Christian Roland–Wallace Evaluation

I spoke to an NFL scout today about new USC cornerback Christian RolandWallace. The scout has spent time evaluating him because there was a chance he would go to the NFL draft.

“His speed is an issue,” the scout said. “All the scouts know that. He has no quick twitch. He doesn’t have long-range speed. Everything he does has to be right. He’s a good college corner. He’s better than any corner USC has. It’s not even close.”


41 thoughts on “Christian Roland–Wallace Evaluation

  1. The guy weights 205, and has run a 4.43 40 best time. Granted, that is his best, but still, are there that so many corners out there who are all that much faster?

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    1. Let’s put it this way, 67 — speed, technique, football smarts and work ethic will not be issues….he’s battle tested…

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      1. Poor ol’ Scott, he just couldn’t find a negative. Come on Scott, you usually find something, anything, –Enfield’s coat perhaps?

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  2. Wolf, give Enfield credit when credit is earned. It’s petty and childish to talk about a transfer when USC gets a formidable win in basketball. Or are you waiting to call out the program for a phantom criticism while offering false praise?

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    1. Even with a 3 against 1 (later 4 against 1) advantage, he felt the need to use a bottle! What a lowlife.

      Be nice if he got 3-5 and did at least one full year. But it’s LA. He won’t do any time at all.

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      1. Willie’s attorney: “One day we’ll all laugh about it.”

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      2. That defense gets more difficult to pull off after beating on the victim [with lots of help] for over a minute…while he’s helpless on the floor…

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    2. This guy is a major douche. When i was on campus he walked around threatening other students with two other linemen. There was no apparent reason but chemical rage. Hope he gets it from behind in prison several times a day.


      1. Pasadena — it could be worse —we don’t know the victim’s condition yet… he could have permanent damage…. and cuz the whole thing was planned…


      1. T Bruins,

        Do you know who Billy Kilmer is? Do I have to teach you ugly football history? Billy Kilmer played qb back in 1963 or there abouts. He played for the Washington Redskins. He played against Miami in the 1973 Super Bowl played at the Colisuem. He lost.


    1. Yes smart ass i am old enough to know who bill Kilmer is and watch him play WTF does that have to do with a high school kid in 2022 ????


      1. Hey mg we are pals and just missed out of a helluva party on Maui by 3 points help me out with that Pasadena clown on this one ??


      2. T Bruins — I am that sappy Jimmy Stewart character from “Broken Arrow” —you know, the goofy peacemaker nobody listens to…


  3. We picked up another great receiver. That room is getting a little crowded. We might see someone transfer out. Can we still pick up Duce as TE?


  4. Defense getting experienced defenders to help bridge the gap with incoming but talented 1st year players. Along with the guys who didn’t contribute last year, Grinch has zero excuses for not having the best defense in the conference. Jamar Sekona, needs to bulk up but the line will determine if the Trojans play for the championship let alone make the playoffs.


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