Another Linebacker Enters Transfer Portal

With the recent additions from the transfer portal and Signing Day, it makes sense for another USC linebacker to enter the transfer portal.

Tuasivi Nomura, who had 23 tackles in 11 games, is the latest to depart.

Nomura drew praise during the season from USC coach Lincoln Riley when he played through a broken finger.

“(He) didn’t tell anybody, played three more plays with the bone sticking out of his finger. It was unbelievable — and played well,” Riley said.

Ralen Goforth previously entered the portal and committed to Washington.


14 thoughts on “Another Linebacker Enters Transfer Portal

  1. Nomura was a gamer no question —but he seemed a little light …and with Shane deciding to stay he probably saw his playing time limited….


  2. Makes great sense. Why suffer in silence only to be discarded? Nomura hasn’t been given a chance to develop because the defense has to get better now. Bigger, more athletic d-tackles could allow him to be more like Ray Lewis but today’s game demands Mike backers that can drop and cover. On any down.

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    1. Our blog dunce, slo troll, would be the only fool to “play to pay”. He needs a place to post his daily Biden rhetoric. …..pathetic!


    1. I think Raesjon Davis is in the mix next year for playing time too. He has speed. And with the two new linebackers, they look to be stocked pretty well in the linebacker area. They also had a really fast guy they recruited last year as a development project that might be a part of the mix, I forget his name.

      But the D line and O line misses are really disconcerting.


      1. I believe four of Stanford’s starting offense of lineman are in the portal. I have to think at least one of those guys would be a starter at USC. It’s interesting none of them I know of have committed yet. But I am with you Riley is going to have to bring in two or three big-time offensive and defensive lineman through the portal this year for us to have a chance to win the championship next year.

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  3. I just wonder if we’re gonna be better off with Shane Lee coming back. I thought he was average at best. Stopping the run and absolutely terrible at trying to drop back in the pass coverage. He did come up big in the ND game though

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    1. His major limiting factor is a “lack of speed” ….and also no swivel in the hips, which is essential in tracking a receiver in pass coverage


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