Sunday Buzz: USC Loses One, Gains One For D-Line

Coastal Carolina defensive end Josaiah Stewart committed to Michigan over USC today.

Meanwhile, Elijah Hughes, a three-star defensive lineman from Arlington, Va., committed to USC over Virginia Tech on Saturday.

Michigan has gotten commitments from four of the top 50 transfer portal prospects per 247Sports, including two from Pac-12 schools.

Nebraska LB Ernest Hausmann (No. 1 overall)

Arizona State OL LaDarius Henderson (No. 11 overall)

Coastal Carolina DE Josaiah Stewart (No. 24 overall)

Stanford OL Myles Hinton (No. 41 overall)

12 thoughts on “Sunday Buzz: USC Loses One, Gains One For D-Line

  1. the N.Va defensive lineman is a multi sport athlete ; basketball fwrd, and track and field discus and shotput. He is quick ,nimble,strong, technique oriented, of good size approx(6’5 ,260) ,probably a very good one to develop quickly…a typical VaTech want.
    the other guy…who cares, no loss there…

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  2. Where is USC in the NIL? Are these other schools putting out bags of cash or what? So USC has an 11-2 season and thinks that all the kids will want to come here? Doesn’t appear that is the case. USC has to get into the game.

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      1. May I be of help?
        69 billion dollars…..
        [Can’t wait to hear if Vorhees is practicing]…..


      2. So you’re saying, that’s a “b” or not an “m”?…..a whole lot of cheese!

        I’m sure Bohn gave Caleb a nice per diem to cover Heisman weekend.

        Caleb: Hey guys, dinner is on me!

        Vorhess: Who has the best Wagyu rib eye tomahawk steak in town?


  3. When we lose a player to Michigan….that’s understandable. When we lose a play to Miami, I’m thinking that they offered them a christmas present wrapped in green.


  4. Scott, your choice of recruiting rankings is curious. For someone who says rankings mean squat, why use the composite 247 rankings as opposed to waiting to see if they contribute to make a point?

    Just to be provocative, again.


  5. Lose a defensive end from Coastal Carolina but gain a 6′ 3″ 270 lb. defensive tackle who was voted the regional player of the year? Looks like USC is building a foundation while Harbaugh wants to win then leave for the pros.


  6. They have to figure-out the NIL thing fast or we’re in for another long season of defensive futility. The BLVD is just NOT getting it done with these transfer portal guys. Get Rick Caruso to revive Student Body Right and set the price for each position group!


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