Jordan Addison Out Of Cotton Bowl; Lincoln Riley Press Conference

Wide receiver Jordan Addison will not play in the Cotton Bowl, according to Lincoln Riley.

He will rehab his high-ankle sprain, according to Riley.

So Addison was healthy enough to play in the Pac-12 title game but not healthy enough to play in the Cotton Bowl. I suspect no one will be surprised by this. It also shows USC is not immune from players skipping bowl games.

  • Riley offered these comments on Signing Day:

“This could be the start of something really, really special. You better jump on or watch us go by.”

“This (past season is) just the tip of the iceberg. This is so bottom level of what this program can be.’

“I’ll be disappointed if this year’s team isn’t the worst in our time here”

  • On linebacker Tackett Curtis:

“There wasn’t a linebacker we wanted more than Tackett Curtis. I think he’s the best inside linebacker in the country.”

  • On if USC lost recruits because of NIL?

“Of course we did. But everybody did. The reality is just like every university is different every family is different. Everyone’s priorities are different. Who am I to say this is a correct priority and this is incorrect?”


17 thoughts on “Jordan Addison Out Of Cotton Bowl; Lincoln Riley Press Conference

  1. intresting that john tryes to distracked us wit this so calld recrootin gnus insted of sharein his reporet carred fir the noter daim gaim,i cant be the onley wun whose ketching on to his anticks,smdh

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    1. Is this actually for real? The irony of such poor grammar being used to support a college that would never allow you in really intrigues me. People are so wierd.


  2. Mateo. He’s got a chance to stay home near his family and friends and in the best weather in the world and play for the team that he grew up idolizing. Instead, he chooses to go 860 miles north and play in the rain of Eugene Oregon.
    Or take Payten Bowen. He’s committed to ND(their number one commit). The only other school that is in the running is Oklahoma. Oregon is nowhere on the radar screen. He has not even taken a visit to Oregon. Then the Oregon coaching staff gets an in home visit and VOILA!!!! he sees green (and I’m not talking about green uniforms) and becomes a duck fan. Both cases sound to me like a nightmare…..a PHIL KNIGHTMARE!!!!

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      1. The receiver room is getting crowded…..

        Since I live in Las Vegas, I have followed Branch since he started playing at Gorman
        as a freshman. I can’t wait to see what he can do in space with the ball, at the next level.

        Not sure if you have seen this video


      2. Branch will help us, not only as a receiver, but on kick and punt returns. He reminds me of Tyreek Hill. Lemon reminds me of A-R St. Brown


  3. Greetings fans etc. well lets recall the wsu airplane incident in 19 now with nix at oregon!!! thats reason for concern !!!!!!! look out here ????Regards , E


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