An Under-The-Radar Football Development

When Mater Dei coach Bruce Rollinson announced this was his final season, some people immediately mentioned former USC offensive lineman Lenny Vandermade as a top candidate to replace him.

Vandermade went to Mater Dei and has spent more than 10 years as a member of the USC football support staff. He was an offensive analyst for Lincoln Riley. But I didn’t notice him during the season so I checked around.

Sources tell me Vandermade was fired because of a recruiting violation that occurred during a dead period. My first thought was this a severe punishment. But USC’s been pretty stringent on following the rules since the NCAA sanctions.

  • USC has offered Tulsa defensive lineman Anthony Goodlow. He made 44 tackles this past season.

48 thoughts on “An Under-The-Radar Football Development

  1. hi john,me and missus ed wunna send a thanck u carred to the futboll playur studince fir geting brane damidje this yeer so thay cud intertane us at the gaims,ware can we send r kwissmiss carred to,thanx a lot

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      1. GT and Michael,

        I watched Mass on Youtube in the morning.for the Fezst of the Immcaulate Concpetion. Techincally the Church allows Youtube to count due to Covid. Does that count though? Let me know. Thank you. Besides, GT, you have to attend Mass on the day of the day and not 12 AM the next day. . .

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      2. PT…. listening to the children sing at midnight mass would bring joy to your soul….It’s been many years since for me…. This year I might renew an old tradition

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      1. Gabby,

        We are talking about the Mass from yesterday. For Christmas, I will attend Masas at 4 P.M. on Christmas Eve and listen to the children sing. I have only missed one Christmas Mass and that was due to surgery that I had on DEc 24. To this day I feel horrible for missing it. Chirst understands that I had wanted to be there though but i couldn’t .

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      2. For our family, through the decades it was a treat to attain Christmas midnight Mass. I recall singing in many of them growing up as a student at the local Catholic school. St Mary of the Assumption.


  2. SC is almost tyrranical when it comes to their rules. I’m not making a value judgement on whether that is good or bad. Just making a statement. How many players have we lost because they were accused of something which nobody ever proved to be true. Most other universities are not that strick. Jay Goia, who left SC for UCLA, was involved in an incident where he threatened a bunch of people in an elevator. He played the whole season. No discipline. Had that happened at SC, he would have been kicked out of school.

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      1. The kicker(whatever his name was) was 3 units away from graduating from SC when they kicked him out for abusing his girlfriend even though his girlfriend said it didn’t happen and she sued SC.

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      2. Gabby,

        I know of two Assumption Parishes, one in East L.A. across the street from El Tepyeac’s on Evergreen and the one in Pasadena? If you are referring to the one in Pasadena, I was married there, have attended many Masses funerals, weddings, and functions. I was at Mass there last Sunday.I miss Fr. Moretti and Fr. O’Brianan, and like Fr. Mike. Let me know which one and waht city are you referring to. Yes, I have attended Midnagith Mass at Assumption in Pasadena. ,

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      3. Saint Mary Parish in Santa Barbara county. Also where I cut my teeth as an altar boy. I think what inspired me to be an altar boy was the times I got to miss class to aid the Priests


    1. What load of bozo BS OO7.

      Remember when SUCC’s Chad “Wheelie” Wheeler went berserk in public and cops had to bean bag him to subdue and arrest him? Chad started the next weekend after a one push up punishment.

      Then, of course OO7, there was the Josh “What a bozo hero” Shaw who saved his nephew from drowning after Shaw mugged his girl friend. As I recall, he received zero SUCC punishment and didn’t miss a bozo FB start.

      Hell, SUCC even named a new student apt. complex after OJ’s low speed chase driver….WTF!

      #etc, etc, etc.


      1. Owns
        Shaw missed the whole season because of that(except the bowl game in December or January). He didn’t beat up his girl friend. They had a loud yelling argument. The Wheeler incident happened when he was 27 years old and playing with the New York Giants. Get your facts straight.


    1. According to wolf, USC football is a national brand that recruits itself……Email wolf your concerns. He has all the “inside info”


    1. I’m GONNA WATCH



  3. Caleb is Walter Camp POY and First team all American, but doesn’t win QB of the year, Davey O’ Brian……. head scratcher!


  4. Memo to: Commie Lush

    Is it true, Coach McKay’s nickname was Otis?

    The Fireball Twins: St. Pat and Sark.

    #трахни свою мать


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