It’s Heisman Friday

One of the under-the-radar things about the Heisman Trophy weekend is the day before the actual event.

The players invited get to hang out together in Manhattan all day (and night) without much fanfare and or the formal atmosphere of Saturday’s schedule.

When USC was at its peak during the Carroll era, one Trojan player brought a groupie along who was so strange looking he got stopped at the ESPN Zone, who didn’t believe he could be with the Heisman candidates.

By the way, I’m not allowed to reveal my Heisman vote until after the ceremony Saturday. It’s a requirement of all Heisman voters.

Max Duggan, Caleb Williams, C.J. Stroud and Stetson Bennett in New York City on Friday.


38 thoughts on “It’s Heisman Friday

      1. MG….This reminds me of back in the day when wolf had a weekly vote in one of the national football polls. He was called out by the national media for being the only pollster not to vote USC #1

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      2. I forgot about that, Gabby. Every week Scott voted USC 7 or 8 slots lower than everybody else.

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  1. I’d be shocked if Scottie 2 snarky voted for Caleb at 1st place. He probably put Max, CJ and Stetson ahead of Caleb. Stop being a hater Wolfie and give Caleb his due!!

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      1. If Williams sits out the Cotton Bowl because of this hamstring injury, sure would have been nice if he was staying in LA to rehab and not tromping all over NYC with a bum leg.


      1. I was in NYC this past May. My youngest daughter was playing in a National soccer event in Somerset, NJ.

        Have you had the chance to visit the 9/11 Memorial Reflecting pools? A very powerful experience I will never forget.

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      2. Yes, I do.
        I took my daughter to Comic Relief in Berkeley …and in strode “naked guy”….. he was allowed to roam free on Telegraph for 2 or 3 years …. another Bay Area oddity for my Pal, Cal 75, to point to with pride….


    1. Scott just got 30 hits by saying “It’s Heisman Friday.”
      He’ll get 30 more today by saying “Its Heisman Saturday.”


      1. MG – nothing beats that post a couple of years when Wolf was MIA for a month or so- you singlehandedly kept the blog going. How many replies were there, over 2500?

        FYI – did anyone see DeAnthony Melton have career game against Lakers last night. Wow, he was a talent. What a shame he could never play for USC.

        Happy Heisman Saturday to All!!

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      2. Thanks, Y.D! GT and 67 sure pitched in on those #’s!
        [I think we were all relieved when Scott turned up again]!
        Yep. Saw the game. Wow! Poor Lakers.


  2. If Williams sits out the Cotton Bowl because of this hamstring injury, sure would have been nice if he was staying in LA to rehab and not tromping all over NYC with a bum leg.

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    1. Something tells me the injury might be about as minor a hamstring as you can get —I think they refer to it as first degree —enough to keep you out of a game but not enough to keep you out of the next game if you have a bye in between….


    2. BigMac,

      You can walk on a hamstring injury but to extend it like running just really hurts and the injury starts all over. I pulled my hamstring once and I was able to walk but not run on it. My opinion. I am not a dr.

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