USC Notes: Pac-12 Monday Chatter Heats Up

There is a lot of chatter today throughout the Pac-12 about the transfer portal and some of it involves USC.

“Does Arizona develop players better than USC?” a coach asked after the Trojans picked up three Wildcat players.

The bigger issue is NIL. The word around the conference is USC can pay average transfers $200,000-$300,000. Someone high profile like wide receiver Dorian Singer would obviously get more.

  • USC linebacker Ralen Goforth has transferred to Washington.
  • There isn’t a lot of access to USC players during Cotton Bowl practices for the first half of this week.

Sunday, Dec. 18: Practice – closed to media, no interviews
Monday, Dec. 19: Practice – closed to media, no interviews
Tuesday, Dec. 20: No practice
Wednesday, Dec. 21: Practice – closed to media, no interviews


47 thoughts on “USC Notes: Pac-12 Monday Chatter Heats Up

    1. Who even cares? Texas A&M had the most expensive recruiting/ transfer this season and look at how well that worked out for them. If a kid wants to play at USC and can get some cash, great! But if a kid’s decision is solely based on who can give him the biggest check – good luck building a harmonious locker room and a sustainable culture.

      The fact that people get mad when their favorite COLLEGE team is somehow behind the curve in buying players and championships blows my mind. All it is is “legalized” cheating b/c the NCAA is super greedy and won’t give up any of their cash.

      There’s already is a league for you. They just play on Sundays.

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      1. That’s the problem, NCAA is doing nothing about it….How or why would the NCAA have to give up their so-called “cash”?……

        Money buys happiness especially when a kid grew up poor…….

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    2. What I’m hearing is that these schools are promising all this money and then not paying. That’s probably why you have about 25 players from Texas A&M(who were part of last years greatest recruiting class ever) who are now in the transfer portal. Let’s see what happens after the 2023 season at Miami. It’s hard to believe that these schools can really pay that kind of money to players that have never played a down at the college level without going bankrupt. That’s not to mention the revolution that it must cause among the professors who don’t make nearly that much money.


      1. They’re in the transfer portal because they saw any interest by any NFL team dwindling thanks to Jimbo Fisher’s staff in prepping them for this past year’s games.


      2. Jimbo hasn’t broken 9 wins since 2016 when he was 10-3 @ Florida St. It’s fair to say, his best days are behind him…


      3. I always thought Jimbo was a really good coach but last year maybe proving me wrong especially after the recruiting year that he ad the year before.

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  1. “Does Arizona develop players better than USC?” a coach asked after the Trojans picked up three Wildcat players.

    Well now, suppose we check their records this past season. Does anyone really believe Scott has ANY contact with coaches or scouts? I can just picture it now, some coach saying, “Dang, I have to get on the horn to let Scott know about this!”

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      1. And….It looked like it could have been good from about 60 yards. Straight down the middle and over the crossbar with plenty of room to spare.

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  2. If people have a bone to pick then yes, say something stupid like Arizona develops players better than USC.

    Will USC have a better record than Arizona? Kinda obvious who is the better choice.

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  3. Number 4 linebacker in the portal, Mason Cobb, transfers from OK State to USC.

    2022 stats: 96 tackles, 13 tackles for a loss, and two sacks.


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      1. Could I say “The writing is on the wall”?

        The kid is fast and great sideline-to-sideline pursuit……According to PFF he’s durable!

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      2. When Lee was told he was moving to corner his feelings were hurt….Next stop transfer portal….Thank you, Shane Lee


  4. Mason Cobb was the leading tackler for Oklahoma State with 96 total stops this season, earning second-team All-Big 12 honors. He had 58 solo tackles, including 13 tackles for loss, two sacks, an interception, two pass breakups and a forced fumble. Cobb started all 12 games for Oklahoma State as a junior in 2022.

    According to Pro Football Focus, Cobb played a team-high 863 of 950 (90.8%) total defensive snaps this season. …very dependable!

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      1. Grinch and Odom are planning to build an opportunistic defense around tough, athletic linebackers —who run fast and tackle hard.
        Yeah, we need a way better d-line, no question —but I think the emphasis for now is gonna be on linebackers who can do everything —blitz …and cover. [At least that’s what I’m picking up from reading between the lines when either Grinch or Odom are interviewed].

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      2. Grench always seemed to like a small quicker defense. But can you stop a bigger physical offense that has a smashmouth run game? SC depends upon their offense. If their offense can control the ball with their run game then our offense can’t get our hands on the ball to put some points on the board.

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      3. Well…only Utah will do that in 2023… and only Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin and Iowa will do it in 2024.


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