USC Player NFL Updates

Linebacker Shane Lee said he will return to USC next season. Did anyone think he would not?

Tuli Tuipulotu said he hasn’t made a decision yet on the NFL but will play in the Cotton Bowl. It would be a surprise if he returns.

Tailback Austin Jones and offensive lineman Justin Dedich said they have not made NFL decisions. I’m not sure either can raise their stock for the NFL so if they return it would be because they really like college football.

  • Tony Grimes, a cornerback at North Carolina, is visiting USC this weekend. He was five-star prospect in high school.

78 thoughts on “USC Player NFL Updates

  1. Scottie, don’t forget Tackett Curtis, high 4 star LB from Louisiana, #5 LB in the 2023 class, he signed this week and will enroll at USC for the winter/spring semester. 6’2″, 220 lbs, 4.54 40 time. He also rushed for 1,000 plus yards:

    MANY, La. (KALB) – Since July 18, Many’s Tackett Curtis has made it known that he plans to head to the west coast to play for Lincoln Riley and the USC Trojans. On Thursday, he made it official by signing his national letter of intent.

    In front of friends, family and teammates, the #6 ranked prospect in Louisiana, according to 24/7 Sports said “Fight On” after putting pen to paper.

    Already this week, the four-star linebacker captured his second state championship at Many High School where he was named the Division III Title Game MVP. Just a few days later, MaxPreps named Curtis the 2022 Louisiana High School Player of the Year after recording 112 total tackles, 16 tackles for loss, six sacks and three interceptions. He also took his game offensively to the next level by rushing for 1,115 yards and 11 touchdowns.

    Curtis will graduate early in December and then enroll at USC in the Spring.

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  2. Tackett Curtis, Come On Down!! As Bob Barker used to say! Welcome to the Trojan family! We look forward to seeing you play and enjoying a wonderful career full of special Trojan memories!

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  3. intresting that sum of theese so calld poeple onley wunta get a duhgris and not jussed play futbol and all so get sum brane damidge,reely maiks u wundur wye u evin cair abowt them oar wutevr if thay aint to wiling to reely giv evry thing thay got to intertane me,smdh

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    1. !00%, Ed.

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    2. Brain damage? I thought you were going to go one whole blog posting without bringing up Joe! You know, the guy who claims the economy is booming.

      Economy is booming but food banks can’t keep up with demand.
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      Economy is booming but Vanguard reported hardship withdrawals from 401k’s are at a record high.
      Economy is booming but household wealth dropped by $13.5 trillion from January to September 2022, second-worst destruction on record.

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      1. Steve, I’m clearly honoring my pledge to not call them dumb for voting for it. This is clearly what they wanted and they’re free to choose it. Bless their hearts.

        I’m also trying to keep any commentary at least 2-3 days apart. I may slip from time to time, but I’ll do my best to honor that, as well.


      2. It’s not Joe’s fault you live off of SS with no discretionary. The fucking whining and crying is pathetic….You sound like a scorned little bitch…….

        You put yourself in this situation…..change the diaper, wipe the drool and find a job……


      3. Respect others and keep your comments off the political spectrum…Here’s a concept, try posting something related to USC……I know Biden is your life……This place runs much better when you keep off of it….trouble maker!

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      4. LOL! We’re laughing. You’re the one who cries. ALL THE TIME! Steve saw it coming even before you did it. You’re so predictable. Same shit all the time.

        Contrary to what you claim, mine are on recent comments Dementia Joe has made. So quit lying as you always do, by claiming I post the same thing.

        As PT told you, I state facts and you come back with personal attack & insults. You should take his advice. But no one here expects that. They all know your childish routine.

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      5. We all laugh at you because you have zero football IQ, and are reduced to posting your perceived grievances related to Biden so your fragile ego can feel relevant.

        In reality, no one comes to this blog to get a daily update on Biden. So why post it? There is plenty of other sites that cater to your obsession with Biden.

        MG is the only one who responds to your crying rants. wonder why!…..

        O’ wait, you claim “likes” count….just like rent’s moral victories!


      6. troll: a person who intentionally tries to instigate conflict, hostility, or arguments in an online social community


      7. LOL! Ignoring the fact that MG brings Biden’s failures up as much as I do.

        Of course he does, since he’s so desperate for MG’s approval. Pathetic.


      8. Dude, you sound jealous!!!!…lol!…..MG and I have had a cordial relationship going back many years. We have mutual respect for each other’s opinions, whether they are right, wrong, or indifferent. Our love and enjoyment of USC football far outweigh any political bantering we periodically engage in with each other.

        You, on the other hand, continue to drink the kool-aid to the point of a belligerent troll, instead of showing tolerance. Enough is never enough to your detriment


      9. Gabby, sitting here reading this it sure looks like SoCal is stating some facts, but your rebuttals are purely personal attacks on this one. Isn’t that part of Alinsky’s rules? This time your response looks really weak my man.

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      10. Steve, no disrespect, but when slo cal has made numerous perverted comments about my wife and daughter that’s crossing the line…..I’m sure or would hope, you feel the same. The guy is on my shit list and will be treated appropriately

        Numerous things he said are embellishments and are out of Biden’s control, especially when you have numerous members in Congress pulling for his demise. Some of the struggles are the lasting residual effects of trump’s total incompetence in dealing with covid, you might disagree, and I respect that.

        If Biden is such a failure, why didn’t we see the red wave?


      11. This time?! It’s virtually all the time as PT, Plow Horse and a couple of others have stated.

        Oaktown often disagrees with my posts, but responds like a grown up. We all can respect that, no matter which side of the aisle we’re on.


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      1. btw, We’re lucky to have Shane coming back. We could have a great bunch of linebackers next season…. with slightly different skill sets…

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      2. So Cal,
        Bad news. That “other” Shane didn’t come back….
        ….After cleaning up & rescuing the town… and preserving Little Joey’s family— he selfishly rode off into the high country…

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      3. Clint Eastwood 6’4” … Alan Ladd 5’6”. Ladd was very sensitive about his height … he shouldn’t have been. Very compelling actor.

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      4. Interesting CR. I didn’t know that about Ladd. (I’ve only seen a couple of his films.)

        About the same as Cruise and it certainly hasn’t hindered his career either.

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      5. I think I’ve only seen Shane, but Ladd was very popular in those days. He drank and committed suicide largely over his personal insecurities. Tom Cruise 5’8”, my dad was 5’9” which I think is still considered average for American men.

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  4. As much as I appreciate Lee’s passion for the game, I am wondering if his return is positive or negative. I feel like Lee’s upside is limited by his lack of speed and quite frankly, often bad lines of attack on the ball carrier. Will the coaches be willing to take him off the field to allow other linebackers more playing time? I bet Raesjon Davis would contribute more if he gets developed and we will have Tackett, Gentry and Muhammed as well. Maybe this is all good for depth. I hope he can be developed into a guy that can get on an NFL roster, he just deserves it based on his effort/leadership.

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    1. Would hate to lose a prize recruit because Shane is playing more snaps than he’s earned!…. His pass coverage was embarrassing most of the time, and sideline-to-sideline pursuit just wasn’t there….A lot of rush yardage was given up on off-tackle runs….

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      1. Gabby, with our lack of depth on defense, if our choices were Shane Lee or no Shane Lee, I’ll choose the former. Hopefully in a couple of years we can be more picky 😉

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      2. Why stick with a player that reeks of liability….Lee runs around like he’s pulling a trailer and OC’s were attacking him….Perhaps you do not fully understand what’s taking place on the field.

        Riley knows he needs more sideline-to-sideline speed….

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      3. Lee was really hampered by a fractured arm for more than half the season. That certainly affected his quickness by limiting his ability to rotate his core and upper body. He played at over 250 this season, I am hoping that getting healthy, plus paring down to 230 or so could be what he needs to really deliver.

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      4. Perhaps the reduction in weight might be the solution…..I hate to punch -down on the kid, but often he is out of position or a step or two behind in pass coverage.

        His experience/leadership is valuable from a team aspect, but his individual play needs to improve, or the next man up

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  5. Miami is 4th in the nation in recruiting. That’s understandable. Why wouldn’t anyone want to go to a great football program like Miami. They were 12-0 this year. No wait….make that 8-4….no that’s not right either….try 5-7. But they just missed out on the playoffs and are going to a great bowl game….the Rose Bowl. No wait…..make that the chicken noodle soup bowl… wait…..make that no bowl at all. But they had a lot of bad luck and lost some close games… wait…..There was a 45-31 loss to Middle Tennessee and 45-21 to Duke and 45-3 to Florida State and 40-10 to Clemson and 42-16 to Pittsburg. I wonder…..why are all those star players going to Miami? “CHICHING”….I’m thinking green. What do you think?

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      1. Real as a heartbeat….Lee was a temporary stop-gap that was constantly getting turned because he lack the speed to scrape off tackle and met the runner in the hole…’s basic LB play 101

        There’s a reason he went from solid playing time as a freshman to a special teams player at Bama!……too slow and misreads his keys, the same shit at USC!


  6. Tuli is gone. Unless he finds a way to get faster, all those tackles that he missed (especially when isolated in space) will not improve with another year at USC. All the linebackers in the world won’t matter unless there are linemen upfront who can either play a two-gap style or turn into the next Aaron Donald at the collegiate level and destroy the offensive line blocking schemes. Shane must have been told to take the NIL money because it would be more than what he’d get as an undrafted free agent.

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    1. Tuli is plenty fast —he’s just suffering from questionable advice he got from Todd Orlando: “Anytime you get through to the QB….. be sure not to hurt him by trying to tackle him…just touch him on the shoulder so he can complete the play.”


    1. We actually made this phony clown a head coach…..and kept him after crazy 4th down attempts [running up the middle with no run game] and crazier press conferences [thanking opposing fans for cheering against us]…and saying he “loved” his center after he hiked ball outta our endzone. And, then, we extended his contract & gave him a raise after he got blown out [big time] by crappy Iowa in the Holiday Bowl.
      Glad the L. A. Times can find a way of making all that into a feel good story.
      #”HeDoesn’tDrink,DoDrugsOrPlayAround… OurKindaCoach!”
      —-Acting USC President Wanda Austin

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  7. Memo to: So Cal

    By Donald J. Dump’s own definition of loser, Dump is a monumental loser; I mean losing to Sleepy Joe by 10 million + votes.

    Who could forget Dump’s willful, ignorant, miscalculation: “The Pandemic is a Hoax.” ~Donald J. Dump

    Nearly a quarter billion US citizens paid the ultimate price for Dump’s deliberate refusal to take the Pandemic seriously or act on the advice of his medical advisors and institute necessary nation wide procedures to minimize the Pandemic’s spread and death toll.

    Worse yet, Dump raided and diverted funds earmarked for the crucial Federal CDC for use in building his stinking, stupid Mexican wall.

    How’s Dump’s wall working out So Cal?


    1. S/B a 3 quarters of a million US citizens. Maybe 3 quarters of a billion Covid related deaths world wide. I need to do a better job of editing.

      There’s nothing worse then cheap lies and exaggeration, a la Donald J. Dump.


  8. The rumor going around is that Marvin Harrison Jr., who some people say is the best receiver in college football, is getting ready to jump into the portal and come to USC. So far it is just a rumor. Is it true? Probably not. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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  9. It happened again without explanation. Nothing but saying the portal would be good to USC.
    Boom moderator from nowhere. No rules no consistency just
    “This is just a preview your post is currently awaiting moderation”
    Then it disappeared ???
    I get an email every time someone passes wind here. I have never heard from the “moderators”.


  10. Huge rumor re: portal transfer to USC
    It will be this year’s Jordan Addison.
    A lot of factors at play including participation in CFP game so maybe happens in second portal window in spring.
    Regardless, USC is back to stirring up college football world thanks to Coach LR.

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  11. Guess everybody has heard that Caleb is already “bouncing around” on the field in practice.
    He WILL be ready!
    Players interviewed after practice spoke about “playing ball” with Heisman winner!


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