USC Notes: The Transfer Portal Is Out Of Control

The transfer portal is going to be out of control.

Kedon Slovis is leaving Pitt. Julien Sirmon and Xavion Alford are leaving USC. Arizona WR Julian Singer, who caught 3 TDs vs. USC, is leaving. Oregon linebacker Justin Flowe is leaving. He was the five-star USC bent over backwards to recruit out of Upland.

Maybe of interest to USC: Cal LB Oluwafemi Oladejo is leaving. He had 91 tackles this season including 17 tackles against UCLA. Arizona State offensive lineman LaDarius Henderson is entering the transfer portal.

UPDATED: Oladejo has committed to UCLA.

  • USC opens as a 1-point favorite over Tulane according to BetOnline.
  • Wonder how many Louisville recruits decommit after coach Scott Satterfield defected to Cincinnati? The word in coaching circles is Louisville might be coming under NCAA scrutiny.

21 thoughts on “USC Notes: The Transfer Portal Is Out Of Control

  1. What Would U be Saying if UTAH Quarter back CAM Rising got INJURED and USC Winning 17 to 3 getting a turnover and having the Football… while Cam Rising is Injured can NOT notRun Move or throw the football properly….USC takes Full Control and Wins Easily…

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    1. Anybody who sez USC wasn’t on their way to winning that game before Caleb got injured is being dishonest — there was NO way Utah was gonna stop a healthy Caleb from scoring…and scoring…and scoring…

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      1. Am I the only one who thinks maybe Caleb doesn’t pop a hamstring if the game was played on natural grass instead field turf? Allegiant Stadium has the ability to switch out playing surfaces.

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    2. Perhaps painted fingernails provided inducement. The Utes must have misread the message to have “me” between “F—. . UTES.
      They obliged. 7 saaacks


      1. Chip is sporting a massive Woody to bust a Nutt in your mouth 😂😂 . And if you ask him politely to save some for your Anus, I’m sure he will, Dumb Azz 😂


  2. Wolf needs to enter the transfer portal….that dude has underperformed year after year…..I’m sure he dwells in transfer purgatory for a long time……who’s going to take a chance on him?


  3. Good for them. Goforth gone as well. The idea that the backup quarterback who never plays with the first string in a actual game can then come into a championship environment behind a crumbling offensive line and win against the best defense in the conference is too funny to believe, let alone to hear from you guys to even suggest. Moss is good, he ain’t that good.


    1. Riley: “Caleb less than 50%”…
      #Moss: 100%…


      1. btw — The thing that is “too funny to even suggest” happens to be the thing that Fink pulled off [against the same team and the same coach] not too long ago…


      2. You evaded my premise better than Caleb avoided responsibility against Utah. Not realistic, ask Dabo how that twitchy switchy with the QB works.

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