Ralen Goforth Enters Transfer Portal

Ralen Goforth, who was the No. 3 linebacker this season, has entered the transfer portal.

Goforth had 43 tackles and started three games this season. He will likely be most remembered for the hit that knocked the helmet off Cam Rising in the Pac-12 title game.

USC has three recruits coming so far at linebacker but it will be hitting the transfer portal hard for sure at linebacker with Goforth and Julien Simon transferring. USC added Eric Gentry and Shane Lee last year and both became starters.

The father of linebacker Raesjon Davis previously said he was staying.


34 thoughts on “Ralen Goforth Enters Transfer Portal

  1. Good luck Ralen!….I hope it works out for you with greener pasture!

    FYI…..not that he’s a hot commodity, but Shane Lee still has the 5th year of eligibility available due to covid

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  2. Scooter,

    Tomorrow at this time, we will see where SC is leaning towards. If Riley goes after more wr’s and neglect the lines and lbers, then SC will always be in troulbe on defense. If he goes after linemen and lbers, then SC can be a serious contender. Tomorrow is part of the answer.

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    1. At best, Lee signs on as a free agent, with a 20% chance of making a roster. There are D-linemen in THE league faster than him. His sideline-to-sideline pursuit is below average, and don’t get me going on his pass coverage

      I don’t know any honest NFL scout, who would tell him he’s ready for the NFL…. He definitely needs more development at the college level if he has aspirations of playing in the NFL…..IMO!!!!

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  3. Justin Flowe entered the transfer portal. And there is a Washington State LB visiting too. Could linebacker go from a position of weakness to a position of strength?

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    1. That should be Lincoln’s new Mantra, “From Weakness to Strength!”


      1. Come on mg you know its going to be 10 more WRs and RBs and a few DBs your boy Caleb will win the Heisman and probably sit out next season so he dosen’t get killed 😅

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    2. Speed speed speed……we have to get faster at the LB position. Gary Patterson often converted RBs and Safeties into LBs……because they had the SPEED…..something you can’t teach…..it’s a gift

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  4. USC needs to hire the DNC legal team that’s keeping all election fraud cases from being heard to force the NCAA to give all seniors who play for teams switching conferences 3 extra years of eligibility so as to “ensure they share in the joy of new scenery.”

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    1. “USC needs to hire the DNC legal team that’s keeping all election fraud cases from being heard…” THIS from an actual attorney. Because OF COURSE only Democrats control the courts. As Ed would say, SMDH.

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      1. There’s no such thing as dems or repubs [names to throw naive voters off the scent] —-there’s only the Global Property Party…

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      2. You’re sounding more and more like the candidate who said the laptop was “Russian Disinformation” during the Presidential debates….

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      3. Were you interested in viewing pictures of the male genitalia? I’m sure most were not. Some stuff is better left buried in a hard drive


      4. Especially any info on the shitload of compromised investments Joe & Hunter would love to —but can’t —-unload cuz they’ll have to pay capital gains on them…..

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