Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m going to get an early start on the Friday column by posting a USC-Notre Dame photo from the 2000 game. It’s tailback Malaefou MacKenzie running for daylight vs. the Irish.

USC was only 5-7 that season but the game stil drew 81,342.

  • USC coach Lincoln Riley canceled his regular Thursday press conference today because of Thanksgiving.
  • Alex Grinch responded to CFP selection committee chairman Boo Corrigan saying that some committee members “wanted to see a little bit more from (USC’s defense).”

“From a criticism standpoint, Saturdays, that’s your resume. From a coaching standpoint, from a player standpoint, there’s no dodging it,” Grinch said. “We’re very honest in that and understand that the chief goal each week is to find a way to beat the opponent by one. Now, after that is to play at a high, high level defensively.”


30 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Who do we need to reach out to in order to get rid of the sideline towel wavers. It’s frigin embarrassing and clearly no one in the current program knows the history of the towel waving from across town. Regardless, it comes across as juvenile, fake enthusiasm and Pop Warner coaches don’t allow it. Having to watch these guys all season and embarrassingly defend their ‘role’ is 100% within our control to address and yet we’ve chosen to do nothing. It’s infuriating. This is not USC.

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    1. Happy Thanksgiving, Scott! You’re given a great many people the opportunity to come to this site and join together in one, happy family…..

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    1. Happy Thanksgiving, Ed, and to all. Thanks to “John” for maintaining this broken-down, blog – still the best place for USC football.

      There is no Joe to save the domers this year – no Joe Theisman nor Joe Montana. They can run, but they can’t throw.

      USC 31, Domers 20.

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  2. I remember that 2000 game for a couple of reasons. 1. Hackett’s last game. 2. I left at Halftime out of utter disgust. 3. I was able to park in the lot right behind the West End of the Stadium without having any Donor Status.


  3. I will be attending tomorrow’s game.

    I will be on lookout for Wolf.

    Anyone else here attending?

    Heard someone legendary is running out with team –
    Is it Marcus or Reggie?

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  4. And a thanks to Wolf who usually changes subjects as fast as a football turnover can change the course of a game because he let us all run our mouths a little bit in the last segment regarding Thanksgiving

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  5. Nice game Drew Peterson! Especially the two fouls and turnovers in overtime. 7 turnovers for the game and some vintage Enfield coaching and USC loses a game they had against a ranked team. Would have been a Quadrant 1 win and really, really would’ve helped their Tournament candidacy come March.

    Oh well, USC is never going to accomplish anything noteworthy with Enfield leading the charge. Having a bunch of NBA level big guys has masked Andy’s overall reverse imposter syndrome. I hope he gets salmonella and anal COVID.

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  6. I am repeating this but it is what worries me about Notre Dame–
    Much as SC football has a ‘hold’ on sucla with bruins knowing they usually lose to the Trojans in big games
    So does ND have a similar hold on SC having won more than they’ve lost to the Trojans except SC has pulled out some big games as well


    1. The players are kids and it’s entirely new coaching staff and on the football new Heritage Hall administrators. There’s no one with any real connection to the history of USC or USC guys around anymore. Frankly, it’s probably for the best. Everybody else has been to concerned with “USC” and trying to recreate the past instead of building something new. I mean, it’s exactly the same thing the Lakers have been trying to do since the death of Dr Buss. They’ve made the playoffs 3 times and the only series they’ve won were all the year the playoffs were in the bubble.

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  7. Why do you want the coach of your favorite university to develop a painful set of maladies? It’s basketball, early in the season.


  8. I feel good about this game, as I did about the UCLA game. If USC gets knocked out of the playoff race, I don’t think it will be by ND. We’re playing here not there and I don’t think that their defense can stop the SC offense. We beat UCLA and I really think the Bruins would beat ND.

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