Merry Christmas!

In my annual Christmas tradition, here is my all-time favorite USC picture.
Hollywood screen legend Greta Garbo was sent to USC in 1926 to pose for some publicity photos with the track team.

Garbo initially refused until MGM deducted $25 from her salary, which convinced her to head to campus and don a USC track singlet.

She is with a USC track assistant coach in the above photo.

Here she is with USC track coach Dean Cromwell.

And here she is with some members of the track team.

Greta Garbo and the track team. USC 1926 | Greta garbo, Greta, Actresses

31 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. When I first saw the Greta Garbo picture I thought how Wolfie must favor it because he displays it so often which Scott goes on to confirm.

    And to place money in context, $25 in 1926 would be about $425 today, still not a princely sum of money but I don’t believe actors in the 1920s and Depression-1930s got the big-bucks contracts back then as they once garnered pre-2020 Pandemic

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    1. Ya gotta admit it was pretty touching when Kamala handed them all blankets and individual bowls of chicken soup.

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      1. Yeah, sure. That’s why she and Dementia Joe have both refused to visit the border. No more publicity stunts by AOC either, pics of her wailing at the border.

        So many people, including children, being abused & raped, extorted or dying after Joe & Heels Up Kamala set a piece of cheese at the border and dared them to come get it. Oh yeah, that’s compassionate & humane! SMH

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      2. Just last night we were all talking about our prayer rituals and worshipping our savior and now today, the holiest day of our year we’re applauding political stunts using human beings as pawns and using crude sexual related nicknames for politicians with whom we do not agree.
        So great to be able to follow only certain parts of our good book!


      3. We are not applauding political stunts at the border, that have been going on since Jan 20, 2021. It’s costing lives. On Christmas we SHOULD care about other human beings just as on any other day.

        Expressing our disgust at what Joe & Company are putting people through should be done 365 days of the year. It’s disgusting.

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      4. Yeah, screw that damn Abbott for expecting the president to honor his oath to “faithfully execute” our laws and to “preserve, protect, and defend” the Constitution!

        That bastard.


      1. I’ve have sympathy for the folks coming here [and don’t enjoy seeing them all being labeled drug cartel members and child trafficers by the far right] but, at some point, our economy is gonna collapse cuz we’re providing more benefits to illegals than we can afford —while ignoring our own large population of poor. It’s just a matter of a finite [and ever dwindling] amount of dollars being spent on non-citizens rather than citizens.
        And it’s not just Kamala and Joe who bear responsibility for that. It’s the whole crew in Washington. The shit is gonna hit the fan soon.

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      2. It was Joe who reversed policies on Day 1 that were helping to reduce the suffering of people making that dangerous trek. They screw it up and then cry that the GOP is offering no solutions.

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      3. Love him or hate him, Trump was doing what most other countries try to do — vet those entering the country. [btw, the attempt to give border authorities the means —budget, sensible procedures and manpower —to properly vet was led by Trump and Trump alone. The GOP did nothing but drag their feet on every request he made]. Yes, the guy is an asshole —yes, he hasn’t grown up or learned one thing about unifying the country since he took or left office —- but he knew we needed to vet the millions of people coming in.
        The vast majority of those entering illegally could easily survive proper vetting —-so stop crying the blues about Trump’s horrible border policies: they weren’t unduly restricting the free flow of legal entries….and were simultaneously keeping America safe.


      4. Anyone with any sense knew the current crisis would be the result of changing Trump’s border policies. But the Dims who are now expressing concern over the matter are in complete bewilderment about what got us here! LOL


    2. You do realize that the stupid Republican governor’s actions have allowed these migrants to be admitted into the country as residents who can stay under asylum! Under American law, being bused by any states is an act of sponsorship which allows them to stay longer and not be subject to immediate deportation.

      They can apply for citizenship and become Democrats. Don’t believe me? That’s how New York state got rid of all the Irish, German, Italians and Ukrainian Jews last century by sending them to other states.


    1. I checked it out yesterday, P. T., and as luck would have it Santa was right over Hawaii…..


  2. Merry Christmas to you Scott and to all of you on this forum. I don’t always agree with you Scott but at least you’re not trying to censor us and you let us have our opinion


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