought it was a good idea to give his rivals some good bulletin board material. He seriously made the game that more dramatic in what became a classic that they lost and he probably hasn’t realized his behavior yet. He fought. They fought but he basically guaranteed a victory. I’ll have to send him a thank you card😀


    1. Petros is always clever & entertaining…. he’s also matured and softened…. but, deep down, he always wants every USC team to play like his team did….


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