Signing Day Full Of Resentful Fans

I see on twitter a lot of college football fans are complaining that Oregon is having a big Signing Day because of whatever it is paying players via NIL.

The problem is some of the fans complaining support schools that can pay players just as much money.

It’s not great right now the way the NCAA has allowed all this to transpire and the biggest schools benefit the most, as usual.

If you are a Washington State fan, you can be upset. If you are an LSU or Michigan fan, etc., no you can’t be upset at what Oregon has done today.

Coaches are also upset. Amazing that Nebraska can’t apparently compete with NIL.

20 thoughts on “Signing Day Full Of Resentful Fans

  1. A recent press release from an L.A. law firm contained info that they had a signed agreement for $12 million NIL for 4* Rashada from Pittsburg HS in Bay Area.
    But he just flipped to Florida. Hmmm….

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    1. I said long ago, they should have merely taken the previously accepted stipend amount and multiplied it by some factor all schools agreed to…3x, 10x, 100x, I don’t care. It was long known that the previous amount often left athletes without enough money to go grab a pizza with their friends or gf’s. With schools making so much money, that was not acceptable.

      But the disparity that is now being created, not only between players on the same team but between schools, is not acceptable either. I’m not sure who didn’t see this coming. Most of us on this blog did!

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  2. BTW, I do hope Matt Rhule does well at Nebraska. Not that I’ll be buying any Cornhusker gear. But when he was at Baylor, he always seemed to be a coach players enjoyed playing for and not at the expense of results.

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  3. This is typical of the NCAA. They’ve always been a day late and a dollar short on issues like this. As far as “buying” players, this has always gone on in some way, shape, or form. As a coach, I would be very aware of the play er/family who is open to the highest bidder, because 95% of the time they don’t pan out. I.E. Texas A&M this past year.

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    1. You do realize that the ncaa would be sued by the teams that would be effected the most. The ncaa was created by the schools themselves—its amusing to hear fans and reporters blast the ncaa for things that they were created for!


      1. The NCAA is the arbiters of collegiate athletics, and their number one job is to make sure that the rules are fair across the board. Therefore, they are to blame for this morass.

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  4. If those players are choosing a school for the cash and not success then good luck. You can always transfer to a school that’s doing it right. Texas A$M didn’t win make the playoffs. Oregon still can’t coach because they lost to Washington, Oregon St due to incompetence. It’s more fun to see more teams with different approaches to winning.

    Grinch better get his trash together or I can see him being shoved out the door after next season.

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  5. Isnt most of the money from Oregon coming from Phil Knight and Nike? If I worked for a Nike competitor, I would put together a special program to get other colleges to boycott Nike products. Supporting one program over the others should be a reason to kick Nike out of most of the colleges.


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