USC Saturday Buzz: Kedon Slovis To BYU

Former USC QB Kedon Slovis has committed to BYU.

He spoke about BYU fans extensively during a 2021 podcast with USC QB Mo Hasan.

“Provo is a weird place,” Slovis said.

“We go in and like, people are smiling, ‘Thank you for coming to play.’ And we’re like, ‘What?’ The people in the stadium are waiting there with like shower bag goodies for after your game. And I’m like, ‘What?’ They’re like, ‘I hope you enjoy. Good luck to you guys.’

“Then keep in mind, they’re all Mormon, right. So they’re not drinking. I think that’s almost more intimidating. Because you’re going in there and usually, kids or people are heckling you and you’re like, ‘alright, they’re just drunk.’ Every person in that stadium is sober heckling you. So then when they heckle at you or like they say stuff, and they’re like not cussing, they’re like, ‘Slovis you stink!’

“In the back of your mind, you’re like, ‘this dude is sober and he’s just heckling our entire sideline.’ And they’re ruthless. But in the back of your mind, you’re like, ‘they’re not even being drunk and stupid. They are heckling you for the sake of heckling you.’ ”

I’m sure all will be forgiven by BYU fans if Slovis is a success. If not, well . . .


52 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: Kedon Slovis To BYU

  1. USC Hoops is 10-3, 6 game winning streak, including a victory over ranked Auburn. But instead we get a post about Slovis transferring, and Mormons?

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    1. I know Scott pretty well….and he’d never say Slovis faked a moon landing….

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  2. NEWS: UCLA QB Darian Thompson Robinson will return for his 8th season at UCLA. He will attempt to finally graduate from UCLA, and stated ” Why not live another year off the State of California for free like are very loyal fan base”.

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    1. Tommyd —
      Fairness demands we include the last part of DTR’s statement: “Coach Kelly told me that —with the right attorneys — I could have as many as 13 more seasons at UCLA.”


    2. The State of Ca does not, repeat, does not, fund UCLA’s athletic programs. Only ignorant douche bags such as yourself tommyd, think that’s the case. It’s like Trump claiming Sleepy Joe Biden didn’t win the 2020, election, even though SJB clearly won except in Trump’s tiny reptilian brain.

      #Cotton Picker/Picking Bowl or Bust

      Ignorance is bliss, eh tommyd boy?




      1. “Tree” is fine here, Charles. In fact, it works better…..

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      2. She was the love of Ken’s life —his high school sweetheart —who saved him from himself. And was with him until he died.

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    1. Hope you were kidding but if not have respect for Our Lord and holy mass – quit wearing shorts – the rest of you – get your hats entering church and all women put a veil on. Kneel to receive the Holy Eucharist ‘on the tongue’! Stat saying the ‘pater noster’ in Latin same with signing the ‘gloria’. End mass saying Leo XIII’s ‘Prayer to St. Michael’! Set an example to your: spouse, children and grandchildren. Everything you do you’ll be held accountable per the lest four things”
      death, judgement, heaven and hell. Think of eternity daily and you won’t be sliding down that ramp to the abyss. Stay away from junk Protestant ‘get out of jail card’ theology ‘…I dun’ accepted the Lord now I can do watevah’ I want!’ idiocy. Oh yeah Merry Christmas

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      1. Whoa, has Commie Lush got into alter wine masquerading as Christ’s scared blood? Who knew “Commie Lush was into Catholicism; well at least the wine /blood aspect.

        Commie Lush: Cheeky recusant.


      2. You’re a mighty tough taskmaster, Alvarado. [Which reminds me —yesterday my wife said I was acting like a Catholic schoolboy for making fun of Biden’s dementia. I told her she was acting like a Catholic schoolteacher for reprimanding me].


      3. MG, you should have explained that a Catholic schoolboy could have told her voting in dementia as the leader of the free world isn’t a good idea.

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      1. Make that 65 -70 million [real votes]….
        P. S.
        The dems AND the repubs are worthless.
        We need an outsider….and such a person couldn’t raise the money or stand up to mass media.


  3. ruso,

    I say the St. Michael prayer at least twice a day, say the rosary once aday, say the Devine Mercy and Novena Chaplet every day, take Holy Communion on the tongue, Take Christ and the curch very seriously, and a 4th Degree Knight os Coumbus and an usher

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    1. You’re keeping up with my bestfriend from grammar school, Pasadena.
      He puts me to shame in the prayer department [but I remember to say “thanks” each night and I say a prayer for all the children killed that particular day —usually by cruel parents]….


    2. Wasn’t sure amigo that’s what prompted my barbed retort. I applaud your daily efforts – I too: daily rosary and auxilium christianorum. Get Fr. Chad Ripperger’s Deliverance Prayers compendium also sensus fidelium youtube. If you aren’t already try to get to confession every 2 weeks.

      For you Owns know this – I have you in my daily prayers for your salvation as I sense you are a ‘MOT’ based on your truly sacrilegious use of the crucifix.

      USC will defeat # 17 Cl

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      1. Hey Commie Lush, I’ve never stood in front of a Church with a bible in hand like our former POTUS, the Rev. Elmer “Shuck” Trump. Religious belief is faith based and not subject to reasonable skepticism.

        There are two small caveats CL. Religion was invented by humans long before JC walked the earth. And Christianity was invented by St. Paul using JC as the focal point.

        Oh well, one more caveat CL: when the Roman’s meant business, and punished by crucifixion, they generally broke the legs of the person they crucified.

        #Cotton Picker/Picking Bowl or bust.


    3. I sang for several decades and often found myself singing 2-4 masses for the Christmas or Easter holidays. I was amused at how many of my fellow choir members didn’t realize you are only supposed to receive communion once a day.

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  4. Bless the Lord that Jesus welcomes all without judgement or obedience to rituals. It was one of the reasons the Pharises and Sarducies had him crucified.

    Glad Slovis found a home. Dillon Wade picked a home in Auburn. Fiske is still available…so is Tuli?

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    1. Anyone who calls for peace and justice will be crucified one way or the other. We’ve been watching this drama play out for lots of centuries. Here we go again.


      1. That was his 3rd pick of the 2nd half….yeah that’s what I thought – all you need is a FG to tie and instead of side line passes he threw it right down the middle of the field instead. Carr’s a nice guy but he’s never won when it matters but have to say Pickett looked even more inept until that last pass for the TD.

        I too sang at masses until my thyroid was removed – upper range is no where near where it was before but rather have the lower intact. BTW a layperson can receive Holy Eucharist twice a day per Vat II

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      2. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And they’ve changed “And also with you” to “And also with your spirit”. LOL!

        I still kneel during, “Lord, I am not worthy to receive you. But only say the word and I shall be healed.” (Most are standing.)

        I’ll stick with the old words and rules.

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  5. Owns – the book of Isaiah prophesied the birth and coming of Christ in detail 750 years before He was born.The Dead Sea Scrolls are the Original manuscripts that authenticate it.This is just part of what separates Christianity from the rest. Merry Christmas, Owns – and God bless you.


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