USC Trying To Raid Pac-12 School

You might think Arizona had a terrible defense but defensive lineman Kyon Barrs is a hot prospect and visited USC. His other top choices are LSU and Miami.

Barrs is from Murrieta so that should give USC an edge.

Arizona cornerback Christian Roland-Wallace entered the portal and it wouldn’t surprise me if USC made a play for him too. He was supposed to be a candidate to turn pro early. And he is from Palmdale.

With two popular portal players, what was Arizona defensive coordinator Johnny Nansen doing?

  • Scott Rabenold is USC’s new senior vice president for university advancement and alumni relations. He was previously vice president for development at the University of Texas.

58 thoughts on “USC Trying To Raid Pac-12 School

  1. What’s going on with USC’s NIL…..Texas has four collectives….one of them is specifically just for women’s athletics

    USC has one collective and is the only school using a third party to administer it …. Sounds like they are failing…

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    1. I think there is no question they are failing in the recruiting aspect. Riley has one hand tied behind his back trying to pull in top name players. I keep sayin it, they need SBR and they needed it a month ago.

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    2. The new-recruit signing bonus(NIL) needs to be competitive with the other big money collectives. Actually, this NIL thing is a mess, and there needs to be some parity to level out the playing field. I’m really surprised the NCAA has taken a backseat.

      Here’s a good one, Bronny James, still in HS, is pulling in 7.5 million in NIL money. What’s it going to take for a University to buy his services?

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      1. Both those guys know offence —-but it seems to show
        up marginally better on Kiffin’s head coaching record than it does on Sark’s.


      2. For sure!…… Kiff has one of the best offensive minds in college football….Reality is getting 11 players to execute his offense at a high and consistent level. When he was at Bama with all that talent he was unstoppable…..He won OC of the year!

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    3. And they are paying that idiot charlatan 25 % to basically do nothing but talk in circles with every buzz word and say nothing. Meanwhile he brings in nothing cause at donors who want to contribute and call the university, get funneled into his jurisdiction. They are not there because of Blvd. they are giving anyway and he makes a quarter cut. He’s an idiot scammer and they fell for it hook line and sinker. I was a scholarship athlete and I think this NI L thing is a crock. And if I was in school today I’d still think it was a crock. But if you are going to do it, don’t get ripped off by and idiot, tee shirt wearing, no shave , hipster douchebag scammer. SC had by another scam suck like Hinel, Swann, video hype guys, social media specialists.

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      1. Let Fauci ride off into the sunset! It’s a shame the GOP wants to use him as a scapegoat for Trump’s “I know more than the scientists and doctors” persona

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    1. Gabby —You know how it works: Someone is gonna have to take the fall for ALL of America’s problems. It can’t be anybody with a sizeable constituency —- that leaves out all the really evil people — it’s gonna have to be some un-elected sacrificial lamb…

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      1. Let’s see if McCarthy has enough time to get to Fauci. He’s really going to drill down on Biden’s perceived missteps along with Hunter Biden. And if Trump gets indicted, things could get really heated in Congress.

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      2. Why are you such a douche bag A-hole? You are from the Know
        Nothing Party! Get lost in the Islands.. Sick entirely of your politics,
        and little knowledge of USC football/sports.


    1. Yes, having to un-teach our players everything they’ve learned…
      …getting to always play second fiddle…
      …Jessie would LOVE working for Lincoln SO much…..


  2. I am surprised that Scott did not have a segment devoted to Mike Leach, a coach whose innovative offensive style imparted to his assistant coach Wiley the blueprint
    for Wiles’ formulation of his own ‘Leach-style’ offense. “He changed my life,” said Wiley. Leach had a different point of view (when it came to offensive football) and he encouraged coaches and players to re-examine their views on how to play the game.

    Leach’s death coming during the Christmas Season reminds me of my own mother’s death on December 11 many years ago, and how death of a dear one around the Holy Season seems harsher than at other times of the year, but is remindful of the axiom that ‘Death has no sting for me for today I have shed the shackles of my body for my spiritual awakening in the arms of the One and only God no matter how I lived my life for God is the creator of Forgiveness’

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      1. And who knows for sure about a ‘Spiritual-World’ anyway, Michael,
        and what would be its makeup, what if we don’t like it ‘up there’
        So I shout-out ‘Thanks for this day I need nothing else,
        but if there is an after-life I will be the first to butt in line’

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      2. You are always searching, John. I truly admire that. As for simple little me [as I said yesterday] I go with Marcus Aurelius: “If you feel the presence of the Gods, don’t ask men if the Gods exist.”

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      1. Thank you, Gabby, it was something I was trying to obtain, so thanks,
        And here all along I thought Michael Guarino was the only one who read my stuff and only for the purpose of editing it

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      1. I am glad you brought that up, S, because what is a ‘thought’ worth
        if it cannot stand up to debate
        ‘– And I’m with you, ‘Damn all Religions,’ they just divide people up
        When It is all so simple, there is no Hell as many believe
        except for the one we create here on earth, so vanquish your silly Fear
        Accept that there is One God, and we are all inter-connected in this ‘Thing’

        P.S. “sparrow caramel calypso 30266′ was given to me mysteriously by the
        Scott Wolf spirits stalking around in here in this dysmal place (just kidding)
        but I like it because in a way it’s ‘Me’
        “Calypso,’ make up your own words but carry the melody forever
        Awhile working on new dance-moves (Is there anything better?)

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  3. Leach offensive style FB is very flashy but rarely wins against a tradition offence and stingy defense in Championship or major bowl games.

    #Utah 47 – SUCC 24….is just one glaring example.


      1. Cm’on MG, SUCC needed a big mistake by the Bruins QB to salt their wimpy 3 pt. win. I have no doubt you and the rah-rah’s were angerly screaming at the bozo defense as DTR marched, in the waning minute, up/down the field for a tie and overtime or the win until DTR chucked the ball into a crowd of Ripple and Puke uniforms.

        Not an excuse, just plain fact…….”Facts Matter” ~ Dear Pisley

        It’s also a fact, the bozos choka, choka, choka, choked the Pac-12 CS game away because Williams hurt himself, then refused to come out of the game, and LR had zero Plan B. Clown U FB, an almost funny joke.

        Any competent backup QB can run a traditional offense. For example, last week the Piglet won a game for Carolina.

        #Cotton Picker/Picking Bowl or bust.

        #Choke on

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      2. There is some truth to what you’re saying, my friend. THIS year’s offense is built around the concept of “Caleb runs around until something opens up.” That is not a play —that is improvisation. On the other hand, Coach Riley has done just fine in the past with less mobile QB’s —-so there is more to his offensive philosophy than individual QB magic.
        He may need to prove he can do it the “old” way one more time — with Moss on January 2nd…..


  4. I wonder how LSU went undefeated in the SEC and won a championship using a spread offense. . . which Nick Saban then adopted for his own team to use to win his last national championship?

    I’m just guessing.

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    1. I guess my friend Owns means “rare” in the sense there is only one of those wins every 14 or 15 games [teams just don’t play that many “championship” or “major bowl” games compared to regular season games, right]?


      1. Memo to: Rents

        Abbot said he was busing 10k illegals to Tito’s Taco Bowl in El Paso. So the place will not look empty like the Rose Bowl….SWEET!

        48-45….DING DING DING!!!!


    1. Good one 9000.

      How about SUCC, the Pac-12’s great white dope, Gerry “Tomato Can” Cooney.

      Cue: A recording of the pussy C. Williams crying after the leading the bozos to a Utah 47 – 24 shellacking from the jaws of victory.

      2022 FB victory totals: Utah 2 – Mighty, Mighty SUCC gooseth egg.

      Clown U FB schadenfreude is so damn delicious.


      1. I really felt sorry for DTR when be began weeping after the loss to USC — hard to watch him try so hard to prove he was in Caleb’s class —only to throw multiple interceptions and lose a fumble — luckily, USC players and coaches consoled him after the game…..

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  5. Hadn’t read MG’s comment yet, but upon reading it I knew it was exactly what I would have written.Don’t want to be a plagiarist like your uncle Joe, though. Close the pod door, Dave.

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