UCLA Moving To Big Ten . . . With A Tax

The UC Board of Regents approved UCLA’s move to the Big Ten by a vote of 11-5.

However, the Regents also agreed Cal should receive between $2 to $10 million from UCLA as part of their departure to the Big Ten, contingent on differences between the Big Ten and Pac-12 TV deals. So this will not be resolved until the Pac-12 negotiates its new TV deal.

Reaction from Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren:

And from the UCLA A.D. Martin Jarmond:


24 thoughts on “UCLA Moving To Big Ten . . . With A Tax

  1. So it’s official now bye bye PAC 12 welcome big 10. No more conference of incompetence with leadership and the refs on the field. No more big market LA to line your pockets. Bye Felicia!

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    1. Who refs the USC/UCLA game at the Coliseum in 2025 when we’re both in the Big 10? I guess Big 10, right? Same with 2024 USC/Notre Dame game?


      1. MG
        2025 UCLA game will have B10 officials
        2024 ND game at Coli will have ACC officials which is std op procedure.
        2025 ND game in Indiana will have B10 officials.

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    1. …on the other hand, I didn’t think about it at all ….but I’m for it….


      1. #IsHeCleverlyDoingThisForTheSameReasonScottDoesIt…?


      2. …btw, everybody laughs at the end of this [and all] Biden videos….but nobody is doing anything about him —

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      3. What should they do? Invoke the 25th and ignore his insurance policy of having a VP who would be even worse? Besides, 40% of the country actually thinks “he’s” doing a good job.

        Gotta love the far left ad pleading with him not to run. Not even half way through his term! LOL!


      4. Good lord, So Cal. He meant they traveled to individual states 54 times. But go ahead and use that as evidence he’s senile. I can make a similar argument that Trump didn’t belong in office because he’d score zero on a middle school US constitution quiz.


      5. Forget the 25th ammendment. It’s time for termination of the Constitution.
        Who’s with me?


  2. This is basically just the latest example of how the loser schools in the PAC-12 suck down the money from the better schools. For decades Berkeley needed to refurbish Strawberry Canyon and their facilities and they just didn’t in spite of billions in taxpayer dollars and ever rising tuition, tickets, concessions and television revenue.
    How is the PAC-12 going to work without the largest market and the two most popular teams?

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  3. The L. A. City Council has ethical issues. In other news, water is still wet, if you can get it from the Colorado River.

    If UCLA has to pay alimony to Cal and it’s a small fee for the Pac 12 then it won’t matter. If the NLRB brings the whole thing crashing down and forces the colleges into an NFL type corporation for unionization. . . . It’s the only way to keep these schools playing while fitting into the antitrust structure of sports such as the NFL. Otherwise, the conferences are running a monopoly and are going to have to disband as the Shermain Antirust Act is currently written. I doubt the schools can get a bill written in their favor to survive from any Congress.


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