USC Morning Buzz: A Big Day For Big Ten Move

The UC Board of Regents meets today at 2:30 p.m. at UCLA to discuss the Bruins’ move to the Big Ten.

The conventional wisdom is the Regents will force UCLA to give a portion of its Big Ten profits to the University of California to offset the loss of revenue for the Bears caused by USC and UCLA’s defection to the Big Ten.

How does this affect USC?

It just wants UCLA to accompany it to the Big Ten so it has at least one school it can play without getting on a plane for several hours. It would also like a travel partner to offset some costs on road trips.

  • USC has offered a scholarship to offensive lineman Dillon Wade of Tulsa. He has also been offered by Oklahoma.
  • Utah has sold its initial allotment of 29,000 Rose Bowl tickets and now received additional tickets that it is selling. Pretty good considering the Utes played in Pasadena last year.

25 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A Big Day For Big Ten Move

  1. This isn’t a move motivated just by football. UCLA’s move is based on its basketball prestige. I wouldn’t be surprised if talk of lost revenue for the conference focuses on Bruins basketball and what they bring in.


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    1. I sure hope ucla doesn’t give up everything they are seeking to accomplish. I would offer like 2 million a year for 3 years to Cal to start out and see where it goes.

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      1. California was not a slave state. The state government was not responsible for individuals with bias selling or renting. It is NOT the business of the state to give away money that is owed in the imagination of the government because of some unfair practices. The money would be better spent finding a freeing wrongfully convicted (due to faulty and inadequate representation) persons of color

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      2. Agree —but maybe we should extend assistance to “persons of non color” who are wrongfully convicted too….

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  2. The damages of UCLA leaving for Cal are negligible…the attendance for their football game this season was only 36,000. It is not as if the gutties are a big draw…

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    1. “Stay Doubted”………


  3. About Barrs from 247 sports:
    Barrs, who prepped at Murrieta Mesa (Calif.), is a graduate transfer with one year of eligibility left.

    He went in to the transfer portal last week and quickly became one of the nation’s most coveted interior line prospects. He quickly added scholarship offers from Mississippi State, Fresno State, Indiana, USC, LSU, Auburn, Tennessee and Miami.

    He was expected to officially visit LSU and Miami later this week but has canceled those trips and is locked in with the Trojans.

    Barrs started all 12 games for Arizona this past season with a career-high 39 tackles, including 4.5 tackles for loss. He had a breakout season in 2021, earning second-team All-Pac-12 honors after totaling 33 tackles, eight tackles for loss, and a team-leading five sacks.

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  4. “Utah has sold its initial allotment of 29,000 Rose Bowl tickets and now received additional tickets that it is selling. Pretty good considering the Utes played in Pasadena last year.” Scott, I think Utah fans can handle two Rose Bowls in a row. Not as if–” seen one Rose Bowl have seen them all”. Besides, it is boring as hell in Utah.

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    1. Yeah, I’ve never been there but have heard, if you see a plain looking building with a bunch of cars near the front door at night, it’s a bar. Hilarious, that people in Utah do their drinking on the down low. Heaven forbid any of us should indulge in one of life’s simple pleasures (not to excess of course).

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      1. Utah is taking over the Pac-12 and all Pac-12 blogs. At long last we understand Scott’s end game. Slow buildup over many years to disguise the true intent, but don’t be surprised by the increasing references from Scott about Utah.


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