USC Notes: A Possible Cotton Bowl Deal

I have no idea if the Gametime app really has Cotton Bowl tickets for 60 percent off but the “Buy Now, Pay Later” slogan sounds a bit like Wimpy from Popeye.

“I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” 

  • USC graduate Andres Cantor was happy to call Argentina’s win over France in the World Cup.

29 thoughts on “USC Notes: A Possible Cotton Bowl Deal

      1. [Without a shred of proof] I’d like to blame it all on bad advice from Andres Cantor…


  1. Alabama announced that Bryce Young and Will Anderson will both play in the Sugar Bowl. Saban says it is because they are both great competitors. Alabama had Zero Opts, which is a nearly a mathematical impossibility. What’s the Over/Under on what they got in NIL $$$ to show up?


  2. USC Basketball and USC Football fans pay to attend games. UCLA fans only attend if tickets are free thus the reason the UCLA athletic department is in severe debt.

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    1. tommyd that’s so much BS. bozo BB is a Wil Feral joke.

      Long Beach St. vs UCLA at Pauley: 9800 and change attended

      Long Beach St. vs Clown U at the Chicken Coop: 1837(30% paid)

      I mean after all that under the table cash paid to the Mobley clan and Andyain’twinning gets blown out the NCAA BB Tournament.

      Only Clown U/Andyain’twinning would hand out commemorative rings for a monumental 19pt. Elite Eight Tournament blow out defeat.


    1. After 9 years as Dodger, I’m sorry to see Justin head east. But after the Dodgers signed J. D. Martinez, Turner would have been relegated to pinch hitting, sometime DH and utility infielder.

      Good luck in Boston Justin.

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  3. –Still recovering from that ‘shocking-to-the-senses’ 2022 SC Trojan Football Season
    Back from the ‘football-dead’ of a decade or more, the 2022 Trojans broke the shackles of not having enough talent by ‘farming-it-in’ through the College Footballers’ Free-Agency “Portal” as Wiley&Likely-Others got ahead of the game by restoring half of SC’s playing roster, unheard of in modern-age college football recruiting

    But who noticed such trivial affairs in the college football world?– Ohio St, Alabama,
    Michigan, Clemson, Georgia, you think, any others?

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  4. OWNS– You sure switched to the basketball season quickly. Seems like all UCLA fans give up on football very early every year for some reason…… Good luck in the Joe Biden Immigration Bowl in El Paso don’t forget to bring your passport for the game parade in Juarez. The cartel will be able to pick out the “losers” in “powder blue” from UCLA very easily of course that’s if they show up for the bowl game this time.

    I do agree on Justin Turner leaving the Dodgers he was their leader. One day that boy will be the Manager of the Dodgers. I do not agree JD Martinez is an adequate replacement or as clutch as JT was in his time with the Dodgers.


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