USC Morning Buzz: UCLA-Cal War Continues

As the Cal-UCLA war rages on, this tweet sums up the food chain nicely.
  • Five-star QB Dylan Raiola has decommitted from Ohio State. He was heavily recruited by USC. His uncle is the offensive line coach at Nebraska, which has led to specualtion he will play for new coach Matt Rhule.
  • Rodrick Pleasant, one of the top corners in the nation, is visiting UCLA this weekend. The Serra High player is a major target for USC.

12 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: UCLA-Cal War Continues

  1. Sound’s about right that would be a great fit for him in Nebraska, with Matt Rhule. USC is loaded at QB right now and the future. Caleb Williams, Miller Moss, Malachi Nelson 5 star and another 5 star QB Nicholaus Lamaleava their recruiting right now. More 5 star QBs In 2024. Get in where you fit in at USC in trojanville! Lincoln Riley, will have them lined up for years with his system. Fight on

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    1. Obviously ’49, UCLA didn’t choka, choka, choka choke vs Utah twice in the same year.

      47 – 24
      #Cotton Picker/Picking Bowl or bust.

      Choke on


      1. Hey BruinRob, where is the Victory Bell? Oh, that’s right. It’s at USC, where is belongs. Which proves my point. Whenever UCLA is the favorite or has something to protect, they spit the bit. It’s in their DNA.


      2. JOwns: But we did choke against bottom dweller..Arizona. Da’ ya think anyone noticed? I mean Pac-12 on the line, wow, how in the hell da’ lose to Zona! I have to admit, that is the definition of a choke job. Oh well, at least we made it to the, ya know the thing bowl. Ya’ll know, the thing bowl.


  2. Well, the “students” will be able to join the same union thanks to the UC graduate who successfully turned the feds against the colleges. Maybe they can pick up some pointers from the other students who just called a strike against the UC system.


    1. Smith
      Me too. First off avinass kuntay doesn’t speak for anyone. He’s an unpaid blogger on a barely treading water site. Ping pong player ninth floor Evans Hall.

      Cal will collect as much as they can from ruins. Unlike SC, the ruins don’t travel well. In fact they don’t even travel well to their own stadium. Cal could care less where the ruins end up. They never represent their school well. Sunglasses anyone? Liver transplants for Yakuza? $700 million lawsuit judgements?
      Good luck.

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      1. bel-air tech is known by 4 letters – that’s the same as UTEP or UTSA.

        Cal has two elements directly tied to their campus: 1st one # 97 ‘Berkelium’ in 1949 and the 2nd named after a physicist whose name is used for the 103rd element in 1961 ‘Lawrencium’ Ernest Lawrence.

        ucla’s claim to fame is ‘the peckerwood’


      2. Alvi
        Students and instructors at Cal are responsible for every element above 235 uranium. 9 elements iirc. Nobelium, Seaborgium, Einsteinium, Californium, Et Al.
        Glenn Seaborg, my first nuclear chemistry lab instructor, Nobel 1951, discovered and isolated plutonium. Developed Hydrogen bomb. Manhattan project, Fermi Lab, Chicago. Ended WW2.

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  3. Elijah Hughes committed to SC. If you watch him on film, he looks great. I’m a little concerned as to why there were not more big time programs going after him but he really does look good on film and he is productive. As a junior, he had 113 tackles and 24.5 sacks in 10 games. He’s a 3 sport athlete.


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