USC Morning Buzz: Big Honor For Caleb Williams

USC QB Caleb Williams was named the Associated Press college football player of the year, the first Trojan to win the award since Reggie Bush in 2005.

Williams received 32 of the 46 first-place votes and 117 total points from AP Top 25 poll voters to win the award. He finished ahead of TCU quarterback Max Duggan, who came in second with six first-place votes and 64 points.

Ohio State quarterback C.J. Stroud was third; Tennessee’s Hendon Hooker fourth and Georgia’s Stetson Bennett fifth.

  • USC defensive lineman Kobe Pepe has entered the transfer portal. Pepe played in just three games during his three-year career.

35 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Big Honor For Caleb Williams

  1. Hope this is a good omen. [Awful lot of anti-Caleb crap on the boards — and none of it is about his quality of play —all about naughty tweets and naughty words on his fingernails]…

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    1. I was thinking I might put F… ucla on nails but using scotch tape,then I could switch to ND the following week…but I am not 19 any more.


  2. It is done deal.

    CONGRATULATIONS Caleb on winning the Heisman Trophy.

    Well deserved and thanks for bringing USC back from the depths of 4 and 8 and removing the stench of Haden, Nakias, Swan and Helton.

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  3. Heisman should judge him on what he produced over a season of plan, not on his manicure. I didn’t care for it personally, but it doesn’t take away what he produced.

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      1. An update would be nice…..

        All I hear, without Caleb, we will not win this game…….They have no idea of our secret weapon, Miller Moss!


  4. Caleb is the player of the year, despite averaging around a B+ on Wolf’s weekly scorecard. First USC player since 2005 – well done, sir!


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      1. Wolf was actually upset an official didn’t call a penalty on Bush for aiding a runner.

        Not sure if you recall, but Wolf has a picture he often posted of himself sitting in the stands about 10 rows up to the left, of Bush pushing Leinhart into the endzone.

        It has taken by someone from the national media. If my memory serves me correctly, it was used in the SI magazine……Correct if you know more about it!

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      2. Gabby —
        I took that photo [which I will always treasure]. Scott & I spent that weekend in South Bend together.

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  5. ’67

    Awesome comment as always.

    I mentioned a while back in the glory days of PC, Wolf never gave USC straight A’s. He probably would have found fault with the 71 to 72 Lakers,
    72 Dolphins or my Berkshire Hathaway stock purchased 30 years ago.

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    1. Just cuz our defenders were out of position and arm tackled and ran into each other and dropped sure interceptions doesn’t mean Grinch is a bad person…..

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  6. Sc’s top priority, get it back to the decimating defense of the 70’s. They just took away the will from the opposing team. They suffocated and played with the offense by pulling their will out of the offense and then squeezing the life out of them. You could hav bet the house mortgage on them and win back in the day.

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    1. You can still bet the house mortgage on our defense, Pasadena…


  7. I can’t see him not winning the Heisman. Those kind of awards are great for school recruiting, especially when you are trying to bring in QB’s.


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