A Post-Thanksgiving Recipe From Lincoln Riley

Wondering to make for friends and family? Lincoln Riley and family have the answer below: Holiday Breakfast Casserole!

Calling cinnamon rolls a “casserole” doesn’t really sound appealing to me but I’m not from Dimmit, Texas, like Caitlin Riley.

Go ahead and try it.


28 thoughts on “A Post-Thanksgiving Recipe From Lincoln Riley

  1. John, me ‘n Ed have had this delicious cassurol meeny tymes at r sundee brunchs with Lincoln ‘n missus Linc. Me ‘n Ed don’t think this wuld be too good for yer girlish figure so u best not purtake. Furget u evur saw it.

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      1. I heard that Charles White had something like 7% bodyfat [putting him in the superhuman category]. Whether that’s even possible or not, can you imagine what percentage of Chip is made up of fat? Is it possible Chip’s percentage is greater than Caitlin’s casserole?


      1. More proof that there is only one person on this blog who is universally known as the village idiot. He earns the title virtually every day.


    1. Actual advice on Mayo Clinic Blog:
      “A frequently asked question is ‘can overeating at ONE meal kill you?’ Technically the answer is yes. Excessive amounts of fat in a single meal can put the heart at risk for up to 48 hours.”

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  2. Low blow

    Never speak of another man’s wife disparagingly

    I’ve had other issues with your columns, but this is worth a response


    1. Hardly think he disparaged her in any way. Said it didn’t sound appealing to him, but here it is if you want to try it.

      I wouldn’t go to the trouble of making it. But I wouldn’t mind tasting it, if someone else did.


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    1. I had the same thought Charles that this is a down to earth family that any teenage boy would take a liking to and speaks to the value of being raised in a small town where people are probably more civil to each other than in a Los Angeles or New York, although her idea of breakfast would fall a little short of the recommended diet of having only fruit for breakfast and save the sugary stuff for later in the day if you have a craving for it

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  3. — Since Wolfie changes “posts” 3 or 4 times a day apparently in an understandable attempt to drive more money to his Blog– but what unfortunately gets lost are some well thought-out sports ideas and beyond but which get buried under a quick-to-the-trigger Scott Wolf

    Unanimously on the Scott Wolf Blog we salute you for the freedom you brought to
    each of us to freely say whatever the heck we want with no censorship. But my man your Blog is driven by the Posters so give them a chance to show their stuff

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    1. When Scott is really zipping along, John, I think it’s incumbent on us to re-publish “Time One” Comments in “Time Two” Columns….

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