Lincoln Riley Shows Recruiting Hand

So it turns out USC didn’t want defensive end Grant Buckey after all, which is why he switched his commitment to UCLA today.

It’s good to know Lincoln Riley changes his mind on recruits too. Clay Helton did it all the time.

My question would be why did you take Buckey in the first place? He was a three-star and most of his interest came from Pac-12 schools. That doesn’t sound like an impact recruit. But if you really liked him and thought he could develop, then keep him.

Like I said earlier today, I never got the whole celebration of the fanboy media when Buckey committed to USC. And of course, you can hear crickets from some of the fanboy media today after they made a big deal when Buckey committed. Typical.


13 thoughts on “Lincoln Riley Shows Recruiting Hand

  1. Wolf acts like this is such an uncommon occurrence. It happens to every school every season, someone gets bumped. We had a 3 star RB commit a while back but decommited when two 4 star backs committed. How does Wolf know what transpired, Did Wolf talk to LR and he told him he had changed his mind on the kid? Sometimes real bullshit flows from the blogger.


  2. My Missouri Senator #JoshHawley #StanfordGrad get in there and start throwing some punches! I don’t want to see you on #ShawnHannitty. That’s worthless!


  3. Obviously the kid didn’t like the competition at USC. Good luck to him !!
    We’ll see him in a couple of years and test him out!


  4. Great hard work by lincoln an d his staff this season!!!!1 the off ensive line was terrible verus utah jones got banged up from the lack of blocking!? one lineman out with injury ?and line fails miserably ???? the defensive backs are terrible cant tackle anything or anybody !! whos 21 ship him out !!!!! Addison you former pitt nucklehead stop catching punts on the five yard line!!!!!! great tackle by number 10 on that weirdo qb for utah !!!!! Regards , E ps number 7 of usc stinks cant tackle on defense you must tackle properly with the shoulder !!!???


  5. Hello, sports fans, well Riley s first season fine now hes open to criticism !well coach too many wide recievers And well short on line lineman one key injury and the line fails vs utah ????? Regards , E


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