Kyon Barrs Evaluation

I spoke to a Pac-12 coach this afternoon who faced new USC defensive lineman Kyon Barrs.

“He’s OK,” the coach said. “But those type of guys (defensive linemen) are hard to find. He’ll help (USC) out. He played through an injury last season so he should be better.”


36 thoughts on “Kyon Barrs Evaluation

  1. Scott: “I spoke to a Pac-12 coach this afternoon”

    Hey wolf, the DC at Loyola HS is not a Pac-12 coach… sound confused!….just saying!


    1. Gabby,

      He should be, he coaches like one. Acutally, his defense did get better as the season went along. I should know, I went to about 4 loyola games this year. Thank you for speaking of Loyola, which is the greatest high school on this here planet earth. No brag, just fact

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  2. He’ll help but I’d like to see SC bring in some really great players like Miami is getting. Despite having a mediocre to poor program, they have the money to buy players.

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      1. It’s one thing to have the cash. It’s an entirely different thing to be willing to spend it. But there are others out there outside of the university who are willing to spend it but for some reason SC is fighting them.

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    1. You nailed it. Riley is handcuffed without the NIL money to back him up. USC has a deal that they administer, which in itself is scary. When SBR comes back, if ever, you will then see the top players coming in. Not so much till that happens. USC needs to get their shit together.

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      1. It is ridiculous for Bohn to threaten outside collectives the way he has. An outside collective can buy players with zero downside to the institution of USC. If there are any breaches of NCAA guidelines, the members of the collective are at fault, not the university. There is only benefit to USC, so why stop this?

        Control freaks – Bohn/Folt. Despite bringing Riley to USC, Bohn is still an idiot. It only took money to bring Bohn to USC, it didnt really take brains/skill. And Sosna probably had the brains in the department.

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      2. SC has all the advantages right now with all the publicity they got in the Heisman awards and all the other natural advantages they have. Yet many poorly run programs like Miami are hauling in the 5 stars. With NIL, college football has changed. SC needs to get with the program.

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      3. In the beginning, SBR said, they would be able to offer a base of 50k a year for each player, contingent on the University’s approval….well, Bohn put a wrench in the SBR collective and it’s impacting signing bonuses.

        SBR needs to be resurrected in a hurry…fuck Bohn!

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      4. Furthermore to your comment, the NCAA has basically taken a backseat to NIL/collectives. They have not presented any guidelines or policies on the subject…..I do think some Universities are abusing the situation…..while USC sits in the weeds

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      5. Ask Bohn!…… He seems to think outside collectives could lead to violations…..AD’s in the Big 12 and SEC seem to have different opinions.

        When you can’t offer the deals another school can, recruiting becomes difficult…I’m talking about new Freshman recruits


      6. Even if you grew up hating a certain school, it’s hard to turn down the kind of money some of these schools are offering. They need to put some restraints on this NIL. Otherwise, schools won’t be winning NC’s, they’ll be buying them. They schools that has the most money will end up with the best coaches and players and the schools with the best coaches and players will(at the end of the year) have the best records.


      7. The guy that put SBR together died suddenly and it fell apart. I am dumbfounded that a prominent USC alum has not picked it up and ran with it.


  3. Scooter,

    Why is ugly being punished for leaving by having to pay the long haired hipppies of berkley. It is like Gabby leaving downtown L.A. and moving to Maui and him having to pay the bums on the streets of L.A. for his move. Let berkely go get a job and earn their own money. Better yet, I hope berkly gets 70% of the revenue from the move. Tjhat would hurt ugly. That would be good.

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  4. Comedy. Barr had 4 years of losing. He saw what was happening and decided to get in on the action. At Arizona, he was asked to play a two gap system and sacrifice his body so the linebackers can make the tackles. At SC, Grinch will ask him to explode and hit one gaps with stunts/slants or drop in short zone coverage. Also, he’ll be tasked with shifting and chasing down runners who get to the linebacker areas. This player can run. Why can’t you guys trust this coaching staff? The issue is with NIL and replacing the roster spots with more productive talent. That coward coach who won’t say his name would love to have that player playing for him at his school.

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    1. Darn right ‘This World’….what is this constant mocking Foyt and Bohn? Rick Caruso pushed that glad hander Nikias out the door brought in someone who had the sense to deem Urban Meyer DOA….secured an AD that hired one of the top head coaches in the entire USA and yet he’s what? Foyt is what? Bohn is what? Maybe just maybe the goal by the latter two is wrest control of the direction of the university from the ‘good old boys’ network and see where the ‘deals’ lead.

      No one saw this as a possibility last year – there was no Caleb Williams see and yet per ‘game today’ – ‘….Riley sucks…’ ‘….fire Grich now!…’ ‘….Bohn’s incompetent…’ Gee funny how he snagged Riley w.o. anyone hearing of it until it was announced…..

      Well said ‘This World’!

      Waiting to see how Andy Stankiewicz brings back the glory to USC baseball

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