Transfer Portal Making News Again

Tunmise Adeleye, the five-star defensive lineman who left Texas A&M, has committed to Michigan State.

Adeleye chose the Spartans over USC, Miami and Cal. Lincoln Riley made a home visit two weeks ago. He is ranked the No. 1 defensive lineman in the transfer portal.

11 thoughts on “Transfer Portal Making News Again

    1. A school you did not attend, with their savior coach in his fifth year and a finally decent quarterback, in his ninth year, loses at the Rose Bowl to a rebuilding USC team coming off a 4-8 season and you show up here every single day with these comments.
      Do you any semblance of a life?

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      1. 47 – 24 ’nuff said. SUCC gets punked by Utah twice in the same season.

        #Cotton Picker/Picking Bowl or bust.

        Cue: Clown U bends over for Utah to the ugly tune of conquest.

        #Choke, choka, choka, choka, choka choke on TIO.


  1. Even if UCLA beat the bozos, they were not CFP ready.

    UCLA didn’t humiliate itself on National TV like the Clowns.

    Sh*t SUCC (As usual, overrated) wasn’t ready for Utah!; UCLA was.


  2. Well now the injury to the finger , that was a demon !? perhaps we met in whitehall and i stated well none of that here in whitehall pa! the lockett and the finger injury a connection between the two i see future develops on this in the near future! Regards , E


  3. greetings fans, qb screw ups !!!!! max brown ,a kiffin player, aahhh daniels a helton gypsy making a foolof himself accross the country !!! kedon slow bus slovis a stiff qb stinks a helton recruit! jackass dart with kiffin a bumb coach getting getting the hell knocked out of him at miss, now these folks are all stupid !!!!! wheres the fair skin usc dbs try minnesota ?????? Regards E.


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