USC Morning Buzz: Upset Over Coach Of The Year?

I suppose some USC fans are upset Lincoln Riley did not win Pac-12 coach of the year.

Ultimately, it’s more important to win 11 games than an award.

But a question I have is whether people thought Riley outcoached anyone in USC’s toughest games?

I can’t say Riley outcoached Kyle Whittingham in either Utah game. Actually, I’d say Whittingham definitely did the better coaching job in the Pac-12 title game. In the first game, Riley didn’t call timeout with 1:39 left and Utah near the goal line. That left little time for USC to make a comeback.

And in USC’s narrow victory over Oregon State, it was a masterclass performance by Beavers defensive coordinator Trent Bray, who recently got a contract extension.

This is relevant going forward for two reasons: Oregon and Washington return to the schedule next season. The Big Ten looms in 2024.

So things should be tougher — at least from a schedule standpoint. And issues like clock management, etc., will loom larger than they did in 2022.

  • Remember Jake Smith? Probably not. He was the wide receiver who transferred to USC from Texas two years ago but never played because he was hurt. Smith was not at any school last season but Tuesday night he entered the transfer portal.
  • UNLV hired Arkansas defensive coordinator Barry Odom as its new coach. He is the brother of USC linebackers coach Brian Odom. Like I said before, I never heard anything substantial regarding Donte Williams and UNLV. Oh well.
  • Here are the Pac-12 first-and-second teams:

85 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Upset Over Coach Of The Year?

  1. Riley could go undefeated and you would still try to qualify that achievement. When does it end? Why does Whittingham deserve it when he lost to the most hated coach in the conference? I get it, Chip Kelly or DeBoer or even Karl Dorrell, right?

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    1. Did you see Biden at the Chip Factory? Is Brad Pitt getting too old for all these action parts?
      Off subject: We are losing two all Conference O-Line players for the Cotton Bowl —Vorhees and Neilon.

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      1. We still don’t know what the exact injury was or still is…..Is he holding out over fear of something jeopardizing his NFL stock?

        We need Sherlock Wolf to get some answers…..

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    1. Thank you, So Cal. Pearl Harbor is still an immensely sobering place to visit. So many brave young men lost.


      1. I had a friend of mine from St. Elizabeth grammar school have a dad that was at Pearl Harbor on this day 81 years ago. He was on a motor scooter when the nips, (Yeah, you read it right, Not politically correct) was strafing right behind him. He made a right hand turn while bullets went along the path the path. If he had stayed going straight, then my friend would have never been born. Turns out he is in the movies with John Wayne such as Red River, the submarine movie, and She Tide a Yellow Ribbon. His name is Mr. Ray Hyke.

        God Bless all the men and women that served at Pearl Harbor and in WW II.

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      2. Wow, even Michael Guarino didn’t like Pasadena Trojan’s comment and he likes just about every garbage comment put up here. That speaks volumes!
        I bet he’ll like my comment though.


    2. My father was 16 and half on the day Pearl Harbor happened. He enlisted in the Navy a few days later. My wife’s father also enlisted in the Army at about the same time. My dad got malaria and my wife’s dad had a piece of shrapnel in his skull. That day changed the trajectory of our parent’s lives in ways we cannot imagine. My mother’s father was shipped to Norton AFB (army air corps) My wife’s mom was sent inland to her grandparents home to get away from the east coast. Without the changes brought about by that surprise attack, I would not have been born, as is the same for my wife.

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      1. Ghost of Me.,

        My dad signed in with the Army Air Corp during WWII. He missed the Battle of Buldge by two weeks. He was sent to Fairbanks Alaska instead. He said he lost a lot of his friends at the Buldge. God was looking out for him.

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    1. Oregon State and Washington State are plenty tough. And well coached. Beating them was an accomplishment.


    1. You fucking racist sack of shit…..why talk this way?…… The constant racist comments you post are fucking unnecessary….. Go to Truth Social and let cut loose… might get some respect for your low-life comments…..

      The troubling part, you feel proud about it….Shameful!


      1. Gabby, Inquistive One, and Goose talk to me,

        You have not a clue what I am like. Reminder, they spoke like that back in the 40’s. I was referring to it in a 40’s style. Now as for me, I like the Japanese. Classmates of mine in high school were Japanese. They can be gracious and kind people. Yamaoto who studied I think at Harvard knew he had to knock out the US before he went into China, Siberia, Mayalaysai, Siam or Thailand and India in order to succeed. The Japanese dipolmats informed the US in Washington DC 10 minutes before the bombing started. People say Rosevelt knew of the attack and he did not do a thing about it. Japanese bring a sense of discpline, respect, honor, graciousness, giving, and we can learn from that. The Catholic faith started to take off in the 16th century but the heads of Japan did not want Christianity to spread because it was taking off. So they killed many Catholics. There are many Japanese saints from this. Also, there were 8 Jesuit priests in Hirashimo. They were devoted to Our Dear Lady and would say the rosary constantly. The atom bomb went off a block or a mile away from their house. By Our Dear Lady’s protection, none were hurt and none contracted cancer. One priest, Fr. Arrupe became the head Jesuit and ran the Jesuit order. Japane gave thee Angels Ohtani, and Godzilla which is another good reason to like Japan. Yes I do like Japan, its people, food, culture, and the way they treat people

        So to say that I am a racist, especially you Gabby, go fornicate yourself and the horse you rode on.


      2. Three of us called you out for what was said. Instead of being contrite about the situation you go on some rant justifying the use of a racial slur…..Where is your moral compress?

        If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit!

        Your penance: 5 Our Fathers and 5 Hail Marys……LOL!

        (“fornicate yourself”…..that’s a good one)



      3. Inner Gabby: God, how I hate all of those US Vets. Sure they fought for freedom, but I prefer repressive regimes—it cuts down on having to think and thus cuts into the intelligent person’s edge over me. Just remember the key to any argument is to call the other person a racist. Hehehe.


      4. Inner Gabby: Oh, creepers!! I just agreed with myself that I am idiot. I wonder in anyone noticed. Maybe they will think I am just joking. Oh, fiddlesticks.


      5. Inner Gabby: Buttercup! I like it. I am such a clever sweetums! Why, I can just give myself a great big kiss! Smooch!!


      6. I see you have yet to register at Gabby’s fan club……You’ll receive a BOGO in your inbox for trump’s new ‘industrial strength Depends”…….


      7. To myself: now don’t you get sassy with me, Miss Gabby. …oh, yoohoo, yoohoo, young man come on over for a good time!


    1. Not sure how many here lost any sleep thinking about who was going to be coach of the year. I think we would all welcome some Inside USC information regarding portal targets we may be pursuing.

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      1. USC —unlike all the rest of the top football powers — is really keeping mum on who they’re pursuing. Lots of article on who Texas, Notre Dame, Oklahoma are going after —nothing on USC.
        Off subject —poor Clay Helton is at it again. He’s calling the Camellia Bowl one of the most prestigious in sports and predicts the game (with sad & inept Buffalo) will be one of the most exciting of the year [right after the Sun Bowl with Chip’s UCLA and a Pitt team that’s falling apart with transfer rumors]…..


    1. He was a co-winner for 9th year in a row…


  2. I looked earlier and there were 12 and 20 in the Alabama and Texas A&M transfer portals. Deion Sanders is going to clean up. USC needs to continue their push.

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    1. We need all we can get, George…





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    1. Bullshit TIREBUMMER, and still zero excuse for Japanese-American Interment camps that SUCC greatly supported by expelling J-A students. Then after the war bozo U refused to reinstate those students expelled or issue copies of their USC transcripts so they could finish their interrupted education’s elsewhere w/o hassle. How many Jr’s and Sr’s J/A’s had to start over at other Universities as Freshmen?

      FYI AH, what was the most decorated unit in WWII?: Why the Nisei 442nd Regimental Combat Team. I lived next store to a Nisei soldier who contracted TB crawling up the spine of Italy, while Johnny “F**king” Wayne played soldier on a Burbank studio lot and guard the B.I. bridge, or Major Ronnie Reagan, who made VD movies and flew Paper Mache, movie airplanes in make believe dogfights.

      Tom used to read the Sunday funnies to me and his daughter Jeanne. Tom was the gentlest man I’ve ever known.

      F**k You TIRESHIT. In thousand years, the USA will still not be able to erase the ugly stain of the J-A Interment Camps.

      #Seil Heil AH.


      1. Quite a litany —but nothing compares to the brain damage caused by UCLA every day of the school year….
        …which is why…
        ….many are calling for new, crueler internment camps for anyone placing UCLA on their resume…
        [By the way —today’s a good day to go on YouTube & see the dogfight scene in “Pearl Harbor”]…..


    2. Yamamoto screwed up. After Pearl, he should have kept on going. Realistically, all he needed was Seattle, San Francisco, L.A., and San Diego. His supply lines would be thin unless Mexico would have helped Japan. He could have used the military plants in Burbank and near LAX to build guns, maybe planes and tanks or just use the planes that were already built. Reminder there were alot of Japanese Officers that studied in the US and they were proficent in English.


      1. No he didn’t PT. He was the one who that stated something like “we (the Japanese) have awakened a sleeping giant.” He understood that the Pearl Harbor attack was a huge, Japanese War Party mistake.

        As for the Japanese Task force moving on to the West Coast, I direct your attention to the saga of Hannibal’s failed Roman invasion. I don’t see the successful Japanese penetration of Wash’ing’s and Oregon’s dense forests or California’s vast eastern mountain range and deserts.

        Oddly enough, Admiral Yamamoto’s died when his staff airplane was shot down by US pilots. I’m pretty sure Yamamoto reluctantly followed orders to attack Pearl Harbor, because it did awaken a sleeping giant.


      2. Just Owns,

        I want to respond to what you wrote. Previsously, I had state that Yamamoto studied at Harvard or Yale in the US. He knew how Americans could be, independent and yet with innovation they could do most anything. When he first planned the invasion of most Asia, he knew he had to knock the Americans out of the war or cripple them so much that they would not have the heart to fight. He attacked and then he saw what happend and how fast American responded to the attack. That is when he said he woke up a sleeping giant. Also, all he had to do was stay in those cities. There was no need to go further east unless he needed food supplies like meat or produce. I think at first, he thought it was the right decision, however, after Midway and how the Americans broke the Japanese code, the knew he was screwed. Another problem the Japanese had was that they only had the Japanese Zero. They did not design a newer plane. Evenutally the Americans developed the P-51 Mustang and it could out fly the Zero.

        Just Owns, within a week we have agreed on a couple of things. This does not mean that we will be taking warm showers together. From Hear Break Ridge with Clint Eastwood.

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    3. OWNS




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      1. Gee TIREBUMMER, WM. R. HEARST had an American ship blown up in a Havana Harbor precipitating the Spanish-American War.

        Today, Yellow Journalism and outright lies are more prevalent than actual truth in newspapers and TV media….I.E. Fox F**k News.

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    1. …Weighing NIL bids? ….


  4. Riley is fine. It is Grinch that is the problem.

    If you wanted the same results then Riley should have hired Orlando or Pendergast.


  5. Riley as head coach at USC really only did one thing – bring over Caleb – that has proven very successful so far. I think as a head coach both of those coaches have out-coached him.

    USC should be pulling in the best recruits and transfers and building a powerhouse, but it is not yet. We are so dependent upon Superman. Let’s see Miller Moss play the whole bowl game and see the results.

    Expectations at USC are so high because being USC has so many advantages. I would rate Riley as a really good OC, but not yet a great HC. In order to be a great HC, he needs to get a great defense on the field and I dont think he has done that at OK or USC.


  6. Kyle Whittingham is a great coach……….One of the best in the country. I still say SC would have won that game had Caleb not gotten hurt. I also think that they would have won the first game without “a little help from our friends”(the officials). Call that sour grapes if you want. I don’t care.

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      1. I would seriously think about getting a new DC right now. If Grench’s defenses had been consistently in the top 10 or top 20 and then one year his defense finished 102nd like ours did this year, then yeah, I would certainly bring him back.
        But that is not his record. He has had about one outstanding year when his defense was around 20th in the nation(at Wshington State) and the other years have not been good at all and this year was terrible. I really think that if we had a top 20 defense this year we would have won the national championship and I’m afraid that will happen again next year.
        That is sort of a hard way of looking at things but these guys are not making $7.50 an hour. They are being paid a million dollars. There has to be accountabiity.l

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