USC In The News Today

USC has gone from being an NCAA pariah to NCAA insiders the past decade.

Former Alabama basketball player and coach Mark Gottfried has received a three-year show cause penalty from the NCAA for violations that occurred while he was coach at Cal State-Northridge.

Dave Roberts, special assistant to the athletic director at USC, was a member of Committee on Infractions for this case. Roberts has become the ultimate insider at the NCAA and it’s in USC’s interest to keep him around as assistant to the assistant manager of the movie theater like Mark “Rat” Ratner of Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

  • Texas won the NCAA women’s volleyball championship on Saturday night. It was the second NCAA title for Longhorns coach Jerritt Elliott, who came to Texas from USC.
  • It’s good to see Reggie Bush is still the real victim of the 2010 NCAA sanctions.

30 thoughts on “USC In The News Today

      1. A recent article basically calling for the return of Reggie’s trophy made an interesting point. The NCAA never spoke to his parents. They were separate entities, but USC got nailed because of their living in a place supposedly supplied by a family friend.
        Driving his girlfriend’s car is not a violation.
        The NCAA tipped their hands with the scholarship reductions. Most reductions were one to three lost scholarships per year. The NCAA piled it on because of Reggie’s caliber of play. And less than a season later they did nothing when Cam Newton’s dad took money to direct his son to a school. Cam didn’t go and the NCAA said he didn’t control his dad.

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  1. Too bad Reggie’s family couldn’t wait to get paid and let leeches into their inner circle. From remembrance from his Heisman speech; Reggie might of came back and won 2 Heismans. What could’ve been. What greed can do!

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    1. It’s greed to want a house to live in? It’s greedy to expect a monetary return for your family’s skill and efforts? Greedy to flout the NCAA’s wacky and arbitrary rules on amateurism?

      If this is greed, then greed is a wonderful thing. When next I need a doctor I’ll want a greedy one. Don’t trust surgeons who operate for a hobby.


      1. So you’re comparing surgeons to football players now? Alvarado. So wannabe agents, leeches are going to pay surgeons parents, 6 months free and cash upfront. To get a piece of the pie. If they sign on with a top surgeon center. Make it make sense Alvarado. Your post failed at stupidity. Except for the NCAA
        rules and Paul Dee, at the time. Furthermore Reggie was the best that year, everyone around him knew he was going to be highly watched and a Target on his back. Wait to get paid instead of being greedy. That simple.


  2. Having Paul Dee on any committee to judge any school let alone USC reeks of duplicity and fraud. Miami was beyond dirty and boosters were charged with State and federal charges.

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    1. Dee was the worst. There were hookers in the mix while he was AD for Miami Univ..

      As I recall another member of that committee had a direct connection to ‘the princess’ – a female if my memory serves me right – an attorney (surprise!) sub rosa for ‘the Irish’ whodda’ thunk that was possible – then again ‘….it’s 35 years and counting…’ envy does have its’ target

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  3. Mark Gottfried and Jim Harrick- are best buddies, and two of the biggest crooks in NCAA Basketball history. Oh by the way Sam Gilbert was another one. The connection was all three were closely connected to UCLA Basketball.

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    1. Clown U, the Methodist Univ., is the 2nd most sanctioned D-1 Athletic program. No. 1 is SMU, another cheesy, cheating Methodist Univ.

      UCLA 11 BB NC’s. FYI tommyd. Gilbert never suited up for a UCLA game.

      SUCC BB OOOOOOOOOOOOferever. Clown U can’t fart in public w/o getting busted.

      BTW tommyd, what other major Univ. BB team draws just 1839 fans (30% paid) for a home BB game? SUCC’s loser ROI with Andyain’twinning must be nearing Trumpian tax return total losses.

      UCLA 63 – Kentucky 53

      Cotton Picker/Picking Bowl or bust!


      1. Lol UCLA is irrelevant owns, and is just a hanger on to USC as they move to the big 10. UCLA is getting taxed by the liberals at 2-10 million a year, to pay for Cal and their sorry ass athletic programs. Leeches like if California doesn’t have enough money to pay with 6 highest economy in the world they always brag about. Talk about greed. California greed! Highly taxed and giving it away to illegals. Yet we want your money, when you leave for greener pastures!


      2. just Rent,

        For your knowledge, the ugly AD at that time, Charles Young was great friends with the ncaa president. A ncaa officail said basketball that ugly would hav e been stripped of their bought trophies and would have been suspenede for ever. Gilbert was the money bags for Johnny Cheetin Wooden

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      1. Michael, I’d like to know as well. Not only do they call it football, it can be illegal for the guy getting the pass to be ahead of the ball. SMDH…

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      1. They won the last tournament in Russia no less. No excuses but one team played with courage while the other relied on greatness but lost on selfishness.

        Soccer is older than anything we have created. All sports have rules. Appreciate the face that one the world’s smallest countries defeated one of the biggest without using anger and violence.

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