It’s Beginning To Look A Little Like Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve, which means USC is playing Notre Dame if you watch the movie “Die Hard.”

Now for some Christmas-themed photos.

In 1930, the May Company dept. store on 8th and Broadway made its elevators look like fireplaces so Santa Claus could enter the store’s main floor from the chimney.

Here is the Santa Claus Lane parade (which became the Hollywood Christmas parade) in 1945.

Here’s a decorated house in Boyle Heights in 1937.

This is how Brand Blvd. in Glendale looked in 1937.

And this is Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach in 1935.


32 thoughts on “It’s Beginning To Look A Little Like Christmas

    1. Same to you, Gabby! And all our brothers on InsideUSC! And you too Carra if you’re still out there somewhere!

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      1. Yep. Scott’s The Man. This site is a labor of love —and it’s meant a lot to a lot of people for a lot of time.

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  1. It’s a different country all together and the change has not been for the good. The “progressives” like to talk about all the progress we have made since the 1950’s. Yeah, there has been some progress but when we are teaching 5 year olds that you can be a boy today and a girl tommorow and there are not 2 genders but 100 genders and a man can have a baby and pedaphiles should be called MAPS(Male Attracted People) because calling them pedaphiles is a derisive term(as if we should glorify their lifestyle) and we should change our whole english language to agree with the way the LGBTQ+ groups define terms and anyone who doesn’t go along with it gets punished……Yeah, there may have been some progress since the 1950’s but 10 times as much regress.

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    1. parcel,

      i dont play the woke style nor do i talk it either. I will call a spade a spade. If the woke people are offended, i tell them to get over it and i have a right to the talk way i want to. don’t let them control you.


      1. PT
        I agree with what you are saying but I really don’t think that you understand the power of the government. There was a commercial on TV about 14-18 months ago. It started out with this guy coming on your screen with a cheshire cat smile and saying “you will own nothing and you will be happy”. It was put out by the World Economic Forum, the main organization who wants to bring about this Great Worldwide Reset(along with the United Nations). They got a lot of complaints about that commercial and they just used their power to scrub the commercial from the media. You can’t even get it anymore on you tube.
        People should ask….”If we own nothing, then who owns everything?” Of course the answer is The Government. They want to control everything…..the places where you can live, the food, the water, the energy, the medicine and everything else. You will say what they want you to say, do what they want you to do, desire what they want you to desire and literally worship the government or you won’t be able to survive. It’s already happening. We simply don’t have the freedom we once had back in the 50’s. Freedom of speech is disappearing fast. Say the wrong thing to one of your fellow workers at work and you can lose your job.


      2. Parcel,

        U are right. Bible brings this up. Either take the mark of the Beast or die. Well, I will die from the evil but my soul will be with Christ. U can word things gently where u disagree with them. Tell them that u are not decided about anything for now. Tell them that u are looking into it.

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    1. Pretty fricking sweet! Anybody who doesn’t feel a little heart tug after watching that better get a check up.


  2. Late Christmas Eve and Christmas has almost arrived,
    probably to the relief of millions who feel especially lonely at Christmas–
    –for the holidays are supposed to be filled with good cheer with friends or family
    but COViD and a sort of national malaise has settled in to take some of the glow off
    ‘getting together’ with old friends-family

    But here comes the ‘calgary’ to the rescue, and cheaper than seeing a psychiatrist–
    Find your Christmas every day of the year for it ‘resides insides you
    Start by simply starting each morning with,
    “Hi God thanks for another day of living I know it’s not given, no matter how young!
    “”On my knees behalf of all earthlings I “cry” to You our Maker, have Mercy on our souls– and you know, I believe You will but I could be wrong

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  3. It is Christmas morn’ and I don’t feel a thing, now if it were my birthday celebration
    different story
    Seriously. The last time I got depressed during Christmas morning was when I was
    8-years ‘young’ as they say today, and my little brother got the air-gun firing
    ping-pong balls while I was ‘gifted’ a pair of pants and shirts

    MG and Georgie Tirebiter can at times be tiresome and have goaded me into
    ‘getting over my Season-Ending hangover’ and say something about Tulane–
    All I know is that it is a college in Louisiana but only because I looked it up

    Freeing our imaginations to take momentary flight
    I hear church bells in every country ringing out in unison
    The ‘bells’ of those of Christian and Jewish persuasion ringing the loudest

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    1. Christmas will grow on you as the day wears on, John.
      Yes, those bells do ring loudly. Western culture is built on Judeo/ Christian principles. As you no doubt know, Charles Kingsley, considered one of the great Christian scholars & lecturers of our time, adored Greek culture for its philosophy and democratic politics —- and the highest compliment he could give the Greek people was, “next to the Jews—who gave us the idea of One God and handed us down the Bible, we owe more to the Greeks than any people on earth.”

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