USC Saturday Buzz: A Lot To Replace Up Front?

I’m not in agreement with this Pro Football Focus All-Pac-12 team, especially on the offensive line. The actual Pac-12 coaches only selected USC guard Andrew Vorhees for its first team.

But if you agree with PFF, then USC has a lot to replace on the offensive line next season. It was a great excuse for the Utah game, that USC didn’t have Vorhees and lost Brett Neilon late but some wise use of the transfer portal can address this adequately.


51 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: A Lot To Replace Up Front?

  1. Why are you always unnecessarily maligning USC? Is it due to a feeling of inadequacy in your own life? Did someone hurt you and you have not recovered? I know that you would say that you are just a “realist” but I would say you are a pessimist. How about trying to be a realist with a bent toward optimism?

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    1. Yeah he’s overly negative but he’s right a lot. Also if your claim is people should be more positive your post doesn’t align. Maybe you should be more positive and lead by example. I believe in you.

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    2. Damn Kenneth, I guess the bozo choka, choka, choke job in Vegas vs Utah wasn’t real enough for you. I mean of last 51 points in the game, 44 were scored by Utah….not real enough for you?

      How about the bozos now head to the Cotton Picker/Picking Bowl instead of the CFP the Clown U rah-rah’s had arrogantly prognosticated. Not real enough?

      Kenny old stick, as usual, the bozo’s are still “Shocking the World.”

      Don’t worry though Kenneth, next year bozo FB will be overrated again, and Wolf will be vilified for calling it absolute BS.

      #Happy Holidays in you cups.


      1. Rents just received his “40-year pin” and maxed out his pension as a loyal Mickey D’ employee!….. He’s extremely proud of the accomplishment.

        I heard he was gifted a “Golden mop”

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    3. I am a combat Marine Vet and spent 20 years on Wall Street. If you think Wolfies is too negative then I think you need to grow some balls!


      1. Hey Scott Wolf did you hear about the new form of ED medicine they have out? Instead of pill or tablet form, this is in a nasal form. You inhale it up your nose! It’s for real dick heads like you!
        You should be absolutely in awe that USC has that many members on the all PAC 12 team. With the how many players we’re replaced from from the portal this season. After going 4-8 and a clueless bald one ass head coach, with Clay Helton last year. I guess you like bald headed losers such as yourself.


  2. Earth to wolf, earth to wolf!… one cares what your opinion is regarding the PFF’s All-Pac 12 team. (lame!)

    Here’s a concept, try posting some truly “Inside USC” info. Instead of repeated unnecessary pettiness.

    Have your source(Pac-12 coach…too funny!)) get us an update on Caleb’s injury. The donuts can wait!

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    1. Gabby —we won’t really know anything about Caleb’s injury until the Cotton Bowl. If he plays, it wasn’t that serious. If he doesn’t, it was.

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      1. That’s the frustrating part, and Riley never gives any progress/updates on injuries.

        The betting line indicates USC will be limited and not motivated…..I want to end the season on a positive note with some momentum heading into the off-season….

        A Cotton Bowl win will help the overall team perception related to recruits that may still be on the fence with USC…… good marketing point

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      1. Poor rents! ….look at you, just a pathetic pile of feces who takes great pleasure in trolling a rival blog out of pure stupidity. Great therapy!

        Speaking of “olive oil”…..try a little on the cucumber

        PS…..Enjoy El Paso!

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      2. Let me add some context so there is no misunderstanding on justowns part

        pathologically: a way that is not reasonable or normal, or cannot be controlled

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      3. We need to start calling you desitin on this blog owns, bruin Rob, or useless Bruin troll. You are like the rash on all our asses. That doesn’t go away.

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    2. The inside USC is all in Scott Wolf’s head, Gabby. Come on now, You haven’t figured that out yet? It’s not the inside information that we want. He lost those connections, when he was exiled for being a whinny cunning, snarky bitch about anything and everything he considers wrong with the USC. It’s all in Scotts bald headed mind!


  3. Nobody cares except you keep reading this blog!!! I can’t believe it’s only to talk to each other! I remember when Scott shut his Daily News blog down and nobody could find him. They all wandered aimlessly around like wooped puppies waiting for him to start up again!

    Scott is a contrarian. He speaks in contrast to the always pro-USC news put out by most everyone else.

    As far as I can tell it’s his job to stir the pot and our job to yell at him about it!!

    Me thinks he likes that way!

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    1. Hey does Bel-Air Tech have any kind of board? Do they have one for that once vaunted mens BB program? If they did would anyone bother to post on it? >$100 million debt and counting….imagine what awaits them in the Big 10….imagine the mocking when they miss the mens BB Big 10 CCG year after year after year…..

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      1. They do Commie Lush. But what’s that got to do with Utah 47 and the MIGHTY, MIGHTY bozo 24? Remind me.

        At $10 mill a year LR, gets the bozo’s the Cotton Pickers/Picking Bowl. That’s some ROI on SUCC’s $50 mill bet.

        How’s the Geo. Tyndall M.D. lawsuit settlement payout coming along Commie Lush? Josh Shaw wants to know

        And how about Lynn Swann laughing all the way to the bank.

        Then of course there’s the saga of the St. Pat/Sark bomance. “Let’s have a couple more Fireballs for road Patsy.” Crabs tried to snake in but they didn’t like Crabs olive oil stench.

        I like it here. Deal with it Commie Lush. And btw, help yourself to the BRO web site. If you missed it, the Lady Bruins just came home with the NCAA Soccer NC.

        That same weekend bozo FB blew 17-3 lead lost to Utah 47 -24 and the WP NC to Cal.



  4. Seems like the choices for the rest of the offense is sensible.

    Did the PFF really miss so badly on the O-line?

    (1) Voorhees is regarded as a future NFL starter.

    (2) Neilon was one of the three finalists for the Rimmington Award, given to the best college center.

    (2) Dedich has graded out as one of the best guards in the Pac-12.

    An offense doesn’t average 556 yards per game with a lousy o-line.

    The problem with the o-line has been depth, and underperformance by Courtland Ford and Murphy Mason. A good o-line has to operate as a unit, if somebody fails at one position, everything goes to hell.

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    1. I sure got tired of seeing Mason go to the ground. I can’t remember ANY lineman in USC history ending up on his ass more than Murphy. He’s young. He’ll get better. But fuuuck…..

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    1. @ Scott Wolf, He’s like a 5 year old, like a Democrat pointing fingers. Owns likes his attention on here all right because the UCLA blogs banned him or don’t give a rats ass about what he posts. They just ignore him.


  5. They’ve brought in a lot of high school recruit O-Linemen but they need some guys who can step right in. They have a lot of fairly good guys who didn’t see the field last year who could be developed. What they really need to do is to get their NIL program together. Miami is reeling in the big stars despite their horrible season. Football isn’t like it was back in the 1960’s. Todays football is all about money…..isn’t everything?


  6. Damn Crabs, aka Buck the SUCC. I’m sure UCLA will enjoy El Paso more than the bozos in the Cotton Picker/Picking Bowl. The Cotton Bowl is the crummiest FB venue, second only to that FB dive, the Crumbling Mausoleum. But hey, the bozos are use to locker room rats.

    Hey BUCK, who can forget Kiffy Goat’s fantastic Sun Bowl trip?

    1) The bozo opponent was a 5 – 6 GT Team; 2) Kiffy and the bozos show up and hour so late for the Sun Bowl teams dinner; 3) Kiffy introduces the Kiffy Goat Sombrero look; 4) Kiffy gets a black eye, but not in a fight with a bozo coach; 5) SUCC choka, choka, choka, choka, chokes on a cucumber and lose; 6) Typical Clown U joke loss. The FB team all get commemorative Kiffy Sombreros and cheap shades.

    Cue: “The Bitch (you) Has Gotta Have It.”

    Tickle, tickle, gobble, gobble.


      1. best to ignore insanity unless you are related to it…logic/common sense never works with them…just like having vascular dementia or alzheimer’s disease.


    1. Did you just write that El Paso is a better place to go than Dallas and Cowboy Stadium? Can somebody explain that statement?


    2. Speaking of rats no one on here gives a rats ass what you have to say owns. With your attention seeking ways. Get a fucin life! 48-45 scoreboard UCLA still sucks and enjoy the sun bowl in lowly El Paso the city stuck in time..


  7. very entertaining…mean while SC is getting MM ready for a Major Bowl game,not a has been after thought. The q/b position is critical these days and this ‘O’ line will be ready to get it done…

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  8. Trying to make SC fans feel bad? Being devils advocates? Why is being proud of USC football (again) so problematic for Wolf and the trolls? Wolf thinks he’s a better judge than people who watch and grades hundreds of players on a daily basis? Only a mistake of a Neanderthal parent would be that presumptuous.


    1. wolfie and his buddy papadakis must have been snubbed some where,some how…I just pity them…some got it ,some don’t…some get it,some don’t.


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