USC Lands Arizona Transfer

And just like that, Arizona defensive lineman Kyon Barrs committed to USC. His other top choices are LSU and Miami.

Barrs had 39 tackles and 4.5 for a loss last season. He is from Murrieta. It’s got to be a luxury for USC that players like Barrs can enter the portal from Southern California who were not offered by the Trojans in high school and can now return once their stock improved.

16 thoughts on “USC Lands Arizona Transfer

  1. When is Lincoln Riley going to start recruiting his own interior linemen, instead of paying players to jump ship from other programs ? 😂. He’s a great recruiter for skilled positions, but horrible at others.



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    1. Why do you say it’s the coaches? What if it’s a complete team failure? This school needs talent to hide certain deficiencies due to a lack of continuity. The communication failures or lack of strength against older, more experienced players can be mitigated. Second year with these coaches will be more telling to see if they can improve or if it’s as bad as it gets.


      1. The offense certainly is putting up the points It’s like a track meet out there,
        There’s way too much pressure on the offense and QB to score on every position or they’ll get behind the chains.
        You have to have a solid defense to get good field position for the offense!
        The Head Coach and OC love a short field to run their plays!
        If you have a shitty defense, the players get tired/winded and make mistakes! Not Good!
        All championship teams have great defenses FIRST.. Then the offense has a better picture to paint!
        Take it from a 4 Time Rose Bowl player/ defensive and team Captain.
        And 1970 Rose Bowl defensive player of the game! We won with the Nation’s No1 team defense “The Wild Bunch” 10-3 over Michigan!
        That’s Defense!! It wins Big time games!
        Bob Jensen #51 LB


  3. Say what, 39 tackles in 12 games is just 3.25 tackles per game. Az can’t be losing much by KBarrs’ exit and xfer to SUCC. And SUCC isn’t gaining that much to improve its shoddy D.

    Sounds like Clown U slim pickings to me.


    1. Let’s see what Sam Gilbert can recruit for ‘jonniekins’….ah gee Sam dropped dead and a mere 48 hrs before he was due to take took the full hit from the Fed Dist Ct of So. FL his sonny boy went inside instead.

      “I have a clear conscience….I’m pure….just ask JD Morgan….”


      1. Far as I know Commie Lush, Coach Wooden never had to employ the Ta-Ta of two recruits Andyain’twinning wanted to sign with the OOOOOOOOOOOOferever bozos. See that way, the Ta-Ta could funnel SUCC cash to his loser recruit sons W/O pulling a Reggie “I saws the money and I tooks it” Bush.”

        I wonder Lush, have you received your Andyain’twinning 19 pt. Elite Eight loss commemorative ring yet?

        Here’s what I suggest you do Commie Dipso about your Gilbert bomance, chug a fifth of Putain’s Old Yellow Piss Volka and you won’t give a damn. Then lie down in some MLK Blvd gutter and go to sleep.

        BTW Commie Lush, I just finished John Ford’s book, “Yellow Jonniekins’ Wayne: P/S, WWII Coward and B.Island 4 Star General.” Talk about a two-bit burbank back lot patriot.

        Cue: Yellow Jonniekins in the “Green Berets” CD…..what a fooking Joke.


    2. just how many tac kles do you think a 3 technique 320lb nose tackle gets in a game? LMFAO. He is not a OLB. Maybe you should find something else to do with yourself besides coming on here and posting failed slams

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      1. More than 3.25 tackles a game for an elite defensive tackle.

        Hey any port in a storm for LR. I mean he hasn’t got the cojones to jerk his injured QB from a game LR needed to win to go to the CFP. Hence, the of the last 51 points scored in the Pac-12 CS game, 44 pts. were scored by Utah. SUCC on!

        #Utah 47 – SUCC 24.

        Cotton Picker/Picking Bowl or bust.


  4. ugh,if he iz so good than y iz he getin offurs to leeve arazoona ware evr that iz and goin sum ware els,itz like that time i bowt that carr evin tho i aint aloud to drive or be neer scools and thay awl sed ed u jussed bowt a lemin,but i cudnt sqweaze it in to enny ol’parken spaic as thay call it,smdh

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  5. ya’ wolfie would have criticized SC if they had offered him in high school, he was not a 5 star or a 4 star. But it looks like he admits 3 and unders can learn.

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  6. J.O. – you’re the broken clock that’s right twice a day – the rest of the time, you’re just a Bruin. “Hey, what time is it? It’s 13-9!” #LOSER.


  7. Committed is what? An assurance a 19-20 year old won’t suddenly change his mind? Maybe hold off on the parade until there’s at least a letter of intent or he enrolls in school.


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