USC Notes: A Transfer Portal Update

Oklahoma State defensivc end Trace Ford is transferring to Oklahoma. Ford had visited USC and is a teammate of new Trojan linebacker Mason Cobb.

  • Did you know it will likely cost more to park than to buy four tickets for the Cotton Bowl? You can get upper concourse seats from as little as $4. Seats in the middle section of AT&T Stadium start at $14.

Parking passes range from $40 to $300.

Again, I’d like to know who is actually going to this game.

28 thoughts on “USC Notes: A Transfer Portal Update

  1. Such a deal Clownsters…….LOL

    #O/U Picker/Picking Bowl or bust attendance: 20k….What a Biggy Game

    #Cue: “It’s Just A Dog” – Mo Pitney

    SUCC, Pac-12 Chihuahuas


    1. “When the Trojans come to town the menfolk step aside”…
      Cue: “Liberty Valance”
      —Gene Pitney
      [Be of good cheer, my friend. This time Liberty will take out your ancient enemy, John Wayne]….


    1. Ah no PT. I plan to be warm and cozy at home for the Cotton Picker/Picking Bowl. There’s not much I detest more than exorbitant “pay to park” fees to make up for cheap, cow pie entertainment.

      I’m sorry PT, but that description is a shoe that fits the bozos perfectly.


  2. Looks like we lost another one which we were in the final 2 or 3 for. We’re getting good at that.
    USC should win this game without Caleb, Vorhees, Neiland, Goforth and Addison. Like I have said before….just look at the talent level.
    Tulane has zero 5 stars and three 4 stars on the team as a whole. SC has three 5 stars and thirty seven 4 stars. Or you could look at it this way. Tulanes offense has zero 5 stars and two 4 stars. SC’s defense has two 5 stars and sixteen 4 stars. Twenty one 4 and 5 stars(SC’s defense) should be able to handle two 4 stars(Tulanes offense).
    Or you could look at it this way. Tulanes defense has zero 5 stars and one 4 star. SC’s offense has one 5 star and twenty one 4 stars. Twenty two 4 and 5 stars(SC’s offense) should be able to handle one 4 star(Tulanes defense). You can say….”Well, those star ratings don’t mean anything”. But they do mean something when there is that much of a difference between the 2 teams. If SC loses this game it’s because Tulane just wanted it more. That’s the only logical conclusion.

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    1. Damn 007, the game hasn’t been played, and you’re already making up excuses for a (The?) bozo loss.

      But you’re right, Clown U has morphed into Whiff U. bozo recruiting really took Joe Frazier left-hook to their glass chin with the choka, choka, choka, Vegas el foldo.

      On the choka, choka, choke scene, Clown U is in an elite class all of its own.


      1. Owns
        clown U…..choka, choka, choka…..Whiff U….Vegas el foldo….bozo…….
        Are we talking Wakanda here?


      2. You can read those road signs. You just have to meditate a little bit. Use a little Owns yoga and you’ll get the message. You might ask….What is Owns yoga?…..that’s another problem….


    2. parcelman —you described not only Tulane but Oregon State. I have a feeling this game is gonna be a lot like that one —-and we needed a miracle play from Caleb to win that one.
      I’d love it if we coasted ….but I think we’re in for a knock down drag out.


      1. We probably are in for a knock down drag out but I don’t know why. We’re so much more talented than they are. Even without Caleb, we have Miller Moss. He was a 4 star coming out of high school. Michael Pratt, the Tulane QB was only a 3 star.

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      2. On paper, we kill ’em. But you just know that a team that takes out Kansas State [at their crazier than fuck stadium] is gonna scrap it out all the way….


    1. From what I hear, the broads you date look like 40 miles of bad road. How’s the DateMeLA dating site going for you?


    1. Leftwich, what a FB snob. Give a rest. I prefer not to chance contracting Covid 19 or some C19 derivative. Healthy living suits me just fine.


  3. I keep wondering if the problem with closing athletes is NIL. Bohn-head wants full control. Nearly all of Riley’s top recruits came with him from OK. Can Riley not recruit at USC?

    Having said that, I think many of these recruits are quite a bit lower in rankings than they should be. Tackett is a five star and going to be playing next year.

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  4. Once again. If your going to play for USC then don’t expect a signing bonus. I can guarantee you Oklahoma is giving signing bonuses as well as Miami and Texas A&M. Alabama? Only for a preferred few that they battled Georgia for. Lincoln Riley has stated that he wants team oriented players since neglecting his players commitment to the team goals led to the malaise that he fled from Oklahoma. Josh Conerly took the money at Oregon. . . Where is Conerly?

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  5. With all of these transfers , how does anyone ever study? Is this about college? Why are we supporting this nonsense? Every year a different college? It is hard enough adjusting to one. It is like a job, not an educational process. Harvard did this way back in the early days of football , they referred to them as scamps. They only went on campus to play football. They were not considered a part of the educational process, are we headed that way now? Why would college presidents go along with what is obviously a flawed process, since they , theoretically, are the decision makers. And, we support that same process. We just want to win, it is not about training good citizens, shame on us also. some mention transfer portal and we start salivating (present company included ) I need to get my on act together on this subject, I am as guilty as everyone else. But, I still insist that we need to evaluate ourselves on this issue. Need to discuss it .


  6. Higher education is no longer primarily about education. It is about huge salaries for administration, professors, coaches and big buildings and construction, endowments, employment, budgets and soaking kids for higher and higher tuition and living expenses.
    The kids are just there as cosmetics for the operation of the machine somewhat like the crowd does for the TV audience for a football game. . The money is with the TV audience but if the crowd was not there the TV audience would probably melt away. So the universities do their best to keep the crowd so the huge contracts continue to fuel the money machine.
    If you attend class any grade below B is unique. After all you are doing your part in keeping the illusion of education going……and that is what the admin wants. If you learn anything….great…..but that is incidental to the objective of the machine.


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