Arizona WR Dorian Singer Transfers To USC

Arizona wide receiver Dorian Singer, one of the top receivers in the Pac-12, has committed to USC.

He is the third Arizona player to transfer to USC, joining defensive lineman Kyon Barrs and cornerback Christian Roland-Wallace.

Singer will be the marquee transfer because of his position. The question, I suppose, is whether he can make an impact like Jordan Addison or be just another receiver like some of the other transfers (Brenden Rice, Terrell Bynum) who were celebrated when they transferred.

Singer caught 66 passes for 1,105 yards and six TDs this season.

How about an offensive lineman now?


14 thoughts on “Arizona WR Dorian Singer Transfers To USC

  1. We are definitely benefitting from the wild west portal universe, but in all honesty, this is getting kind of ridiculous. Does AZ even have enough payers to fill their roster at this point?

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    1. 12/19/22 Statement from Arizona Athletic Director:
      “Many are asking if we will have sufficient numbers in 2023 to put 11 men on the field on offense and another 11 men on the field for defense.
      Our answer: Does it really matter?”


  2. Gee Wolf, I hope he doesn’t make to big of an impact or else you will be upset that the other receivers are not getting the ball enough. The guy tore USC up this year, better to have him on our side this next time.


  3. Wolf, perhaps another look at our new CB would be fair: Roland-Wallace has been a four-year starter for the Wildcats, and one of their best defenders, with 29 starts over the last three seasons, including 12 games in 2022 and 2021. This past season the JR had a career-high 58 total tackles with six pass breakups. Career-wise, Roland-Wallace already has 169 total tackles, 3.5 TFL and two picks, and started eight of 12 games as a true frosh. Now, let Donte coach him up!!!


    1. Considering how mediocre his season was I’d imagine he doesn’t really have a choice. It’s not like he’s a physical freak like all the receivers that come off the board first.


    1. You have to wonder how big that bag of cash is at Auburn. We know USC is giving promises of monetary opportunities and that is about it.


  4. His numbers are really good considering the fact that he had 2 other star receivers and also a tight end to share the catches with. The other 3 receivers caught 158 passes for almost 2200 yards and 17 TD’s


  5. Greetings fandom , well the lockett who is it coach carroll ? well we witnessed several events of importance and the local yokels are jealous and have there hands in my pockets! Regards , E,


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